brown ball

I like to think that Seamus and Lavender were good friends and confided in each other about their sexualities (bi for Lav, gay for shay) and crushes (mainly Parvati for Lav, Always Dean for Shay) at a very young age

Imagine a 4th Seamus and Lavender agreeing to go to the Yule ball together, only so no one starts to suspect anything, but end up having a great time. Shay, seeing that Harry wasnt paying much attention to Parvati, convinced Lavender to ask her to dance, a request that was accepted. Seamus going over to ask Dean (his cheeks flushing more with every step) when all of a sudden Dean came out of no where and dragged him on the dance floor

imagine a Seamus and Lavender, who were both so in love with their best friends that it hurt, talking with each other at night about their pain

imagine Lavender comforting Seamus in seventh year bc he was always crying and terrified Dean was dead and he didnt even know yet

imagine Lav and Shay making a promise to each other that they would tell their bestfriends about their feelings before the end of the year because they knew they might not live to see the end of it

imagine Lavender finally picking up the courage to ask Parvati out, who immediately accepts and kisses her, murmuring an “about bloody time” on to the other girls’ lips

imagine Parvati and Seamus right next to Lavender as she died, each of them holding one of her hands, each of them with tears running down their faces

imagine Seamus running up to Dean when he finds him after Voldemorts death, knowing he had to keep his promise to Lavender, and kisses him powerfully on the mouth, then pulls back. Dean pulls him right back in

Imagine Parvati coming over to Seamus and Dean’s place often because she had the relationship Shay and Lav had with Dean (to shay’s shock and amusement) and she really needs a shoulder to cry on

this got sad real quick but please just imagine brotps instead of demonizing great female characters for no reason