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I hope you all know how wonderful you are and find at least one thing to be happy about today ~

Number 6 - Connor Brown


sorry I love connor brown


“I got you a rose, it reminded me of you.”

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when being away for a couple days you didn’t think you would be missing your favorite people so much those people would be Mitch Marner Auston Matthews Zach Hyman William Nylander and of course the ginger in your life Connor brown. you had gone away to Europe for a couple of days with your roommate from school but on the second day you found yourself missing your boys more than anything. So now here you are waiting for your flight to be called so you could go home you couldn’t wait to see them but Connor was the first person you wanted to see. you smiled as you remembered how you met the fiery haired boy (Sorry i am going to bring his hair up a lot my one teammate has ginger hair and i call him ginger)

Flash back

Y/N walked down the sidewalk to meet up with some friends at Timmy’s and was running a little late but she didn’t care it was the first snow fall Toronto has seen so far so she was taking it in. And being her one friend said she had someone she thought would be prefect for her she really wasn’t in a rush to get their. As she walked she felt her phone go off getting texts from Y/F/N  she looked at them and slide them a crossed her screen and looked at the maple leafs logo that was her lock screen she smiled she couldn’t wait to watch the leafs game with all the new guys she knew it was going to be a great season. \

she finally made it to the Timmy’s she was told to meet the other at and walked in as soon as she did she felt Y/F/N hard stare making he laugh she turned her head and the first thing she saw was the red hair by Y/F/N. but she still made her way over 


“and since when am I never late?”

“Your an ass.”

“Awee I love you too Y/F/N.”

“any way Y/N this is my friend Connor Connor Y/N.”

when i looked at his face i bit my lip knowing who he was right away Y/F/N had a big smirk on her face knowing I was a big Connor Brown but i sat down a crossed from the both of them 

“Nice to meet you Connor.”

“you too Y/N.”

“Hey Y/N I’m taking you want the same as always?”

“uh no..”

But Y/F/M cut Y/N off

“The same okay.” than she walked off 

making Y/N toss her head back 

“I’m sorry she always does this she been trying to set me p with someone for awhile now.”

“It’s okay since she met me and a couple of my other friends she been trying as well she got my friend William and Kate together though I’ll give her that.”

“ her match making skills worked for once.”

“they did.”

“how much did she pay you to say that.”

end of flash back

Y/N laughed on how she and Connor ended up ditching Y/F/N and spent the day walking around Toronto and ended up getting ice cream even if it was cold and they exchanged numbers and their friendship grew quickly and one day he gave her a rose with a note asking if she would be his girlfriend and she gave him a kiss telling him yes and the rest is history. and she meet Mitch Auston William and Zach though Connor as well and became quick friends with all of them by now she was already sitting on her plane listening to music it was her favorite song to dance to it was played at her cousin wedding which Connor was her date too and he danced with her. she loved to dance and dancing with Connor was one of her favorite thing to do and after they danced he gave her another rose soon Y/n fell asleep to her music but by the time she opened her eyes her plane was landing when she was aloud to get off. She raced off the plane and got her two bags she brought with her as soon as she walked out of her gate she saw the ginger hair and ran over to him he saw her and caught her in hsi arms as she jumped at him and he laughed as he held onto her

“You where only gone a couple of days how do you deal when I’m on the road.”

“I annoy Y/f/N.”

Connor laughed as he put Y/N down on the ground he smiled and gave her a kiss 

“Oh come on guys.”

Y/N laughed and gave Mitch a hug and the others as well they all left the airport Y/N went in Connor car long with Zach  the other went in Mitch’s car when they got back to Y/N apartment they went in and sat on the couch the other four stayed for a hour before leaving in Mitch’s car right now Y/N and Connor sat on her bed 

“I got something for you.”


but he had already pulled out the single rose making Y/N smile 

“I got you another rose, they remind me of you.”

I changed it from  “I got you a rose, it reminded me of you.” to “I got you another rose, they remind me of you” because it went with the story a little better