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“every kiss begins with cake”

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every kiss begins with cake.” y/n heard before a large piece of cake came flying at their face. she was to slow to dodge it, so they ended up having frosting, cinnamon, and cake all of her face. y/n slowly turn her head towards the ma- more like boy who through it at her. her e/c eyes meet a pair of bright green ones.

bart allen.” y/n pushed, raising her cake covered brow at her boyfriend. 

y/n l/n.” bart mocked, giving you a goofy grin. 

don’t make me hurt you.” you responded, standing up from your spot at the bar in the mount justice kitchen.

you can’t catch up with me.” bart teased, the same grin on his face. 

bart. allen.” she repeated, narrowing her eyes at the brunette speedster.

thats not crash.” he muttered before speeding off. y/n started laughing, wiping off the stern expression on her face. bart noticed her laughing then decided to run back to her.

bart, wheres my kiss?” y/n asked, giving him a loop-sided smile. bart smiled back, quickly placing his lips on her cake covered one.

Better Than Sex

olicity || teen || fluff || 547 || more fics

summary: Oliver bakes Better Than Sex cake for Felicity, but it has an unwanted affect.  
a/n: just a silly little fluff piece - dedicated to @smoakqueenz

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“What is that?” Felicity pointed at the cake on the counter.

“Cake,” he answered with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes, “Smartass.”

“It’s Better than Sex cake.”

She eyed him carefully, “Better than sex?”


“What makes it better? I seriously don’t believe that a cake of all things could be better than sex.”

“You’ll just have to taste it won’t you?”

“Or you could tell me what’s in it,” she stepped close and poked his chest.

He smiled, leaning in to peck her lips, “Well, it’s devil’s food cake.”

That immediately piqued her interest. Oliver’s chocolate cake was delicious. He did something to it that made it so rich and moist; it practically melted on her tongue.

“Then I poke holes into it.”

“Wait what?”

He nodded, “You heard right, I poke holes in it and drizzle caramel and butterscotch over the top of the entire cake. I let it soak in for a couple of hours.”

She could picture the gooey sweetness oozing down into the cake. The already perfect chocolate permeated by caramel and butterscotch, both probably homemade as well. She licked her lips.

“What’s next?” she asked a little breathy.

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Dessert is served

A/N: nsfw, nothing else to say other than please read!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Do we really have to go through this much effort for a child’s birthday party?” Rafael asked.

“Rafael, its Noah’s birthday. You’re practically his uncle!” you answered.

“How old is the kid again?”

You rolled your eyes. “Three, Rafael! Noah is three years old.”

“But do we really have to make a cake?”

“Actually they are puppy shaped cupcakes. You can do wonders with icing!” You waved a tube of icing in his face.

The oven timer pinged letting me know that the cakes you’d baked were ready. It had been the aroma of said cakes that had attracted Rafael to the kitchen in the first place.

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Words: 1048

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Request:  Not sure if requests are open but could you perhaps do one with thranduil x reader where the reader was trying to surprise thranduil with baking sweets but ultimately failing and he catches her during the time where she had a rage quit and become mortified to see him at her embarrassing state? that would be great :D

Wiping a hand over your forehead, you looked down to the book in front of you, trying to decipher the words of the recipe you were trying to follow. Turning back to the workspace, and the overabundance of flour covering everything, you sighed.

You had only a handful of hours left before Thranduil retired to his chambers for the evening, and you wanted to be able to surprise him with a spread of treats. It was his birthday after all, and he deserved the best you could find, even if it meant baking them yourself.

Although, ‘sweets’ was a farfetched description for the utter mess making up the kitchen. You had managed to create a rather delectable looking tray of biscuits, decorated with the finest chocolate drizzle your kin imported, as well as a plate of herb and fruit tarts, topped with berries from the gardens. You had even managed to make Dorwinion infused breads - a recipe your mother had taught you years prior - and, lastly, you had attempted to make a cake.

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cataclysmichomicide  asked:

Hey I just read your jerejean one shot where Jeremy asked Jean to slow down bc of his own insecurities and I was wondering if you could write a one shot of them working through that! Of Jeremy allowing Jean to see him not be perfect or happy. Jean being the person Jeremy can just BE around 😊😊😊 ((my tfc blog is @sinbinwithfoxesin))

Of course I can! I hope this is what you were looking for!

Jeremy slept soundly in Jean’s arms that night and slowly things started to return to normal. Jeremy was completely addicted: to Jean’s smiles, his kisses, his arms solid around him, his hand holding Jeremy’s. Jeremy was a romantic at heart, and this was like his fairy tale come true.

However, if he was so blissfully, overwhelmingly happy, why was there still the nagging voice in the back of his head telling him he didn’t deserve this? That he needed to do more, work harder to to prove to Jean that he was worth keeping around?

This thought spiral followed him to Jean’s birthday. Jean said he didn’t want anything big, since he still wasn’t used to celebrating, but Jeremy didn’t feel right not doing anything, so while Jean was out getting coffee with a friend, Jeremy resolved to make dinner and a cake. Dinner went without a hitch and Jeremy left it to cool on the table before setting out to mix up the cake ingredients. He hummed happily to himself, ready to make Jean’s birthday great.

Jean arrived back at their apartment, only to be greeted by the smell of sugar and vanilla. He rolled his eyes fondly. He’d told Jeremy he didn’t want anything, but he knew there was no way he could resist. He knew Jeremy wouldn’t do anything drastic, like a surprise party, so he let himself be a little excited as he pushed open the door.

When he walked in, he made his way into the kitchen to set down his keys and found Jeremy at the counter, mixing something furiously with a smear of batter on his and cheek and overall looking like a frazzled mess.

Jean thought he looked gorgeous.

He walked over to Jeremy and looped his arms around his waist. “Looks good,” he said, kissing the batter off of his cheek.

Jeremy jumped and whirled around to face him. “Jean! I-I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Is that for me?” Jean asked, craning his neck to get a look at the cake.

“No!” Jeremy cried, moving to cover it. “I mean-yes. But it’s not finished yet. So you can’t look.”

Jean’s brow furrowed. The cake had icing covering it and looked like pretty much every cake Jean had ever seen. “It looks done.”

Jeremy shook his head. “No, no, the frosting isn’t right. If I just try one more time…”

“Love…it doesn’t have to be perfect…”

“Yes it does!” Jeremy exclaimed.

Jean realized what was happening, so instead of blindly trying to reassure him, he asked, “Why?”

“Because it was supposed to be something special and a good memory because I know you haven’t had many good birthdays, but I fucked it up and it’s ugly and-”

“Jeremy. Look at my hands.”

“Jean, I don’t-”

“Look. They’re ugly.” Jeremy tried to protest, but Jean continued, “No. They are. They’re broken and scarred and twisted. Ugly. But you love them anyway, right?”

Jeremy nodded and Jean went on, “You made me a cake. You made me something so I would feel good. Baby, don’t you think you should give that kindness to yourself sometimes?”

Jeremy rested his head on Jean’s shoulder. “I love you.”

Jean looked down, surprised. It was the first time he’d said it. “I love you too,” Jean said with a squeeze. “And for the record, any birthday with you is a good one.”

Over dinner, they talked about finding a therapist for Jeremy to talk to, with Jean saying how hesitant he had been at first, but that it had helped. And then, they ate the lopsided, delicious cake.

I included the part at the end because I want to make it clear that being with Jean will not cure Jeremy’s anxiety, just like being with Jeremy doesn’t erase the years of trauma Jean’s been through. They help each other, but they also help themselves.

chanteljeffries: “For everyone that was asking about the makeup! 💕
Foundation: @beccacosmetics
Eyes: @Gucci (iconic bronze) & @kyliecosmetics bronze palette
Brows: @benefitcosmetics precisely my brow pencil & @nyxcosmetics cake powder
Blush: @narsissist ‘unlawful’
Lashes: @lillylashes in Doha
Highlight: @makeupforeverofficial pro fusion ☺️”

For (shits and) Giggles

Only for giggles really. More specifically Eren’s. Ereri, Eren thinking he’s some woodland explorer, and Levi needing to get in touch with his feelings. Eren’s laughter might help with that.


He could hear laughter drifting up the stairs from the dining room. Cringing, he flopped back down on his bed. Going downstairs and coming back up again unnoticed was going to be difficult. But he really needed his phone charger. Why did he have to leave it on the kitchen counter? He’d already quickly said hi to all the guests before retiring to his room for the night, letting anyone see him again was bound to be awkward. Right? They might stop him to ask questions. Or worse, they could pretend not to see him but then steer the conversation topic over to him. His mother was not usually overly expansive when it came to her son –thanks, mom-, but she always did loosen up around Carla Jaeger.

Carla Jaeger was a very kind woman. A great hostess too. Of course Levi would’ve known, he’d possibly spent as much time at her house as at his own. On one hand, that she got along great with his mother was fortunate. When he was a kid, it was easier to convince his mom to drop him off at the Jaeger’s. On the other hand, she was very motherly and Levi did not need two moms gushing about him. He wondered how Eren felt about it.

Eren. His best friend since he was little. His only close friend really. Eren, whom he would not be able to keep texting if he did not go and retrieve that damn charger. God dammit, Levi cursed, throwing his legs off his bed as he finally headed out of his room.

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Come Home With Me

Prompt: “Omg I beg of you to do a reader x Percival graves fic?? But him as himself as opposed to being grindelwald in graves body? Please? Thank you!!”

Word Count: 1387

Warnings: idk post-kidnapped Graves?

Your sleepy eyes glided over the report one last time, trying to grasp anything, even the tiniest hint as to where he could be. You worked at MACUSA, and your boss, Percival Graves, was still missing. He had been kidnapped and hidden away by the twisted Grindelwald, and it seemed as if you were no closer to finding him than you were when you first started the investigation. You reflected on all the great times you had had with him, allowing tears to start flowing from your heavy eyes. He and you were extremely close, having been partners for almost 2 years now. You always felt like there could be something more between you, with all the lingering looks and touches that lasted a bit too long to be friendly. But now it seemed, you would never have what could’ve been.

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Stay Cute

He was grumpy, oh yes definitely grumpy. Today was so uncalled for, like who did those people think they were anyways, royalty?!

‘What right do they have to go around calling me embarrassing and hurtful names?’ The petite boy thought to himself as he trudged towards his favorite coffee shop.

He aggressively tousled his chestnut brown hair, plump rosy lips slowly jutting out into a childish pout. He knew people were staring at him, probably pitying the poor man-child that was dulling their joyful streets with his negativity, but their judging was definitely not gonna stop him from stomping his tiny feet all the way to Cafe Papillon.

If he wanted to sulk, sulk he shall because people were just a bunch of meanies to him today.

Doe eyes lit up as the cafe’s sign came into view, his chocolate brown orbs twinkled in delight as he imagined all the sweets that sat behind the glass display case next to the register. Subconsciously, his short legs began to move quicker. He was excited to reach his sanctuary, it was here that he was safe. 

Why? Well because here he could stuff his chubby cheeks with desserts to his heart’s content. Eat so many until he either contracts diabetes or falls in to a sugar induced coma, ya know whichever one comes first, and he didn’t have to listen to his over the top friends fawning over his “cuteness”. He loved it here, it was the only place he never had to pretend to be something he didn’t want to be. 

The college student softly giggled with happiness as he got closer to the Cafe. Just being near the small building made him burst with joy, his bright smile so radiant it rivaled the sun. Just as he reached for the door handle, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he thought of ignoring it but it kept buzzing so he quickly whipped it out to see that it was a call. Reading the caller I.D. he hesitantly took the call, bringing it up to his ear as he pushed through the cafe entrance. 

“What is it TaeTae?” he asked into the phone, a trace of annoyance could be heard in his high toned voice. 

The deep bass of his childhood friend’s voice answered him with a whine “please come back to the courtyard Jiminnie.” 

“Why, so you guys can make fun of my “fat cheeks” again?” he scoffed, “yea no thanks.” the bite could be heard in his voice even as he lowered it to not disturb the other customers while waiting in line.

Taehyung made a noise of desperation through the speaker, “Chim you know that Namjoon hyung was just playing, he thinks your cheeks are absolutely adorable.” 

“Tae you should know better than anyone that I am tired of being called “adorable” Jimin hissed softly as he reached the front of the line. “I’m twenty-three years old now, I’m a grown man who shouldn’t be referred to as “little Jiminnie” or “our resident cutie, I want to be seen as manly .”

“But Jimin,” Taehyung started, quickly being cut off with a “wait just a minute.” as Jimin placed his order for a caramel frappuchino and a slice of strawberry cake. Once he payed and received his change, the petite male walked off to the Pick-Up side of the counter to wait for his order. 

“So you were saying,” Jimin urged.

“I was saying that being cute isn’t all that bad ChimChim, everyone likes you because of your cuteness, you’re easy to approach and get along with and everyone practically short circuits when you smile.” the sweet teasing caused a dark blush to from on the boy’s already rosy cheeks. 

Plush lips pulled into a pout when a thought came to mind, “but Tae, thats exactly why most of the guys at school tease me, they call me a pansy cause I’m ‘too cute’ it’s just so frustrating.” 

A deep sigh came from the other side, “oh Jimin, who cares what they think, you shouldn’t change and have to be manly just to fit in with a bunch of idiots.”

“Yea I know.” a sweet sigh of defeat left his lips, he knew he might have been overreacting just a bit, okay maybe a lot, but he just couldn’t help it. Constantly being teased for not being masculine enough, just a tad bit feminine, was really starting to get on his nerves.

Taehyung’s smooth voice broke through his jumbled thoughts, “tell you what Minnie, just come back to the dorm and we’ll binge watch Disney movies for the rest of the night, we don’t have class tomorrow and we can pig out on some ice cream, how’s that?” 

A small smile tugged at his once pouted lips, “sounds great Tae.” the appreciation in his voice was prominent. Jimin hoped that his best friend knew how much his efforts to help cheer him up meant.

“I’ll see you in a bit okay? I came to get some sweets to take my mind off things, I’ll take them to go though.” the small boy said as he heard his name called for his order. After receiving an “alright” from his roommate, he bid him a goodbye and ended the call, turning towards the counter where his slice of strawberry flavored heaven awaited him. 

“Jimin?” a soft husky voice inquired. The boy in question looked up from putting his phone in his pocket, bright chocolate orbs met two dark intimidating pools of black and his breath hitched. 

The worker holding his order was absolutely breathtaking, the fringe of his raven locks fell into his beautiful almond shaped eyes that stared back at the petite male with the most heated gaze he had ever felt. Jimin trailed his eyes down from his eyes, followed the slope of the worker’s sculpted nose to his less plump pink lips, then traced the line of his sharp jaw. All the way down to the man’s broad shoulders, which perfectly filled his white long-sleeved button down shirt. He shot a glance towards the other’s name tag, Jeongguk it said, ‘an attractive name for an attractive guy.’ Jimin thought to himself.

The Adonis called his name again effectively catching his wandering mind’s attention. The petite boy looked up at the man a tad bit shyly, considering he had been checking the other out unabashedly, he replied with a timid ‘yes that’s me’ and stuck his tiny hand out to receive his to-go bag. The attractive male handed it over and gave him a slight smile. 

“Enjoy your sweets.” he said softly, “oh and you might want to check your order before you go, we have a new worker and they sometimes end up packing the wrong order.” The shorter male shot him a small nod and a reassuring smile as he turned in the direction of the nearest empty table. 

Once he reached the table he set down his drink and opened the paper bag containing his cake. Dainty brows furrowed in confusion at the sight of a neon blue sticky note stuck to the top of the plastic container. He reached his hand into the bag, chubby fingers picking up the note and pulling it out, he read it to himself and found himself smiling. 

‘Dear Jimin-sshi, I sincerely hope that you will ignore all those unnecessary comments about your looks. Being manly is so overrated anyways, consider yourself lucky that it looks like you haven’t aged a day over eighteen. I’m sure all those guys are just jealous that they don’t have your adorable charm, no one can deny that you’re one of the cutest people around. I know this probably doesn’t make much sense or it might seem really weird, but just to keep it short, I just wanted to tell you to stay cute.

- Sincerely the worker Jeongguk.’ 

Jimin could feel the heat of the stare directed at him, he looked just in time to lock eyes with the one who had written his note. Once Jeongguk saw the bright piece of paper in his hands, an attractive smirk tugged at his lips, he winked at Jimin who in turn looked away with a dark blush tinting his puffy cheeks. The blushing boy gazed through his brown fringe in the direction of his supporter, catching a glimpse of the fond smile that graced Jeongguk’s lips. The taller male mouthed a ‘stay cute’ at the cherubic boy and waited for his response. He received a blinding eye-smile in return and watched as the petite boy ran out of the cafe with a dark blush. 

Rushing out of the cafe, Jimin walked slowly back towards his dorm, he sighed dreamily as he thought of the cute worker, Jeongguk. “I was right, this is the best cafe around.” he said to himself while giggling giddily. 

And if it meant catching the attractive male’s attention once again, then oh yes, he would definitely ‘stay cute’.  

Annnnd I’m done! I think it could have been better, but I think this will do for now. This story is dedicated and sorta inspired by @staycute1234 I used your username as my title… hope you don’t mind. I was contemplating whether to post it or not and I finally worked up enough courage to finish and post it, so yea hehe.

FIC: heaRt to heaRt

Title: heaRt to heaRt

Pair: LeKurt

Summary: LeRoy overhears Kurt talking about his struggles with Blaine and remembers other times Kurt had been around his house. He resolves to give Kurt a heart to heart and make sure Kurt has someone to support him and set him right about relationships.

Pardon the typos. My keyboard us boRked.

IN RESPONSE TO metaldragoness31 ’s LeKurt AU gifset

And followed by: metaldragoness1’s A Slice of Cheesecake

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minimum wage

(gif is mine)

warnings: none

pairing: troye x peter (a little different but very requested)

note: thank you to @imaginative-neverland for the little bit of idea help!

summary: Peter is a customer who likes being last minute. Troye is a cashier and he doesn’t get paid enough for this.

The thing Troye hated most about closing at work was waiting for all the remaining customers to leave the store. He tried his best to notify his supervisors so that they could go and remind everyone that the store closed at nine o’clock, but that never ended well. The customers would complain that they still needed to look around, and no matter how hard anyone tried, it was hard to get them to leave without an argument.

This day in particular had been slow, considering it was a Sunday. Troye never did enjoy closing on Sunday’s. The store closed at seven o’clock and he usually started around two o’clock, so by the time it hit seven and it was time to start cleaning, he was ready to hit his pillow and be out like a light.

He was just about to close and hand in his till for the night, but to his luck, of course there had to be one last customer waiting around. 

Troye groaned, slumping over and propping his elbows on his scanner. “I remember doing the we are now closed announcement. Do people not listen to those anymore? Because we’re only getting paid to stay here until seven thirty and this guy is wasting our cleaning time.”

“What’s he even doing?” Destiny, Troye’s coworker piped up. “I swear, he’s been staring at those Betty Crocker cake mixes for the past twenty minutes.”

Troye walked out from behind his till and peeked over to isle three. The customer, a boy as presumed, was not moving. Just as Destiny mentioned, he was staring daggers at the Betty Crocker cake mix. He gave off an uncomfortable and angry facade. 

There was nothing worse than trying to tell an angry customer that the store was closed. Troye was never good at it, but at this point of the night he was willing to even get in an argument with the store managers. 

“Destiny, start cleaning. I’ll deal with this one.”

She cocked a brow at the curly haired boy. “You and customer service?”

Troye rolled his eyes in response. “I don’t want to be throwing the trash down the chute at eight o’clock. We’re given half an hour to clean and I’m not letting this guy mess with that,” he sighed. “He looks like he’s only nineteen, I doubt he’ll fire back at me.”

Destiny shrugged. “You almost cried last time you tried asking a customer to leave.”

“She threw a twenty pound bag of potatoes at me and it landed on my foot!”

“You did tell her to drop it or buy it, though.”

“It’s a figure of speech!” Troye broke in. “Nobody ever takes it as it is.”

“Sure,” she replied, dragging out the ‘e’.

Troye glanced back over at Betty Crocker - the nickname he had given the boy - and sighed. If his dilemma was that he couldn’t decide on what type of cake mix to purchase, Troye knew that he could help. He made a three-layer rainbow cake once a few years back.

He took a deep breath in as he began easing his way over to the angry cake boy. Once he got beside him, Troye noticed that he let off a very angry vibe. It was an ‘I am not a force to be reckoned with’ kind of vibe.

“Um,” Troye started uneasily. “We’re closed.”

“Yes, I heard the announcement,” cake boy piped up. He had a British accent. Most of the time that accent would be comforting to him, but there was a hint of aggression in the boy’s voice that set Troye off just a little.

Troye bit his tongue to hold back from screaming. “C’mon, I just want to close up and go home. I need to hand in my till, we’re officially closed.”

“Just one second! I need to find something!”

“Find what?!”

“Something!” cake boy argued back and he turned himself to face Troye.

The second Troye locked eyes with him, his evil demeanour faded instantly. His features softened, yet Troye’s stayed the same. Cake boy had golden brown hair that lay gently on his forehead, and piercing green eyes. His lips were pink, plump, and full, which went Troye believed went perfectly with his incredibly shaped eyebrows.

“I don’t get paid enough for this…” Troye said under his own breath.

“You piss me off.”

“Excuse me?!” Troye shrieked. “You’re the one wasting my time, cake boy. You’re the one in the store after, and I’ll say it again, we are officially closed.”

He cocked his brow at Troye. “Cake boy? Did you just call me cake boy?

“You are staring at a bunch of boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix, you know that right?”

“Maybe I just really like cake.”

“If you really loved cake, I’m pretty sure that you would have grabbed all the flavours by now, cake boy.”

“My name is not cake boy, aussie!” he whined, emphasizing the word not. “It’s Pan. Peter Pan.”

Troye cracked a smile at Peter. It was an odd name for sure, but it fit him well. Maybe not as well as cake boy did but it was a close second for Troye. The way he announced his name with pride - Troye found that cute.

Peter glared at Troye. “What are you smiling at?”

Troye then, of course, burst into a fit of laughter.

“Don’t you laugh at me, curly!”

“It’s Troye, with an e,” he smiled, after he calmed down from his laughing fit. “Troye Sivan Mellet. I usually go by Troye Sivan, but you can just call me Troye.”

The two boys glanced up at each other, and when they locked eyes, they smiled. Troye had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of him that set in each time he looked at Peter. He certainly found the boy attractive, and he was most likely not the only one who felt that way. 

“Are you doing anything after this?” Peter asked nonchalantly. “I mean, other than closing, like you mentioned one too many times. Are you doing anything after that?”

“Well,” Troye breathed in. “I was planning on going home and sleeping. Why do you ask?”

Peter looked back over at the Betty Crocker cake mixes and picked up a box of funfetti mix.

“How about you add some cake baking with me into that plan?” he asked hopefully.

Troye eyed Peter carefully. To him, he seemed like a nice guy, and clearly Peter thought the same about him. He could still sense that, despite how friendly he appeared, he was still quite the angry person. Perhaps he was dealing with an internal struggle. Troye did not know anything, but he was willing to take a chance with him and find out.

“Of course,” Troye accepted and pointed over to his lane. “But I work a minimum wage job so make it quick because, you know, we’re still closed.

June Flashfic - Beginnings

Pairing: Leorai
A/N: Taken place in a future timeline of the 2k12 show.

Karai lingered, rolling her eyes when another five minutes passed by.

He was late.

She hated waiting around for someone. Especially when that someone begged her to meet him at their usual spot. She scoffed. Wasn’t punctuality an essential part in Ninjitsu?

Long legs dangled by the edge of where she sat, arms tightly folded over her chest. I’ll give him five more minutes, she decided after angrily kicking her feet in the air.

Leonardo sprinted, knowing all too well she would be displeased about his tardiness. His perfectly planned surprise was already ruined. Thanks a lot bros, he muttered under his breath. In his head, he prepared everything. From being two minutes early, to presenting her a small gesture she’d happily accept. And after everything they’ve been through, he was certain this was the appropriate time. Hopefully, his brothers wouldn’t let him down. This time.

Finally arriving at the rooftop of the Byerly building, he let out a sigh of relief. She actually waited for him. Even if he was almost half an hour late. Leo stood a few feet away, admiring Karai’s presence. The turtle was taken back once catching a glimpse of exceptional beauty. Her normally fair skin glowed brighter just as the moonlight beamed at her direction. He couldn’t help but ogle at full red lips, almost jumping when a digit brushed the corner of her mouth. It was just too surreal, seeing her like that.

Finally able to break away from his held gaze, he twiddled his thumbs over his belt, purely out of nervousness.

“Hey,” he lightly greeted, wincing at Karai’s groan. “I apologize for being late.” Quickly he paced. “It really wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting.” The kunoichi remained silent, listening to his nonstop stammer. “I should’ve been on time, I know. It won’t happen again. Things just didn’t go as planned.” Yes, she was a bit annoyed. Standing around looking like a fool really wasn’t her idea of starting anew as a refugee. Again. But, seeing him all jumpy and uneasy, normally small eyes now widened in an unrelaxed way, really made her forget the anger she had. He really was cute.

“Leonardo.” He turned toward his name being called, not remembering her getting up to move close enough to be at arm’s length. Catching her sly grin, he smiled back, knowing she really wasn’t at all bothered. “Why did you call me here for? It couldn’t be for another late night sparring session. Right?”

He chuckled, shaking his head.

“Not tonight.” His restless demeanor soon kicked in. The leader in blue glanced around before settling his gaze at her once again. “Umm, well…” A hand rubbed the back of his neck, trying to search for the right words. “…I actually had something for you…”

“Oh?” Amber eyes brightened in interest, soon peering over his shoulder, looking for anything that looked like a nicely wrapped gift. “Where is it?”

Again, blue eyes darted, frowning when seeing his brothers hadn’t come through.

“Okay.” He breathed. After days of cranking out ideas for the perfect way to ask her, it all fell apart the last minute. Don’t overthink it, his brothers advised, just go for it. He simply couldn’t. Months of battling Shredder, kraang, and any other foe they constantly fought took time away from searching for her. But she was constantly in the back of his mind. Worrying and wondering. Now here she was. Waiting. For him.

Leo reached out, thick fingers subtly brushing her hand. When seeing she didn’t pull away, he gently held her hand, smiling. Karai blinked, concerned by the sudden change of atmosphere. His thumb softly stroke the back of her hand, ignoring the hammering against his chest.

“Will you come back home with me? As in, live with us as a Hamato?”

She felt her throat clogged by what felt like cotton. Muscles tensed. Unsure. Was he asking…? Before she could answer, they heard something fly over their heads, causing them to look up. Leo smiled as Karai remained confused when watching a small drone carry a medium sized box. The blue-clad turtle grinned once the drone lowered. Carefully, it dropped the box into Leonardo’s awaiting hands. He waved at the contraption as it flew away, eagerly facing her while nudging the box towards Karai.

She leaned over, catching a whiff of overused, sugary frosting. Her brows knitted together.

“A cake?”

He slumped his shoulders, but quickly regained his composure.

“It isn’t made of algae and worms. I promise.”

She continued eyeing at the box suspiciously.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“I know.” Bashfully, Leo flickered a smile. “The cake is just an extra.”

Leo held in a breath when her hand ghosted the corner of the box. She purposely dawdled around, seeing how adorable he acted while waiting. It was too cute to not take advantage of. Pursing red lips together, Karai stepped back, sauntering away.

“Well?” she asked when seeing he wasn’t following her. “Are we going home or not?”

Hugging the box close to his chest, he happily nodded, excited to once again be reunited. For real this time.

Leonardo trailed behind, carrying the unopened box, a bit disappointed his plan hadn’t gone picture-perfect. She didn’t lift the lid to read the four neatly spelled out words in light blue, gel frosting.

At least, not yet.

When Myungsoo is being lovey-dovey and affectionate with you in front of the Infinite members

Watching INFINITE practice was one of your absolute most favorite things to do.

As the song they were rehearsing reached its final crescendo of notes, the squeaks of sneakers against the wood paneling signaled the seven men moving back into position in front of the mirrors. Their chests rose and fell with a terrifying level of synchronicity and their collective brows were caked in sweat. The song immediately began to repeat as it had been on a continuous loop for practically an hour now, but the seven individuals didn’t even bat an eye or look the least bit exhausted as they jumped into the choreography again as if it was the first time.

Their movements were precise and crisp, yet fluid and loose. They flowed from one position into the next, moving about each other with an absolutely stunning amount of skill and prowess. The dance continued, each member getting a turn in the spotlight, taking their spots with flawless precision. The same ending began to play as the song came to a close but the men seemed to get a second wind as their manager moved to the speakers, signaling a break in the rigorous practice. They struck their ending poses and the speakers were shut off.

Instantaneously the men switched from being precise dancing machines to tired, sweaty, panting boys. They dropped to their knees gasping for breath and rested their hands on their hips, tilting their heads back to the ceiling as their lungs scrabbled for the excess oxygen. One rather lanky member sprawled out across the floor, his body making a starfish shape as his mouth opened letting out a rather obnoxious groan.

“Ah! I can’t feel my arms anymore!” Sungyeol screeched as he flailed about his feet just barely missing the member seated next to him on the floor.

“Yah! But your feet work just fine!” Sungjong snapped at him, pushing Sungyeol’s flailing feet away from him with one hand as the other moved his long bangs out his face. They were drenched in sweat and stuck to his face, making an unappealing slapping noise as he shook his head to the side. Sungyeol glowered tiredly at the younger boy, kicking at him more purposefully now to which Sungjong merely slapped his legs harder.

“Stop that you two.” Sunggyu shot at the two quarreling youngsters as he watched them in the mirror from his bent over position. He had his hands placed over his knees and his mouth was hanging open as he caught his breath. His eyes raked over the room, his natural tendency for being the leader taking over as he took mental notes of the position of each of his members. Woohyun was rubbing at his neck with a hand towel, soaking up the excess sweat from his glistening skin as he beckoned for Hoya to bring him a water bottle. The other man complied and passed him a cool bottle from the fridge as he pressed his own to his parched lips. On the other side of the room Dongwoo grabbed the hem of his grey tank top, fanning himself as he raised and lowered it flashing his sculpted abs beneath the tight fabric.

Now where was… Myungsoo.

The reflection of Sunggyu’s eyes in the mirror narrowed as he watched the final member making a beeline to the couch, well more specifically, to you.

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thugsxheaux  asked:

Hello My eyebrows are pretty light and I fill them in everyday but I currently use the Mac eyeliner and would like to use something that make them look more natural. What should I use and what eyebrow brushes are best to use?

Hi :)

Generally powder looks more natural than cream/liner products because powder looks more soft and feathered. You can control the softness of the brows by choosing a color a shade or two lighter than your brow hairs. Going a shade lighter will still define the brows without looking too harsh and filled in!

You’ll need an angled brush and brow powder or just a matte eyeshadow! Any angled brush will do just make sure the brush hairs are stiff and short, anything too long and flimsy won’t apply color as well. Try brow powders like ELF’s Brow Kit, NYX’s Brow Cake, Anastasia Brow Powder or just any matte eyeshadow similar to your brow color.

A few tips for a natural looking brow

  • Leave the front of the brow more sparse. Overfilling the front of the brow can look more like makeup because naturally the front of our brow is less full with less hair. 
  • Keep the brow more full and straight. Sometime brows too thin with a high arch can look a little unnatural, for a more natural look fill in the brows a tad fuller and soften the arch a bit. 

Philinda Fanfic: Birthday Cake


SPOILERS: Everything up to 2x08

SUMMARY: Phil brings Melinda a birthday cake and they discuss things they’ve been avoiding.

NOTES: This was written for the second Make ‘Em Kiss Challenge. A kind anon prompted: Melinda’s birthday, (in keeping with current canon). - I blame ALL the angst in this story on them. That’s what you get for asking me to keep things in current canon. I hope you enjoy this, friends!


She doesn’t expect him to come to her. Ever since he asked her to shoot him in the head, he hadn’t come to her. He said his piece, he made her promise and that was that. Ever since then, she avoided him. When she isn’t close, she can’t shoot him in the head. Simple as that.

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