brown and white night

This was me. My name is Kabaiel, and I had an association with the stars. Night sky, in general. Not too tall, rather feminine, dark, straight, shoulder- length hair, extremely light skin and blue, almost transparent eyes. Golden freckles (sounds weird but they shone golden in the sun), thin halo. Big wings (two), dark brown and white, mottled. Sort of like a bird of prey’s.

I was a scholar, I think, I remember myself teaching a class on the orbits of some distant solar system on a cliff over the sea. I spent a lot of time studying so there’s probably someone who has seen me in the library. I had some notions of healing. 

During the war, I helped someone from the other side despite having been instructed not to do so. I was only supposed to fight for as long as I could. I was deemed a traitor and cast away shortly after, so, though I was among the winners, I fell.

If anyone knows me or has seen me, please, let me know at @i-was-kabaiel or @ubi-sunt-dracones (i’m more active on this one)


The Brown Girl in the White World

Deep chocolate eyes looking up at the ivory skies.
Looking back down at the pearly buildings.
Filled with bloodless skins.

Ivory is lovely.
It’s alluring, but gentle.
Bloodless skin is remarkable.
It’s beloved. It’s cherished.

An amber strand falls to the ground.
Hands are the color of cocoa.
Eyes as dark as chocolate.
But where are the coffee buildings?

Raven is bad.
Chestnut is dreadful.
Imperfect. Feared.
But why?

The sweet chocolate we eat is heavenly.
Amber trees are strong, they are everlasting.
Brown is beautiful.
But not on my olive skin.
But why?

By Anjelica 


Day 223/365: August 11th 2017 | Lunch with Pat~

Went to Yuu Japanese Tapas with Pat and we ate such good food! Deep fried boneless chicken, okonomiyaki, and Japanese poutine. I also got the green apple float (SO GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL). The food was so delicious… they were a bit expensive but the presentation was awesome. This place only took cash and Pat had no cash but THANK GOSH I HAD $40 IN CASH….. LILY TO THE RESCUE!!! Or else we would have been screwed lmfao! After lunch, Pat tried my Tonymoly peach punch liptint and loved it immediately so we went to Aberdeen to buy them (LOL). She bought two tints and another makeup product (forgot what it was) HAAHHA and I just bought 15 sheet masks!!!! SOFT AF SKIN HERE I COME???? MAYBE??? After Tonymoly, we went to buy fire noodles and they were ON SALE!!!! For only $4.98 ($5 after tax)!!! I couldn’t NOT buy!!!!! Such a great deal! 

After our hangout, I walked back home in the intense heat (felt on the brink of a heatstroke tbh). Rested for ~1 hour before going to work. Work was fine,,, had a swell shift with Audrey and Mary except for the fact that Mary bought a huge bowl of shaved ice from mango yummy and kept force feeding me HUGE SCOOPS of ice (hello brain freeze holy fuck). She’s trying to kill me!!!! LMAO she deadass ran towards me with the ice at one point jshfjsadg. Anyway, I sold pretty decently today. Yay.