brown & black unity

Black on black crime has nothing to do with police brutality. Black on black crime doesn’t make the fact that racist cops are killing people of color for little to no reason any less horrible.

The 16th Baptist Church was bombed by Klansmen 52 years from today. The rubble killed these four girls in the basement. Take today to remember them.

Also, remember that destruction of black churches hasn’t ended. There are several black churches that have been destroyed this year. Since the racists repeating their history of evil acts, blacks mustn’t give up their history of unity and fighting back.

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Peaceful Protest at the Trump Rally in San Jose CA..

-1st off I am a San Jose born and raised. My Abuelita is from Michoacan, and my Grandpa the same place.. But this is not about them.. Today I have the responsibility to set the record straight.. Yesterday during the protest I showed up in my friends car and we saw all the protestors walking towards us.. We were playing the song “F*ck Donald Trump” by Nipsey Hussle and YG, as they got close, I hopped out the car and we all started dancing and chanting “F*Ck DONALD TRUMP.” Yes I am the one with the white shirt.. People then jumped on the car and we had what we call in the Bay Area, a sideshow. Now the news would not show the positive energy of people dancing in the streets like our ancestors who would dance around a fire. In this dance there were Brown Panthers, Nortes, Surenos, Black and Brown Unity, Whites, Asians, Native, and all the other colors of the human palettes dancing and chanting. There was no violence at all. In fact even when we started to notice dents to the roof of the car, we asked people to get off and everyone obliged happily and laughed understanding that this was the only car we have.. They then began Chanting “F*ck Donald Trump” and went on with the protest walking down San Carlos st.. 

 -Now for the Bad Apples that started the fights I do not condone that.. On top of that, the media is not showing all the Trump Supporters tantalizing and taunting the peaceful protestors.. Now Violence is never the answer.. But the media will never show the Brown Panther telling people to be peaceful.. or the Trump Supporter talking shit to all the protestors and 4 young latina woman who were protesting kept people from throwing stuff at her.. Oh no the media like CNN, MSN, Huffington Post, Fox News, ABC, and etc.. They all want that WSHH ratings.. To show that in San Jose is a bunch of Savages.. We are not savages.. In fact most of the “Illegals” that you are talking about are 2nd up to 10th  generations in San jose.. 

-As for what happened after we left I could not tell you, except the bad apples that started acting up, were the 1st runs to run when the officers stepped in.. So do not blame everyone for what a few bad apples do.. That like saying because the KKK claim to be christian, we must assume all christians are racist.. Of course we all know that bs, so please, before you start going off on the subject that you do not know about.. Please figure how to talk to the locals.. Its 2016 we all have social media.. Hit me up if you got questions, concerns, or just want to chop it up.. I will set the records straight..

I only wish that i knew earlier, what white privilege meant until I came to strike today with brown and black unity. I had problems but It was hardly ever violent compared to what this 13 year old boy went through and what sparked up the whole campaign. I came to see and realize myself that it takes a whole crowd of angry people against one white person who has the authority of patrol protection and the comfort of staying home while the other minor is arrested waiting to be released for no crime committed. If you don’t feel remorse towards this, then you are likely part of the problem. You dont care enough to make changes. I stood and listen that a boys father have been shot in the head under surrender and someones friend have been killed just cause they don’t feel like he belonged. People don’t stop for their justice until they die for it. I marched until the end then came up a SWAT team with shields, a shotgun and a full body armor while the rest of us are protesting with infuriating words armed with nothing. This shows that we the people, are capable of making a movement and changing history. They’re afraid of us so they use brutality to get their way and diminish our culture so they can claim whatever they want. And someone with that ability of competence has to make a complete end to this. That is money and white privilege. And the results of this is appalling.

Africans Americans do not only get degraded by racists, but by other African Americans. Rather than degrading each other, they should encourage and build each other up. Doing so will not only strengthen the listener, but also the speaker.

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While many black men are online slandering black women and making fun of their hair and skin in real life, some black men are cherishing the fact that black women are the only women who have been there for them through thick and thin. Black men, black women are YOUR women. Do not belittle and put down the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and wives of your own people. Black women love you, respect you, and cherish you. Please do the same for your women in return.

P.S. Black women, this goes for you too. Don’t belittle and berate your own men. Support and cherish them for the kings they are.

Blacks have been waiting for government agencies to investigate cases such as the burning black churches. Consider how there have been over 7 civil rights bills passed in America, and blacks still don’t have equal rights. Instead of talking about how the government isn’t helping, blacks should take matters into their own hands. That includes running for office, doing their own investigations, and protecting and serving themselves. Just as Du Bois said, it’s better than waiting for another civil rights bill.

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