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Here it is! Hurt - Part two!

Warnings - a lot of anger, fluff, protective Rick, swearing.

Nothing could move you from that spot, you stand frozen with Judith clutching to your side as you glare down at where he stood.

Tears roll down your cheeks as your chest heaves up and down, struggling to catch a breath, Enid notices this and slowly tries to remove Judith from your grasp, your head snaps around to meet her eyes full of worry, “Thank you,” you manage to rasp to her as you willingly hand Judith into her care before wiping your eyes quickly with the sleeves of your cardigan and huffing in annoyance whilst walking to the kitchen.

The roar of multiple engines pull your eyes to the bullet hole in the cabinet, your trembling fingers glued to the kitchen surface as you hear the vehicles roll out of your home, if you could even call it that anymore.

Within seconds Rick burst through the door, you could feel his eyes scan the living room before landing on you in the kitchen, he takes a step forward to your frozen frame, “Y/N?” He calls your name softly, you close your eyes when you feel his arms wrap around you and pull you into his chest where more tears escape and dampen his shirt, “Shh, it’s okay, I’m so sorry,” he kisses your forehead and you push him away violently.

You look to the little family in the living room, “Take Judith and go Enid’s house, please,” you tell them firmly, Carl nods and guides his friend and his sister from your home.


You raised hand stops him, “Don’t ‘Y/N’ me, Rick, you just stood there and let him take everything, you let him speak to me like I was nothing, you let him kiss me,” the last part you spoke in a whisper as you felt more tears begin to push to the surface, showing just how hurt you truly were.

Rick’s eyes show his broken heart, which soon turn to something else, “Dammit Y/N, don’t you get it?! This is how we live now, we have to do this, we have to give him what he wants otherwise he’ll kill someone else,” he runs his fingers through his dark curls in annoyance.

There was no way he was going to win this argument, you stand your ground, “And what if he wants me, huh? You gonna give him what he wants then?!” You shout at him when his back is turned to you.

Rick’s head snaps around to meet your gaze, “Don’t you trust me to keep you safe?”

Without thinking you let it slip, “Look where trust in you got Abraham and Glenn,” you spit at him, he looks at you speechless, never expecting something so hurtful to spill from your lips.

“Right well, if you don’t trust me then why don’t you just go?”

The seriousness of the situation hits you hard but you know it’s too late to turn back, “Maybe I will,” you say in a whisper, making his head cock to the side, making his eyes water profusely but before he can reply you’re already upstairs, locking yourself in your shared bedroom.


Within a few hours you have a bag packed, your engagement ring resting on the bedside table on Rick’s side, the sky outside your window is painted orange, you admire the view whilst grabbing your pistol from the drawer and bow and arrows from underneath your bed, adjusting them to your body accordingly.

Pressing your ear to the door, you realise no one is home, it’s too quiet if Rick was home with Judith, trying to calm her, silently, you unlock the door and creep down the stairs with your bag plastered to your pack before you leave the house through the back door.

Luckily for you there wasn’t anyone wandering around the community, Rick was probably at Enid’s place waiting for you to cool down before he went to speak to you. Being stubborn meant that you really didn’t want to hear it.

You sigh with relief when you see that Eugene is on the gate, he notices you and gives you a smile, “Where are you off to?”

With a shrug you stand at his side, “Little supply run, won’t be long, plus we all know I’m the best,” you give him a playful wink as he chuckles softly before opening the gate just enough for you to slip out.

Eugene gives you a small wave as he closes the gates behind you, your heart aches as you look behind you before you carry yourself into the forest.

Not long after your departure Rick decides to check up on you, hoping that you’ll hear him out. After your argument he knew not to bother you, he knew better, but he had never loved anyone as much as he loved you, not even Lori when he thought about it properly, so he couldn’t let you go.

Rick takes a deep breath and heads up the stairs, he goes to knock on the bedroom door only for it to open when he touches it. Stepping in he assesses the scene in front of him, your drawers have obviously been messed with, things missing, he looks under the bed and sees your weapon of choice gone and the dread sets in, he kneels up and catches something shining on his bedside table, looking closer he realises it’s your engagement ring, and his heart drops when he realises you really left him.

Standing up, Rick looks out the window with tears dripping off his chin, then he eyes catch something, Eugene locking the gate shut and sitting down on his chair with a book in his hands. Rick speeds down the stairs and bolts towards the gates, shouting for Eugene to open them, and he does, again just enough to let Rick slip out. His eyes search the surrounding landscape desperately in hope of finding you, he catches rustling coming from the edge of the forest, and even though he knows it could be his mind playing with him, he sprints in that direction.

Silence was bliss, and to you, you cherished it dearly even though you had just left everything behind. All you could hear was branches snapping beneath your boots and the occasional bird call, your H/C hair was tied up into a messy bun, and your hands were tucked into the pockets of your cardigan as you walked on, the sky was growing darker each minute and you were happy to be brought back into some form of normality.

The sound of heavy breathing enters your hearing, that was one of the perks of being you, you had exquisite hearing, even if it was far away you would be able to hear it, especially when it was so quiet. The breathing was laboured, you knew it wasn’t a walker, so it must be a human.

Curiosity gets the better of you, so you stand still in a clearing and wait for the human to emerge, you wait for a couple minutes until you hear your name being called, it was clear and felt like it was just over the hill you were facing. After a couple seconds you see Rick emerge, he looks down at you and sighs in relief before jogging down the hill and over to you, “Why are you here?” You ask him, taking a step back from his outstretched arms.

Hurt flashes in Rick’s eyes, “I’m here to take you home, Y/N,” he tells you, taking another step forward, “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I should never have let him come near you, I didn’t know what to do, I’m so scared Y/N, I’m so scared of losing you, losing Judith, losing Carl, I’m so scared because you were right, I can’t protect everyone and it kills me, but I would never let Negan take you from me, I know you’re afraid, but if there’s one thing I’m certain of, then it’s keeping you safe, no matter what,” by the end you were crying at his speech, you looked at the ground and felt his body crash into yours, holding you tightly in his arms as yours wrapped around his neck, “I can’t live without you, Y/N, please don’t leave me,” he chokes into your neck, kissing the skin softly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” you whisper to him, he pulls away and kisses your lips roughly, smiling into the kiss.

“In that case, you best have this back,” you look down to see the ring in his hand, you chuckle with tears still present on your face as he slides the ring back onto your finger, he tucks a loose strand of you hair behind you ear and looks down at you lovingly, “Let’s get you home.”


Part 3? Let me know darlings!