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“Father Figure”

Well friends, this is neither the prompt that I owe @revanmeetra87 (Though I’m working on it, I promise!), the one I owe @whimsicallyenchantedrose (Though the inspiration for it has finally come to me), nor the epilogue to my Liam/Belle MC, but it is a little something to cap off the CS Wedding celebration I was doing last week.  I promised a new one shot for the occasion after I posted all those past wedding-related stories, and I didn’t quite get it done in time.  This one was started before Sunday’s episode, and I meant it to be pretty much canon compliant, just a missing scene.  Now that it’s aired there are some details that make it more canon divergent, but I still don’t think it’s too far off.  I was down enough after Monday’s news and what it could mean, that I didn’t get this concluded and polished up until today, but I still wanted to post it, so I hope you will enjoy the fluff and family feels found here.

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“Father Figure”

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               The morning of the wedding had begun in a troubling wet, dreary grey of rain drizzle, but by mid-afternoon the clouds had slowly parted and sunlight was peeking through their wispy, tattered remnants with gaining strength.  Killian Jones had stood for some time, uncaring if he got a bit wet, staring over the water from the side of the Jolly, hoping deep in his heart of hearts that they would not have to change the venue for their nuptials.  He would of course rather that than see the occasion dampened or have to postpone it even a day longer, but he had truly hoped to pledge his troth to his True Love while standing on the sturdy boards of his previous truest love; the old girl who had been his home and companion for centuries.

               Once the day began to dry, Killian had gone below to his cabin and started getting dressed.  The dark suit with its soft, well-made material felt transformative against his skin, whispering as it brushed across his flesh that today was infinitely special.  Today began the rest of his life – the happiest and best part.  And in a town where magic was all around at most given moments, that this day would still have a magic all its own was truly saying something.  Emma Swan – the Princess of Misthaven, the Savior – loved him, and today she would promise to spend the rest of her life with him, as he would her.  As he shrugged into the waistcoat over the button up dress shirt, and deftly did its fastenings one-handed as well, Killian caught a glimpse of himself looking conspicuously misty-eyed in the reflection of the looking glass in the corner.  It was true that is some ways, ever since Neverland – no, perhaps even since Lake Nostos and the beanstalk – he had been pledging himself to Emma every day; still, the culmination of his deepest wish seemed more than he could possibly deserve.

               He was interrupted then from his preparations and reverie by a quiet knock on the cabin door.  Just as well, Killian thought wryly, eying the bow tie laid out with the suit jacket on his bunk.  There had been little chance he would be able to secure said article – he’d never even worn one before – without someone’s help, and now such aid was presenting itself.

               His heart warmed, smile deepening when the voice that called his name proved to be Henry, asking if he could come in. “Aye,” Killian answered Swan’s boy affectionately, waving him forward when the teen’s face appeared around the edge of the sturdy wood.  “Come in. I’m always glad to have you aboard, Lad, you know that.”

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