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ringlefinch | vintage lucite beaded necklace by urbanlegend

EFOTD fave urbanlegend is constantly impressing me with their cool vintage bead necklaces — the color combos are beautiful, and i’m loving the latest texture variations.

Rosary making guide:

Alright guys, I’m finally posting a guide with photos to show how I make rosaries. I hope this guide will make at least a bit of sense. If you have any questions please please do not hesitate to ask me<

First. You need to gather/purchase your materials. Everything other than the center and crucifix I was able to buy at a local craft store. 

You will need:
1 set of rounded needle nose pliers
1 set of flat needle nose pliers
1 set of jewelry wire cutters
A whole bunch of eye pins (long pins with an open loop at the top)
1 center
1 crucifix
1 spool of fine chain
53 hail Mary beads (although I would recommend buying extra)
6 Our Father beads (get extra of these too)
A bunch of jump rings

For this guide the brown beads are the Hail Mary beads and the silver roses are for the Our Father beads. 

WHEN CUTTING WIRE BE CAREFUL BECAUSE SMALL METAL BITS HURT MORE THAN YOU WOULD THINK. (and it has a tendency to fly when cut and I want you all to be safe and happy :) )

To begin select an eye pin and string one Hail Mary bead onto the pin.

Next you will have to trim the eye pin using your jewelry wire cutters.

Once the pin has been trimmed, use your rounded needle nose pliers to bend the end into a loop.

Select another eye pin, string another Hail Mary bead onto the pin and trim the pin to the same length of the first. Once you have done that you will string the first bead/pin onto the new pin using the loop you have just created. (I know that is really confusing but I hope the picture will make it clear)

Now bend the end of the eye pin into a loop, as you did with the first pin. You should now have two beads string together. In other words, you should now have something that looks like the very beginning of a rosary.

Keep repeating this process until you have completed a decade (10 beads strung together. 

Alright guys, this next part is kind of tricky. Grab your spool of fine chain and unwind it a bit. 

You are now going to measure out exactly three links. The way I usually do this is count three from the end and then cut in the middle of the fourth link. You will cut off this small piece of chain using your wire cutters. Be very careful as small metal pieces have a tendency to fly.

Next take your completed decade in one hand (not your dominate hand) and pick up your flat pliers in the other hand (dominant hand) You will then uncurl the last loop of the decade so that you may slide the newly cut piece of chain into place. 

Make sure that you close the loop back after attaching the chain. Next step is to repeat the second bead/pin process but using an Our Father bead. However, instead of attaching the pin to the previous bead, you will be attaching it to the open end of the chain. You will slide the chain onto the pin and then curl the pin into a loop as you have done before.

After this is done, you will cut another three link piece of chain and attach it to the loop on the other side of the Our Father bead. You will use you flat nose pliers to uncurl and recurl the loop.

Keep repeating the processes until you have created five complete and attached decades. You should have used four Our Father beads and 50 Hail Mary beads. 

You will now cut two more three link pieces of chain and attach them to each end of your string of beads. 

Next you will attach jump rings to your center.

The jump rinds are small hoops and you will attach them to the small circular openings on the top and bottom of your center.

Next attach the center to the string of beads using the two jump rings you have attached to the top of your center.

Then attach another three link chain to the bottom jump ring and then add another Our Father bead.

Add another three link chain and then a string of three Hail Mary beads.

Add another three link chain, Our Father bead and another three link chain. Finally you will be able to add the crucifix. Attach a jump ring to your crucifix.

Using the jump ring, attach it to the end of the last three link chain. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed a rosary using the eye pin method! I hope everything made sense and that you had a good time!

Sorry it is such a long post but there was a lot to cover!

Again please message me if you have any questions or comments. Also, if you make a rosary using this guide post a picture and tag me in it! I’d love to see it!

God Bless!!


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