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Little. Yellow. Different.

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Squeaker blinked, setting her arm down with a concerned frown, “To-toothless?”

She asked the creature slowly, her brows raised and optics wide, but then it clicked, “Did the did the greyfaces….” blinked a few times.  

They’d made her tall once, and that was weird. But the already small creature was now smaller, and vulnerable although still cuter than the pit. If it was true she had no intentions of letting it leave her sight until it was back to normal.

Toothless nods hard when Squeaker-friend says its name (and even nodding feels strange in this soft, lower-to-the-ground body). And nods again when she mentions the grayfaces, who turned it into… this.

The currently-not-a-scraplet tries to whine; even that comes out a thin and pathetic, “Joooooooooo.” Toothless heaves out a breath and flops flat on the floor.

wreck-en-rule  asked:

Springer walked through the ship his brow raised high his optics darted around at the new bots. He wasn't the antisocial time but he didn't like a mass around him all at once. The wrecker leader excused himself walking towards a window folding his arm watching the passing starfield,

Rung hummed as he walked through the halls, a soft smile playing at his lips. Today was a good day. Or at least it felt like it, which was enough of a reason to smile. Though that smile quickly dropped as he caught sight of a familiar green frame.

“…Springer?” His voice was soft, fearful. Certainly he would’ve been told if the wrecker had returned…right?

The Infinite Knowledge of Epistemus -- Driftceptor

ALRIGHT. After a couple weeks, here is the rough results of my efforts. 11,169 words, unedited, of Drift/Perceptor goodness!

Naturally, you can thank @adhesivesandscrap , @iopele , @ladydragon76 , @4thelurvofnerds , @astralhazard and many others for the amazing Festival of Five prompt. Please let me know if I missed anyone! 


So please don’t hate me too much ;;;;; I promise I will make it all pretty for Ao3 eventually ahaha….


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