Brouwerij West’s Dog Ate My Homework Ale with Blackberries (Picked up at Whole Foods, Berkeley). A 3 of 4. Really striking and quite interesting reddish purple color - and nice high carbonation. Lots of tart notes - almost like a tart apple and other light fruit as well. Quite effervescent and quite heavy on the blackberry - quite juicy and interesting. Ends up being very refreshing with a nice berry tartness, layered apparently on their saison as a base. Interesting - I’d have it again.

Brouwerij West “Saison Extra”: Huh. Brouwerij West is located here in California. Picked up this cute little beer up at BeerCraft yesterday. The cat bottle art obviously drew me to this beer and being a Saison didn’t hurt either as it’s my favorite style brew. Beautiful spice and banana nose on this beer coupled with some citrus zest. Not overly funky, but it has an earthy presence. The flavor profile is decent. Has a lot of grainy, malty characteristics in the back of the palate. It’s kind of bubble gummy, but not really sweet. More bitterness than sweetness. A bit cidery with the mild carbonation. Finishes fairly dry. The Belgians do it better, but I’d be interested in finding more of Brouwerij West’s brews.

Brouwerij West’s Saison Extra (Picked up at Ledger’s Liquors). A 2 of 4. Always good to try new breweries from the area! A relatively simple saison with your typical dry and yeasty body, and some light citrus notes in the nose. Not much nuance out of the yeast, unfortunately, but a decently thick body that drinks easily and has a clear saison character. Decent, but no wow here. Still, I’d happily try more from Brouwerij West.


Brouwerij West “My First Rodeo” Wild Yeast Brett Saison: Although this wasn’t my first time visiting Congregation Ale House Chapters, this was my first time at the Long Beach Chapter. I wanted to get as much local flavor as possible so Brouwerij West, based out of Palos Verdes Estates, was a perfect choice. Big spice profile with loads of banana. Very funky with the Brett with a bit of citrus zest. It really teetered between the sweetness of the banana and a sour-tartness of the Brettanomyces. Earthy and grassy, fairly dry with lingering spice. This is a much more enjoyable interpretation of a saison by Brouwerij West then their Saison Extra.


It’s not too often you see a car with a MILLION miles! This here 356 called Blu’s odometer has rolled over 10 times and so its owner had a party and invited some of Blu’s pals! The location, Brouwerij West, would be a fantastic location for Luftgekuhlt as suggested by my buddy Frank