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Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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If Mercy was drawn the same way as Pharah where she had bulking muscles, excessive body hair and animalistic features, y'all probably would be like hey that’s not accurate! She’s a femme!
Well, Pharah is one too? The only reason people butchify Pharah to the point she’s a caricature is because she’s shipped with Mercy. So the trope of stoic brown girl and fragile ivory woman can play out. One of my mutuals mentioned this, and it’s tea.

haut-wie-bleichmittel  asked:

Hey dearie recently I've been going through rough times and I was wondering if you could name me some things to do to change life a little bit and to start anew

to start anew~
♡ plant seeds in the earth (let the dirt stretch its spidery green limbs and bring forth fruit; sometimes watching another have its genesis inspires your own)
♡ dye your hair a color of the sky (dark wintery browns, honey rose blonde, snowy ivory; a change on the outside can help mold a change on the inside)
♡ collect flowers in a journal (allow blank pages to be filled with pressed petals and skeletal stems)
♡ harvest new scents (oranges vanilla clove rosemary lavender; attach the perfume with new memories rather than continue on with an old aroma)

5/28/17 Quarantine Report

Good God damn, Y'all, stress poo is SCAREY after nearly two months of fighting of a disease that’s first warning is off color poo!

Finished up Baytril yesterday, and I am trying SO hard not to let myself get paranoid.

Already bleached ALL THE THINGS!

The isolation’s gotta be wearing on them mentally.

And I imagine everybody’s little guts are recovering from the loss of the bacteria they actually need to help food digest.

Danny definitely has a sore tummy. So does Richard and Victoria’s tough brown son.

The little Ivory kid looks like a new bird! You’d never know he was ever ill. ^v^

Even Ferdi’s poo has improved, now that he’s just down to Corrid and Albon.

Molasses was relieved to be left in peace today.

I think I’ll make her a basket to cuddle in.


2 looks in 1! Green & Gold Holiday Look with Deep Red Lips | Classy & Sophisticated Holiday Makeup Tutorial

A chic, simple and sophisticated makeup look for the holidays. A tutorial featuring a glittery gold winged eye liner, beautiful deep matte red lips and a hint of a green. Great for Christmas, New Years, whatever! Looks great on fair/pale skin but would also compliment darker skintones, just try a brighter lip colour!

Products used:

*Givenchy Acti’mine Color Correcting Primer - Acti Strawberry

*Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Clarins 3 Dot Liner  3 Dot Liner

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

Colourpop Eyeshadow in Get Lucky

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy

*Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette Ivory, Milk Chocolate, Woodrose  

*Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

*Ardell Brow Pomade in Medium Brown

Maybelline Master Conceal Concealer

*Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate Duo

*MAC Mariah Carey Powder Blush in Sweet Sweet Fantasy

*Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Palette In Natural

*Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 08 Grand Cru

*Ardell Glamour Lashes 135

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.3 in The Seductress 122

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil in Green

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*This video contains products which have been sent to me for consideration (products marked with an asterisk) This video also contains affiliate links. Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog/youtube channel - See more at:


Cool complexions usually have pink undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NW10, MUFE 107, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NW15, MUFE 110, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NW20, MUFE 115/118, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Sand, MAC NW25, MUFE 125/127, NARS Punjab/Sante Fe)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Cool Beige, MAC NW30, MUFE 135/140, NARS Santa Fe/Barcelona)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural, MAC NW35, MUFE 150/160, NARS Barcelona)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural Tan, MAC NW40/43, MUFE 175, NARS Cadiz)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NW44/45/47, MUFE 178, NARS New Guinea)
  • Deep Dark (Pink) (Bobbi Brown Walnut, MAC NW50/55, MUFE 180, NARS Tortuga)

Neutral complexions usually have beige or olive undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC Matchmaster 1, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC N1, MUFE 115/117, NARS Gobi)
  • Light (Chanel B20, MAC N2, MUFE 117/20, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC N3, MUFE 125/127, NARS Ceylan)
  • Medium (Chanel B30, MAC NC/NW30, MUFE 128, NARS Stromboli)
  • Medium Tan (Chanel B40, MAC NC/NW35, MUFE 128)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Honey, MAC NC/NW40, MUFE 170)
  • Dark Tan (MAC NC/NW45, NARS Syracuse)
  • Deep Dark (MAC NC/NW50/55, Revlon Cappuccino)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MAC Matchmaster 7.5)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MUFE 75)

Warm complexions usually have yellow undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NC10, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NC15, MUFE 115, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NC20, MUFE 118, NARS Ceylan/Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC NC25, MUFE 118/120, NARS Fiji)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Warm Beige, MAC NC30, MUFE 123/125, NARS Punjab)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Natural, MAC NC35/37, MUFE 128/140, NARS Stromboli)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Honey, MAC NC40/42/43, MUFE 150/155, NARS Barcelona)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NC44/45/47, MUFE 170/173, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Peach) (Bobbi Brown Deep Tint, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 70, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (Bobbi Brown Espresso, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 178/180, NARS NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (Bobbi Brown Warm Walnut, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 175/180, NARS NARS Macao)

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 8.28.15

handmade nakoma shawl by goodcompanyco // black | ivory

hipsters, this one’s for you. rock a hand-painted and super-trendy shawl in either black or white — or camel, not pictured — with sweet geometric designs. WANT.