brown and ivory

The Signs Described as Colors

Aries: fiery, bright red and yellow

Taurus: grassy green and pale yellow sunshine

Gemini: lemon, jungle green and light blue

Cancer: beautiful, clear ocean blue and that creamy/white colour the clouds have when the sun is hitting them

Leo: The colour of golden honey and the beige colour of a lions fur

Virgo: coffee brown, ivory and sorta any colour that reminds of cute antique-ish books.

Libra: pinks like fuchsia and watermelon, also violet and berry

Scorpio: deep blue like the depths of the sea, onyx and deep rose red

Sagittarius: lavender/lilac and peachy colours but also bright colours like magenta, red and orange

Capricorn: pretty sage green, daffodil yellow and hazelnut

Aquarius: teal blues and bright electric blue but also soft greys and creamy white

Pisces: the colours of the sky in the evening. hazy blues, purples and pinks, all swirling and blending


Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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this is icee(the red, blue and ivory/brown mask reminds me of icees from movie theaters), i saw this girl forgotten on the back shelf, with barely any water. she now lives in a filtered and heated aquarium, on a proper carnivorous diet.  her favorite food is fluval bug bites and she wants to kill the pepsi logo more than anything.

this photoset is when i first brought her home, a week after that, and then just now.  

anonymous asked:

what colors do you think earth risings would look good in??

Ahh yes, I love this question. I’m in my element ❤ plus my venus is in capricorn and I’m so in love with earth risings and their beauty, I could talk about them all day long

So this is very obvious, but it’s still true, earth risings honestly look the best in warm, earthy colors. Deep chocolate brown, golden yellow, ivory, forest green, beige, olive, peach, dusty pink, burnt orange, burgundy, any rusty, muted color and any shade of blue, really. I think blue looks so beautiful on earth risings because they have this serene, calm vibe to them and so does the color blue. Neutral colors too, grey, black and also white? Earth risings in white??? Beautiful. Iconic. Like, imagine a leo rising wearing a simple, white dress. Probably really pretty, but an earth rising woman wearing it? Majestic af, looking like some greek goddess or even better, like lana when she’s on stage (you know I had to mention her eventually lmao). And the thing is, earth risings really don’t need to wear twenty different accessories and loud colors. These people somehow make the simplest makeup looks and outfits look so special and expensive and they always look so classy, too. They could literally be wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt and still look like royalty. 

It’s the same with makeup. Again, think of lana who’s a taurus rising or catherine deneuve who’s a capricorn rising. Neutral colors look incredibly beautiful on earth risings, like a nude lip or some dusty, rosy lipstick, neutral eyeshadow colors, maybe winged eyeliner. Red lipstick looks so great on them too. Can definitely wear vintage inspired makeup looks, like from the 50s.

Here’s some photos of our taurus rising queen, just because

Tennessee Whiskey

Summary:  The only happiness you could ever find was at a local bar downing a bottle of whiskey. Until HE came in….

Words: 1401

Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: Purely based off Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

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Used to spend my nights out in a barroom
Liquor was the only love I’ve known
But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom
And brought me back from being too far gone

I sat on the exact same barstool I’ve been using for three years. Three years last week. I shook my head as I nodded at the bartender, “just the usual, Bart.” He nodded curtly and placed a glass of whiskey in front of me. I sighed and licked my lips, sipping the alcohol, feeling it burn my throat. I snorted, thinking to myself how ironic it is that he died from a drunk driver and here I am getting sloshed for the hundredth time. I could feel the tears pricking my eyes. I glanced at the clock, 12:34. I raised my glass, “cheers, babe.”

The door chimed and I ignored it. Footsteps carried across the wooden floor and the stool squeaked as someone sat down. A husky voice rang out for Bart’s best whiskey.“

I snorted, "best in town in Tennessee whiskey.”

He chuckled, “is that right? Well, young sir, I’ll have your Tennessee Whiskey, please.”

I turned my head to catch a glimpse of the stranger. He was young, probably early to mid thirties. Dark curly hair and piercing blue eyes. What stuck out was the little smirk that seemed to be permanently placed on his full, plump lips. Bart placed a glass in front of him and he nodded a thank you. He sipped and hissed at the end. “Damn, you know your whiskey.” He tilted his glass to me and took another mouthful. He stood and slid down a few stools until he was right beside me. “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing here? Alone that is.”

I snorted, “celebrating.”

He nodded, a smile filling his face. “What are we toasting too?”

I shrugged, slugging back another mouthful. “Three years to the hour my husband died in a car accident.”

His face dropped and his brows furrowed. “Jesus, I’m sor-.”

I nodded, “everyone’s sorry.”

He chewed his lip and sloshed the liquid around his glass awkwardly. “I’m Sebastian.”

I nodded quickly, “nice to meet you, Sebastian.”

He chuckled, “you don’t have a name?”

I shook my head, “not tonight.”

He laughed, “okay, Not Tonight, how about another round? On me.”

I shook my head, “thanks but no thanks.” I stood, throwing a bill down and turned, leaving Sebastian sitting alone.

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Nixon could hardly believe they were doing this. He was thankful though. He wanted nothing more than to make Bianca his wife. He knew that things would likely be the same but in certain ways he knew they would be different. For him, marriage was sacred. He planned to spend his life making her happy, making her feel loved.

It took a lot of calls and a bit of pushing but he found them a small private gazebo, natural brown wood with ivory growing up it’s beams and flowers sprouting up here and there. It was peaceful, serene, and secluded. It offered them the privacy to confess their love and begin their life that the both wanted, even if for different reasons….   


“The Girl from The Sea”

Little rivers dance on her stomach.

It isn’t what she sees,

But they are absolutely beautiful to me.

Her little dips and soft curves feel like endless waves.

When I look at her,

It stops me from breathing.

Cascading brown locks contrast her warm-ivory skin.

A dark and lovely waterfall,

I wish I could stare at that water all day.

No others compare to her in my eyes.

She looks in the mirror and sees nothing more than a vessel,

But her body is so much more than that.

She is like the ocean and, somehow, also like a stream.

But it’s her eyes,

Oh her eyes, that are my favorite.

Her eyes are sparkling brown gems that got washed up and lost at sea.

And if you look carefully,

They’re a window.

And when I peek indoors,

I swear I’ve never seen a beauty so powerful.

She is more than kind,

More than accepting.

She gives her all,

And expects nothing.

Inside there is a world so pure and special.

And to the world her little streams may remain undiscovered,

But I will always know in my heart that this beauty from the sea has all the pearls I could ever want right in front of me.

With her,

I shall forever remain floating and flowing as her water surrounds me.

With her,

I am free.