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“Stop being so cute.” For Keith? You don't have to do this if the ask box is closed🙂


“What about that store, over there?”

“Which one?” Keith asked, looking at the stores across from them in the mall.

“Do you really expect me to know how to read that.” You deadpan, turning to look up at him and grasp his hand, walking him there. Upon entering, a woman approached the two of you, greeting you.

Before you could greet her back, you saw a small golden object, gasped, and ran toward it.

Keith went to call after you, but turned and apologized to the employee and ran after you.

“Keith, look at this!” It appeared the two of you walked into a small store filled with Records, small trinkets and weapons, and a few animals. Youfound the trinket section. A small golden flower sit on display for you to see.

“Y/n, you gotta at least say hi to- oh hey…that looks real familiar.” Keith’s train of though left him as he stared intently at the object. He could have sworn he’s seen it before, almost positive he had.

“Oh wow! Is that a lizard?!” You practically flew over to the golden rimmed tank. Staring at the scaly lizard. Keith hesitated while looking closely at the object before following after you.

“Aw! That’s awesome! It’s like a mini alligator!” The brown lizard turned its head toward you and revealed its strange eyes, glowing chrome. It appeared to either be startled, or really want to show off, as it’s scales flipped to the other direction.

When they flipped, you both gasped and pressed your faces closer to the glass. Staring at its now white scales, green glowing from under them.

“Excuse me, Miss, could we get this?” Keith asked, still standing by the tank.

Soon enough you were leaving the building with the tank in your arms as you basically cried from joy.

“Stop being so cute.” Keith chuckled, hands in his pockets as he held a few books under his arm. He leaned toward you and kissed your cheek, actually giggling as you became very red. He and you waited for Shiro to reach you, and pick the both of you up.

the thing he saw in the shop was something you had given him when the two of you first met around 5th and 6th grade and he just now remembers he still has it with him and will fiddle around with it when he’s nervous.


Finished this dragon tail commission last night. It’s got brown anodized aluminum on top with a yellow/gold anodized aluminum underbelly. The commissioner wanted it based on an alligator character, so I could call it a gator tail, but I still think of these as dragon tails.

I added some backwards-turned scales into the pattern to mimic the double row of bumpy armored scales that gators have down their spine. I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a subtle effect from certain angles, but when the light catches it from other directions the inverted scales catch the light really well. 

31 inches long, so slightly shorter than my standard pattern. It weighs in at 2 pounds 10 ounces.

I’m currently not taking more commissions for these until I get through my queue of outstanding orders, but you can still check out my page of information about them if you’d like.


Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Brown Bear Cub & Baby Alligator - CONAN on TBS