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I remember having only Mulan as the closest thing to representation in my childhood in terms of appearance. My sister and I are mostly made up of Filipino genes and a bit of Chinese with a a lot of white in there. So we’re a very confusing combination of multiracial. Neither of our eyes look like Mulan’s and our skin is much darker than her’s. But we enjoyed the character and dressed up like her for Halloween when the movie was fresh.

Years later, puberty hits, and my body fluctuates in a body shape that none of the Disney princesses had. So there was no way in hell I could ever cosplay Pocahontas because I wasn’t skinny enough and couldn’t cosplay Mulan because I was too dark skinned.

Then comes 2016 and Moana’s character design had finally been released. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Button nose, brown skin, round face, and athletically bigger than previous Disney projects. I LOOK like her! She looks like me! She looks like my sister! I finally didn’t feel ugly for being a strongly built girl to the eyes of Disney. I didn’t feel ugly for having thick bushy eyebrows. I didn’t feel hideous for having big arms! Because Disney finally made a princess that had a body type and appearance closer to my own and my sister’s.

I may not have grown up with any representation as a little girl, but I’m excited for every little girl that looks like Moana to have her as someone they can dream to become on Halloween and at Disneyland when they’re older.

You did good, Disney.


🐻Velveteen Bear Part 1🐻
It’s chilly seasons in the northern hemisphere. What better way to rug up in warm clothes? Clothes, with BEARS on them!

Enjoy Part 1, available in warm browns, and choco-mint!

do you think jason cared about steph’s death, hearing about it before he made his big debut back in gotham? sure, she was an usurper just like tim was and he could hate her for that, but – he can’t help but feel some kind of kinship toward her. bruce got her killed. 

she was just a fucking kid, and bruce got her killed, and just like jason, he let her death go unavenged.

jason didn’t even know why he was surprised. 

there were logical reasons he went after black mask – controlling the drug trade was very important for controlling crime, and he needed to get the bats’ attention so that he could avenge his own goddamn death – but some part of him was all too ready to take down black mask for reasons that had nothing to do with those crimes, and instead were reasons all laid at the feet of another dead robin.

after the joker and the apartment and the healing required from that disasterous final confrontation (and fuck bruce, he’d just made it very clear he would choose the murderer over the murdered), jason goes after black mask again. he doesn’t waste time with pleasantries. black mask tries to get his identity from him – jason doesn’t care he’d figured out the connection to batman because he didn’t actually try to hide it – but he does let it slip, just before plunging the knife into black mask’s chest and watching the light leave his eyes. 

“you killed a robin.” the depth of fury and pain in his voice is terrifying. it gives everything away. “this is for her.”

he includes that in the note – if you want to call it a note – that he leaves for the gcpd and for batman. it’s written in large letters on the wall of the building behind where he strings up black mask’s body.



if you look closely, the H looks less like an H and more like a roman two, with only the faintest lines connecting the strokes.

if batman won’t avenge the fourth robin’s death, the second robin will just have to do it for him. 


so like,,,my friend sorta fell in Love™ with an angel like six months ago BUT SHE DOESNT KNOW THEIR NAME AND NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN heres a description from friend:
About 5'3-5'4
Tan skin
Supple cheeks
Soft freckles
Shoulder length silky black hair
Thin brown almond eyes
Cute button nose
Has like 3 or 4 siblings??
Last seen in a restaurant in Coudersport PA USA
They was on their way to an observatory with her dad and siblings (?)
-from “Liam” (aka Lindsay) the ice cream server

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Which type of Steve body do you like best? There's skinny steve or post serum steve or average steve? Same question for Tony do you like him short and cuddly or tall and muscular or soft tony? There's just so many body types of stony which one do you like best?

I like MCU Tony and Steve the best, with RDJ and Chris Evans characteristic traits, so

- Tony being a bit on the shorter side, with big, brown eyes and button nose, muscled but not overly so, with nice biceps, curved hips, bubble butt and softer tummy, brown hair that gets curly when long

- Steve, tall, pale and muscled, with overly broad shoulders, gentle blue eyes and beauty marks on his face, blond hair that is darker closer to the scalp, jawline that could crush bricks,

basically this is my preference for them

and my default setting when I write them