brown boots of harry

harry during tmh: same black, white, and navy t-shirts every show and ratty ass brown boots

harry during wwa: testing the waters with patterned jumpers and long sleeved button downs

harry during otra: new shit every night. each shirt is at least $3000. titties always on display. sheer and floral and bright colors everywhere. are those gold boots? yes those are fucking gold boots

Engagement gift

This is for my tumblr fiancé @princess-ikol (hence the name, there is no engagement gift in this fic, pls don’t hate me) (there is a foot massage tho)

Harry lay on his back, vigorously pulling on his boots that just wouldn’t come the fuck off his feet. He groaned frustratedly as he gave them another tug, a tug that made him yelp in pain. Judging by the feeling in his foot he’d just sprained his ankle with the force of his pull.

“Harry?” There was a tentative knock on the door. “Can I safely enter the bedroom or are you indecent?”

“It’s fine.” Harry sighed, as he gave up tugging on his boots and collapsed on the bed. His only-recently-moved-in boyfriend entered the room, and Harry sat up a bit to get a better look at him. “How would walking in on me ‘being indecent’ be in anyway dangerous to you by the way?”

Draco’s head snapped up, and a dark blush spread over his face. “I don’t want to interfere with your business in the privacy of your own residence. Or outside your own residence for that matter, though I wouldn’t know why you’d do such a thing in a less than private setting.”

Harry chuckled lightly at the prudish babbling of the blond. Though Draco looked like sex on legs, his pureblood upbringing had left him extremely wary of any intimate contact, and the internalized homophobia didn’t exactly help either.

“You do realise we live together now? So tossing off would now happen in the privacy of our residence.”

Draco turned even further crimson now, and Harry suspected he’d stepped out of line a bit, though he’d learned Draco would never say such a thing. After making the mistake of laughing at the man when he first confessed to Harry he’d never kissed, Draco now omitted to mention his sexual inexperience, afraid to look foolish if he did.

“May I ask what you were you doing that was causing you to verbalize such sounds as I just heard through the door?” Harry snorted, Draco always started talking in a very posh fashion while he was nervous. He quit, however, when he saw Draco’s reaction to that, which was leaving.

“Sorry Draco, I won’t laugh- Ouch!” In his hurry to get to his feet he’d put pressure on his now confirmed sprained ankle, and with very little grace he fell back onto the bed, after which the force of his fall caused him to tumble onto the floor as well.

“Are you hurt? Did something happen at work?” Within a blink of an eye Draco’s embarrassed flush was replaced with a look of concern as he kneeled down next to Harry, who was now coughing a little since the fall had knocked some of the air out of his lungs. Draco’s strong arms pulled him into a sitting position and let him lean against the bed before he had the time to answer.

Harry captured one of his arms and used it to pull the other man close before planting a kiss on his lips. Internally he praised the blond when Draco barely blushed at that gesture, and even spontaneously sat down next to him and leaned into his bony frame.

“No love, I think I sprained my ankle while trying to get out of my boots.” Harry looked slightly nostalgic at the brown set of boots he was wearing. They were completely worn out, and he spent five minutes each morning just to patch up old holes that had sprang open again during the night. They were his though, the first thing he’d bought from money he’d made for himself, and he didn’t want to get rid of them.

“Which foot is it?” Draco asked while moving to study the boots.

“The left one, though I’m sure the right one won’t come off either. They’re a bit on the small side.” Draco carefully lifted Harry’s left foot into his lap. “You can try to get them of if you’d like. Don’t fancy sleeping with them very much.”

Draco made use of his permission and got out his wand, muttering a couple of engorgio charms as he went. His perfectly trimmed eyebrows shot up when nothing happened, and he aimed a questioning glance at Harry.

“Did you charms these?”

“Not recently.” Harry furrowed his brow as he tried to think of the last time he’d sized them up a bit when his toes started hurting. “Last time I charmed them to a bigger size was two years back or so. Why?”

Draco carefully lowered his face until his nose was nearly touching the leather. It made Harry a bit uncomfortable, after a day long walking around Fred and George’s joke shop his feet were warm and sweaty, not really something you’d want your lover to press his nose into.

“They’re stretched to the full and beyond.” He concluded after his examination. “And now the fabric is snapping back, shrinking. I’ll have to cut them open before the bloodflow to your toes gets cut off. How long ago did you buy these?”

“Just after fourth year, but Draco, can you repair them again once they’re cut? I’m quite attached to them.” Draco’s eyebrows shot up so high after that statement they nearly disappeared, and he let his eyes dart a couple times between the boots and Harry’s face.

“Since fourth year? No wonder the fabric is trying to strangle your feet, normal extension charms only last a couple months max, and it weakens the shoes.” Draco looked up to Harry again, this time with eyes filled with a strange mixture of pity and rage.

“You didn’t buy new ones because you’re not used to shopping, am I right?”

Harry looked down at his hands, guessing it was only fair to be embarrassed since he’d flustered Draco so badly before. “My aunt and uncle never took me, there was no need since I always wore hand-me-downs from Dudley. I bought these of a yard sale after I’d earned some money from Mrs Figgs for weeding her garden.”

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Any other Harry Potter fan on this blog 👻💞✨ ?


Hi! This is my very first time posting my fanfiction on here so I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! Feedback is most appreciated!

completion. i. 

“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.” Lois McMaster Bujold.


Spencer lifted his head as the familiar elevator doors opened. As he walked through the small lobby of his team’s floor, he looked through the transparent doors to see the team (minus Luke, he was always late these days) congregating around Tara’s desk. What’s going on? He thought as he took off his shoulder bag and placed it on top of his desk across Tara. He voiced his thoughts as he stood next to JJ.

“Prentiss and Rossi are interviewing someone,” Tara answered him.

“To take Walter’s position?” He assumed, speaking of their newest agent that just left the BAU.

“No,” JJ shook her head. “Apparently, the director thinks we need a media liaison again. He thinks we need damage control,” she rolled her eyes.

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Updated Masterlist: July 18th


Preference #1: How You Meet

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Preference #6: Fair

Preference #7: His Nickname for You

Preference #8: He Hears You Sing For the First Time

Preference #9: Your Fear

Preference #10: Irresistible (Song Preference)

Preference #11: He Wakes Up Before You

Preference #12: 4th of July

Preference #13: He Asks You to Move In

Preference #14: He Catches You Wearing His Clothes

Preference #15: You’re Cold

Preference #16: Stuffed Animals

Preference #17: He Does Your Hair

Preference #18: Just Can’t Let Her Go (1D Song Inspired)

Preference #19: Clouds

Preference # 20: Missing

Preference #21: Thanksgiving

Preference #22: Fire

Preference #23: Christmas Tree Decorating

Preference #24: He Teaches you Something

Preference #25: Lovely



Beach Day

Valentines Day


Harry Imagine (Sad)

Brown Boots (For Alfie)




Park in Spring

Personal Imagine for Bridget (Niall)


Personal for Miranda


Personal for Veronica (Life Guard)


Harry: The Arrangement (Not Complete)





4. Stocking

Christmas Tree . Decorations . Cinnamon

Harry’s spent Christmas with Niall’s family before, but this is the first time he’ll do so as Niall’s boyfriend.


Harry’s stomach is in knots before the plane even lands and Niall has to put his hand on Harry’s thigh to make his leg stop bouncing. He doesn’t even know why he’s so nervous. Actually, that’s a lie. He knows why; he just also knows it doesn’t make any sense. 

Niall doesn’t say anything at first. He lets Harry pretend that everything is fine, lets him feel like he isn’t burdening Niall with his own thoughts and feelings and anxiety.

But then the plane lands and they collect their things from the baggage claim and they make it all the way to the car where Niall’s brother, Greg, is waiting for them and there’s a little knowing smirk on Greg’s face as he takes Harry’s suitcase and the uneasiness in Harry’s stomach starts to bubble over. He lets go of Niall’s hand and places it over his stomach, like it’s going to settle it down. 

Niall looks at him, then, concerned. He tells Greg to give them a minute as his brother climbs into the car, all the while watching Harry’s face even as the brunette turns away, embarrassed. “Hey,” murmurs, rubbing one hand up and down Harry’s back and placing the other in the crook of his elbow. “Why are you so nervous? ‘s not like you’ve never met my family before.”

Harry takes a deep, shuddering breath. “I’ve never met them like this,” he whispers. 

“What? You mean as my boyfriend?”

Harry remains silent, looking down at his brown boots.

“Harry – Haz,” Niall coos softly, turning the brunette towards him so they’re face to face. He dips his head, forcing Harry to look at him. “My family loves you. My mum adores you – probably more than she adores me. She always has.”

"Yeah but it’s different now,” Harry mutters. “We aren’t just friends anymore.”


“So I’m shagging her son now – that changes everything.”

“It doesn’t, Harry,” Niall insists. “It literally doesn’t change a thing.”

“It does,” Harry argues. “I’m not just spending Christmas with your family as your best friend that hardly ever leaves your house. I’m your boyfriend now and that-”

Niall cuts him off, reaching up on the tips of his toes to press his lips firmly against Harry’s. He swallows Harry’s surprised moan, slipping his arms around his boyfriend’s slim waist and pulling him closer. Harry chases his lips, eyes closed, when Niall pulls away. “You know what me mum said when I told her about us? Aside from the fact that she wants us both to be happy?”

Harry quirks an eyebrow.

“She said it was about damn time.”

Harry blinks, caught off guard. “Y-you didn’t tell me that…”

Niall shrugs. “I was a bit embarrassed at the time. But that just goes to show that apart from us being together now, nothing else has changed. She still adores you, just as much – if not more – than you adore her.”

Harry finds himself scoffing and rolling his eyes playfully. “Never.”

Niall smiles softly and rolls his eyes right back. “Right then. Ya ready?”

Harry takes a deep breath, staring down at Niall’s encouraging gaze – and how could he not be? “Ready as I’ll ever be,” he nods.


The last thing Harry expects to see when Greg pulls into the driveway of Niall’s childhood home is his mother’s car parked there as well. He thinks his mind must be playing tricks on him but then his mum is standing at the front door and, whilst he’s paralyzed with confusion, Niall’s bounding up towards her, hugging her tightly and kissing both of her cheeks. Harry climbs out of the car just as Niall’s walking back down the driveway to help Greg with the luggage. He looks at his boyfriend, then, his brows knitted together. “What-“

"Mum invited her and Gemma to spend the weekend,” Niall replies. “Gemma flew out last night and Anne came over this morning.”

“And you knew?”

“I did know.”

Harry blinks. “How many more secrets have you got up those sleeves?”

Niall smirks. “Maybe just one more. Go hug your mum – and stop being nervous. Everything will be fine.”

Harry does as he’s told, grinning from ear to ear – his smile identical to his mum’s – as he walks towards her. “Hi, mum,” he murmurs, enveloping her in the tightest of hugs.

“Hi, baby,” she whispers back, kissing the side of his face before burying her nose in his hair behind his ear. “Surprise.”

Several moments later, once he’s hugged and kissed Gemma and greeted Greg’s wife, Denise, and stolen their baby, Theo, right out of Niall’s arms for a snuggle, Niall drags Harry into the kitchen where his mum, Maura, is placing biscuits on a platter. Maura’s already greeted her son so when she sees Harry, standing hand-in-hand with Niall, she coos happily and shuffles excitedly around the little island to get to him. She’s much shorter than him, at least half his height, so he bends down to hug her only for her to cup his face and stare at him for a minute before planting a kiss on his forehead and pulling him into her arms. 

And somehow it’s like a weight has been lifted as Harry lets himself melt into her embrace. He buries his face into the crook of her neck and wonders why he was ever nervous for this in the first place. Niall’s right, she does adore him. She’s adores him ever since Niall befriended him on the playground when they were 11 years old – and even though his and Niall’s relationship has changed, everything else remains the same. 

“I have something for you, love,” Maura says as she pulls back. Leaving the biscuits forgotten on the counter, she takes his hand and escorts him back into the living room where everyone else is. “I was going to wait until Christmas morning but I can’t.”

Harry quirks an eyebrow back at Niall, who follows them. Niall shrugs in response, despite the knowing look in his eyes. Harry turns back, ignoring the fact that all eyes are on them. 

Maura stops in front of the fireplace, bends down to pick something up and spins around to face him. Harry’s gaze lands on the red and white stocking in her hands and the butterflies in his stomach come to life all over again. “I was going to hang it up meself, but I thought that you should do the honour,” she says, extending her hands out for him. 

He stares at it for a minute and then lifts his gaze to Maura’s. She’s looking at him with bright, encouraging eyes. He takes the stocking, then, and turns it over in his hands and-

He can’t breathe. He can’t think. He doesn’t even think he can function. Because in neat, curly, red writing on the white of the stocking is his name. Harry

“Haz?” Niall calls out to him softly, rubbing his hand across his back before squeezing his shoulder.

“I…” Harry murmurs, blinking back tears. “I don’t-”

“Hang it up,” Niall whispers in his ear. “It’s not official until you hang it up.”

Harry glances sideways at his boyfriend, who grins back at him. “I can’t believe you didn’t warn me about this. I feel like I’m about to pass out,” he whispers.

“I told you you had nothing to worry about. You’re officially a part of the family now – but not until you hang it up.”

Several things happen seemingly all at once, then: Maura steps aside, Niall pushes him gently towards the only empty hook on the mantle and the entire room erupts into cheers as Harry hangs his own stocking up beside Niall’s above the fireplace.
Harry Styles shows off his tattooed torso at GQ and Warner Music bash

Harry Styles was more than happy to show off his tattooed chest as he attended the Warner Music and GQ party on Thursday. The One Direction star made a typically stylish arrival to the bash held at Shoreditch House as he sported a casual look for the event.

Harry, 20, put his body art on display in a buttoned down blue shirt which he teamed with black skinny jeans and brown ankle boots. 

Naturally, Harry sported some trendy headgear as he tucked his famous brown curls into a wide brim-hat for the event.

It seems the heartthrob might be putting his party days behind him as a partygoer revealed his tame behaviour inside the bash.

Speaking to MailOnline, the source said: ‘He turned up to the Warner and GQ summer party but didn’t even seem to make use of the free bar and instead was the perfect gentleman, letting the ladies ahead of him in the packed queue.

‘He mingled outside and enjoyed the view from the rooftop before moving downstairs to join comedian pal Jack Whitehall (who was looking worse for wear) and his girlfriend Gemma Chan and a large, rowdy group of friends but he seemed to take a backseat.

‘All his mates were calling in rounds of shots and having a good time but Harry shunned the drinks in favour of a quiet chat with a male friend.

‘He also spent a lot of the night texting. He headed home at around 1am when the party was very much still going. He was so polite and did the rounds giving everyone a hug and kiss.’