brow shaper

Slightly Obsessed: NYX Brow Shaper

“If eyebrows frame the face then that frame better come correct.” So that’s a direct quote from no one in particular, but as I’ve gotten older and my brows sparser, I’ve paid increasing attention to how full, filled-out arches freshen up the face. It’s like instant youth-anization, pun unfortunate and unintended.

I had been eyeing the NYX Brow Shaper for a few weeks before I snapped it up, my hesitation rooted in my hit-or-miss experience with NYX products in the past. I’m glad to say this one is a hit that can be worn both alone or with brow powder! The unique wax pencil glides smoothly over brows, guiding each hair into place while ever-so-slightly darkening them, making them effectively bolder and more pronounced for, say, a daytime look that isn’t dramatic. For on-camera and evening looks, I’ve been experimenting with it as a base before filling in further with brow powder applied with an angled brush. Snap up this drugstore find for around $8.