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I really like the idea of Team RWBY on some kind of all night stakeout in the woods

Ruby wants to find sticks so they can roast marshmallows and make s’mores but if they can’t she’s just gonna eat the chocolate bars and she keeps throwing things into the fire so she can watch them burn cause it’s really cool

Weiss wants a pillow to sit on because there are “rocks poking my butt no matter where I sit” and she has to keep moving cause the smoke from the fire is following her wherever she goes

Blake wants better light because the campfire doesn’t give her enough light to read her book. The way she’s positioned herself works okay but there’s a good chance she might actually fall into the fire if she’s not careful

Yang just wants to sing campfire songs and play stupid games like truth or dare, but they’ve all been teammates for so long they literally have no secrets left so it would just be dare or dare and Weiss is not going to scream “penis” at the top of her lungs again. 


Österreichisch - Austrian German for beginners - Pt 1

  • Na no na net! ( NAtural NO NAtural InterNET) - yes/ of course
    ( “ Will you bring the chips?” - “ Na no na net, I always bring the chips!”)
  • Geh, hear auf! (Gatorate hair Ouch Fantastic!) - Your crazy story is obviously made up, but I really want to know whats going to happen next.
    ( (similarly used as the american girl version of ‘ shut up!”) “ And then Tiffany told me that Christian said that Maria said that she liked him” - “ Geh, hear auf!”) 
  • Schauma mal! ( School Ouch mantel malnutritio)  - Over time you will see what I’m REALLY thinking about this
    ( “ Will you come to that party on the weekend?” - “ Schauma mal!” // “ This time Louise said she’d come on time!” - “ Schauma mal!”)
  • A geh! (angst Gatorate!) - You have a talent for making up stories
    ( “ And then I told him “ I won’t stand for this!” and the whole office applauded me while I walked out!” -” A geh!”)
  • Jo glei! ( Jojo glide) - I understand the urgency of the matter you brought to me, but I will still procrastinate until it solves it self
    ( “ Can you please do the dishes?” - “ Jo glei!” // “ Can you bring out the trash?” - “ Jo glei!”) 
  • Sammas? ( Sun m Margarita sand) - The wish to immediately move on to the next point of order, usually answered with ‘ Jo glei!’
    ( A person that has packed their stuff and is ready to leave, turning to their companions “ Sammas?” - “ Jo glei!”)
  • Eh nett! ( Element net worth) - It has it’s charms for a lowbrow audience. 
    ( “ Have you seen Pacific Rim?” - “ Yeah, it’s eh nett!”) 
  • Jetzt daun nochher glei amoi! ( Jet zerg t down no *hissing noise of a cat* heir glide angst moira) - Never. 
    ( “ When will you send me those documents?” - “ Jetzt daun nochher glei amoi!”) 
  • Passt scho! ( Passport school) - I would really love to talk more about this. Just not with you. 
    (” Are you upset? Do you want to talk about it?” - “ Passt scho!” // “ Oh I’m sorry I took the last cookie, do you want to share it with me?” - “ Passt scho!”// “ Oh, I didn’t know this was your seat, do you want it back?” - “ Passt scho!”) 
  • Eh kloar! ( Element chlorine) - the explanation reads “ Not really, but it doesn’t matter”  however the more correct explanation would be  an annoyed/sarcastic ‘ Why doesn’t that surprise me..?’  
    ( “ And you won’t guess, but Bob ditched me last night - AGAIN!” - “ Eh kloar!”) 

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okay, okay, so (cracks knuckles) fenris, regency-era, in a dove-grey waistcoat wielding a slender rapier, and maybe with a slight dignified limp from the napoleonic wars. this mental image brought to you by… Procrastination. also, roguish hawke who has to marry well to support her sister’s tuberculosis treatment. she finds the wealthiest lord in england and stoically seduces him- and then-

but then, oops, turns out he is a terrible person and has been keeping his young elegant ward, the rightful heir to all the money, a prisoner! in France! because he’s SECRETLY A SPY FOR NAPOLEON. BOOO NAPOLEON. BOOO DANARIUS. so now she has to go find the man she married by proxy, sneak him out of a french prison, and get things straightened out in front of parliament. everyone rides horses and uses lots of regency slang. fenhawke: the regency romance novel

“For pity’s sake, my lord!” she said, greatly exasperated, and the earl at last consented to be handed into the carriage. No alarm had yet been raised, though that signified little until they were clear of the small yard where it backed to the prison’s hidden door.  His lordship’s countenance nevertheless remained stormy, and as her brother leapt to the box and struck the horses forward, Hawke prepared herself to weather his disapprobation over the course of the entire journey.

The opening of the great prison gates for the gentlewoman’s carriage, however, stifled any further reply behind tense anticipation, and not until they had been shut of the iron bars for upwards of a quarter-hour did the lost lord of the great Seheron estate permit himself to speak to his companion.

“And thus am I displaced once more,” he said, an ironical gleam in his weary eyes. “To what new prison am I so conveyed? Or am I, woman, to wait for it as a surprise? It must be of the new stoney view, if nothing else; I dare not hope your master means to provide any improvement in comfort.”

“Prison it may yet be,” replied Hawke with a sigh, and she began to replace the pins in her hair without regard for his amazement. “I regret, my lord, to inform you that my brother and I, far from serving the master you believe, have every intention of restoring you to England, and to your home and your title. I know you may have become accustomed to the languishing habits of the foreign French cell, but I pray my lord may find it in his no doubt merciful heart to forgive our necessary impertinences in the execution of such a duty. Such is the burden of family honour, and ancestral name, and so on and so forth.”

“This is some trick. You mean to lure me into complacency.”

“A dangerous trick if so, my lord, and very little in the complacent way. Feel how the carriage rocks with my brother’s haste! Even now my companion who unlocked your door and distracted your guardsmen flies to her ship hidden on the northern coast, to escape persecution by your jailors.”

“My gratitude is hard won,” he warned. “For what reward have you done all this?”

“Such cynicism! Is justice not reward enough?”

He glanced sharply at her, his hands tightening on his knees, and Hawke instantly regretted the teazing of a man so clearly exhausted by his trials. His dark brow drooped heavily even beyond its natural severity; his color, though brown yet, seemed pale; and his hair, once thick and black, showed the signs of long strain by changing to white at the temples, even though he could not yet be much past thirty years of age. His prison-coat was old and very often mended, and mended poorly, and as he shifted under her scrutiny she felt again the necessity of gentleness, despite the pressure of his irritation.

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The Asset (3/?)

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Summary: The past two years have been the best years of Y/N’s life, but when her boyfriend’s, Bucky, past comes after her nothing will ever be the same.

A/N: Today’s post is brought to you by Procrastination. Procrastination the reason I will be turning in my Art assignment at the last minute. 

Part 1

Part 2

Time did not exist. I no longer knew when it was night or when the sun was out.

I was a prisoner, and there was not one moment I was not reminded of it. The small four concrete walls surrounding me had become my cage.

Had it been days? Weeks? I wouldn’t know.

I sat on the lumpy mattress facing the door in front of me, the only exit to this miserable room. It would open twice a day by a guard dressed in all black. She would walk over to me and handcuff my hands in front of me before escorting me to a small restroom, by the time I was brought back into my prison there was a tray of food by the door and I wouldn’t see anyone again until my next meal.

Nobody ever spoke with me. No matter how many times I begged for some one to tell me was going on, and what they wanted from me, I never got so much as a side look before being completely ignored.

As I sat on the mattress the door handle began to turn before it was pushed open.

A man walked in. A man I had never seen before.

He was tall with short-cropped hair.

I waited for him to walk over to restrain me like they always had, but he didn’t.

He stood by the open door and watched me with malevolent eyes. When he took a step forward I wrapped my arms tightly to my chest and bit the inside on my cheek to keep from screaming. I knew nothing good would come out if I did.

He stopped walking a few feet away from me before he spoke. “I am sorry this introduction was pushed back so long,” he said slow and low. “I had matters needing my attention, but I am here now.”

I watched him closely, but stayed frozen to my spot.

“You may have heard of me,” he said with a wicked smile. “Grant Ward, head of Hydra.”

I remembered the name from the day I was taken. The man on the phone with Bucky had said that a man named Ward was sorry he couldn’t have been there himself.

The man in front of me was the person behind my kidnapping.

“Do you know why you are here (Y/N),” he asked.

He waited for my answer, and when I gave no response he continued talking.

“You are here to help me,” he smiled.

“I would never help you,” I spit anger finally overshadowing my fear.

“Oh but you already are,” he tells me. “By just being here you have sent the Avengers out on a wild never ending goose chase.”

They were looking for me. My friends were looking for me, and I had no doubt in my mind that they would find me soon.

“You see not only have we managed to directly hit Mr. Barnes by taking you, but now the entire team is distracted searching for you. Now your help doesn’t end there,” he says snapping his fingers.

Two large men in black entered the room followed by a smaller woman in a lab coat.

“Strucker, before he was killed, had a vision. To create ‘miracles’, like your Sokovian friends. The problem with his technique was that the process took to long. Our friends at SHIELD have made the process simpler for us,” he placed his hand out and one of the men in black handed him a jar of fish vitamins. “The only problem with this new technique is its high mortality rate. If you don’t have the gene the Terrigen will kill you, and if you live you will become what they call Inhuman. Fortunately I am willing to sacrifice you to find out.”

The two men walked forward and reached for me.

I tried to fight them, but no only was I not strong enough but I was never trained to fight.

Bucky and Nat had offered several times to teach me basic self defense, but I never had the chance to train with them.

Each man grabbed one of my arms and held me in place as the woman walked toward me with a syringe.

“For your sake you better hope you have some alien in you,” Ward smirked as the needle was plunged into my neck releasing its contents into my blood stream.

I didn’t have time to scream as I felt my body become heavy. The room was quickly cleared leaving me alone as dark black rock formed around my body creating a cocoon.

I watched in horror as my entire body was engulfed in darkness before the world was lost to me.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had a full nights sleep. Days blurred into weeks as he searched for (Y/N) day and night.

He would not give up looking for her, no matter how long it took, he was determined too find her.

“Buck, get some rest,” Steve told his friend who was huddled over a pile of folders.

“I can’t,” Bucky murmured.

“This isn’t healthy,” Steve sighed. “You can’t go on the rest of your life closed off from the world.”

“(Y/N) was my world,” Bucky said finally looking up from the papers in his hand.

He was a mess. His hair was sticking out at every angel, there were very prominent dark circles under his eyes from the extreme lack of sleep, he hadn’t shaved and the stubble on his face was slowly becoming a beard.

If his appearance didn’t give away what he was feeling, his eyes did.

Not only were they tied but also they had no life in them, no hope. He blamed himself for what happened to (Y/N), and without her he saw nothing worth living for. She was his everything.

Steve had never seen his friend so completely destroyed. He hadn’t told anyone, but the day Bucky had come to the tower frantic and panicking trying to tell everyone what had happened Steve later heard Bucky crying in his old room at the tower.

Everyone was helping in any why they could. Nat was pulling in favors from all of her old contacts. Tony and Bruce were creating different algorithms to narrow down where (Y/N) could have been taken. Steve was out on the field with the rest of the team chasing leads.

(Y/N) might have not been an Avenger, but she was part of the team in her own way.

“We’ll find her,” Steve said placing an assuring hand on Bucky’s slumped shoulder. “But you won’t be much help if you pass out from exhaustion, the serum can only do so much.”

Bucky didn’t say anything as he ran his hand through his hair and let out a long breath before standing up and walking to his room.

Part 4

Advice for Juniors
  1. Sit for your SAT the first time in December at the latest
  2. Sit for your SAT the second time before June 
  3. Do not leave repeating your SAT till the fall of your senior year
  4. Finish your extended essay first draft in the summer (seriously, do not procrastinate) 
  5. Sit for your TOEFL (if you have to) in the summer going into senior year
  6. Sit for your SAT II/SAT Subject tests (if you have to) in the fall of your senior year
  8. Revise all junior year material in the summer (DO NOT FREAKING PROCRASTINATE) 
  9. Finish the majority of your CAS hours in your junior year (Especially action hours)

This has been brought to you by an IB senior who is drowning in the consequences of procrastination. 

I seriously don’t want any of you in my shoes. Do yourselves a favor, listen to this advice. 

Good luck



AAC 2013 JJ-Log is finally live!!

Aka “seven months of procrastination” aka “Homestuck as brought to you by Eddie Izzard” aka “NOBODY EXPECTS THE HIGHBLOOD INQUISITION” aka “derby trolls in dramatic slo-mo” aka “extremely outdated excitement about the 2013 Red Sox season” aka “JJ GET OUT OF THE JJ-LOG” aka “shots shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY”

Coffee Shop AU

Tucker is a struggling musician that preforms in restaurants and clubs for pay or in open mic nights. He mostly works at a coffee shop that he hangs out in when he’s off of the stage.

Wash is a collage student waiter who actually likes Tucker’s music. He often finds himself watching Tucker’s performance instead of working. After every set Tucker always sticks around by the bar trying to chat up the cute waiter. But just because Wash likes Tucker’s music doesn’t mean he specifically likes Tucker, feelings brought on by some of Tucker’s terrible lines. Wash gave him the flirting cold shoulder but Tucker persisted. But it wasn’t until he heard a new song Tucker wrote. One written about him, named, Coffee Hottie.

The next time Wash gives him a coffee Tucker gets his number. Score.


This is my “pretending I’m not overwhelmed by all of the writing I still need to do” outfit.
Brought to you by procrastination and finals week.

(PS - I made that skirt! Woo, costuming prowess!)

This is a very important and thought out post to highlight very important things.

First, meet Agent Angry Pants

And look, here we have two awesome badass BFF’s who still don’t realise that they’re awesome badass  BFF’s

Oh, and look at these two. There is absolutely no reason they should be touching, but still, they are because why not.

That’s it.

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