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For anyone who thinks marching band isn’t a real sport, let me just clarify this for you: you’re wrong.

Let’s ignore for a moment what a marching band does on the field.

Marching band:

  • does competitions
  • competes and scores
  • has a season
  • performs on a regular basis

Now let’s take into account what a marching band actually does:

  • We march. On a field. In all weather.

  • see that? That’s called jazz running. That stuff takes practice. It’s hard. I’d like to see a football player who isn’t in marching band do that.

  • That guy is carrying a sousaphone. They’re heavy. af.
  • We have to know how to breathe properly so we don’t pass out on the field.
  • You have to be fit to be a part of marching band. That stuff takes some serious muscle.
  • We have to practice, you can’t just pick up an instrument and start marching and know what to do. You work at it. All season. Until it’s perfect.

Now look at official olympic sports like figure skating and gymnastics, where they compete and get scored along the same lines as a marching band, and tell me how they’re sports and marching band isn’t.

A Glimpse Of Heaven

This is for @omeliaweek. Grab your tissues.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this before we knew that Riggs was a dirty cheater, so ya. And I didn’t want to have to change it because it was a big part of the story. Anyway, enjoy!

Amelia sat in the hospital bed, cradling her newborn baby daughter as Owen hovered above them, smiling at the sleeping infant. The brunette looked up, sporting Addison walk in the door. The redhead immediately finding her way next to Amelia and peeking at the baby.

“She’s so beautiful,” Addison gawked. “Congratulations. Does she have a name yet?”

Amelia nodded, looking between the baby and her friend. “We’re naming her Natalie. Natalie Michelle Shepherd–Hunt.”

“Nattie for short.” Owen added.

“Natalie? Where’d you come up with that one?” Addison inquired.

Amelia looked at Owen before passing the baby over to Addison, and sitting up straighter. “Owen suggested it. He wanted to name her after Nate, since he brought Megan back to them. And Natalie was the closest thing to Nathan you can get. I really liked it and I’m just glad they are back to being best friends again. I couldn’t handle the drama. They were worse than two teenage girls.” Amelia laughed. Owen shot her an offended look. “Don’t worry, Hun, yours is bigger.” She winked at him.

“How would you know?” He asked.

She just shot him another wink.


Megan and Nate walked into the Shepherd–Hunt household, Megan toting around the three year old toddler on her hip. Amelia peeked around the kitchen corner, spotting her chattering daughter.

“Hi Nattie! Did you have fun at the circus with Aunty Megan and Uncle Nate?” She asked, smearing frosting on a cupcake.

“She did. She had a great birthday present. I’m just sad we both have to work and can’t be at the party. We had our own little party though. Thank you for letting us take her.” Megan smiled, setting the child down.

“Mommy! I wanna ride a pony!” Natalie beamed.

“You do? Maybe when you’re a bit bigger, Nattie.” Amelia shot her down.

“But I am big! I free!” She exclaimed, holding up three fingers.

“I know, your birthday is today and you’re three. But I want you to be bigger before you ride a pony.” She informed.

Nattie frowned, accepting goodbye hugs from her aunt and uncle before she retreated to the living room where her toys were.


“Owen! I can’t find my black pumps anywhere! Have you seen them?” Amelia shouted from inside the closet, pulling every pair of shoe she owned out.

“Come here!” He shouted back to her. “In Nat’s room!”

Amelia huffed. “I’m trying to get ready for—” she stopped, upon entering her daughter’s room. Smiling at the sight.

Five year old Nattie was standing in her white flower girl dress, in Amelia’s black pumps holding Owens hands in her own tiny ones. Her husband was on his knees, placing the ring pop on his daughter’s thumb, the only finger that was big enough to hold it.

“What are you two doing?” She laughed.

“I’m getting married mommy! That’s what you do at weddings.” She told her mother, as if Amelia had no idea. “I married daddy. Because he’s the bestest daddy ever. I wanna marry him real serious when I’m bigger.” She informed her mom.

Amelia chuckled at her daughter’s dreams. “I don’t think that’s legal, and he’s my husband. You’re a husband stealer AND a shoe stealer!” She laughed, picking up her daughter.

“Mommy, I had to be taller! You know daddy’s like five thousand hundred feet tall!” She replied, throwing her arms out animatedly.

“Oh yes, for sure, five thousand hundred.” She grinned, tickling her daughter lightly. “Now, let’s get going. Aunty Megan and uncle Nate are getting married today and their flower girl cannot be late!”


Nattie sucked in a breath of air before blowing out the candles in her cake. “What did you wish for baby girl?” Owen asked.

“Daddy, I can’t tell you. It’s not gonna come true.” She spoke before deciding to continue. “I wished for a pony. I wanna ride a pony.” She told him.

“Well, I’ll have to talk with mommy and see if we can make that wish come true.” Owen told her.

“Talk with mommy about what?” Amelia asked, walking up to them with the cake knife.

“The pony girl wishes to ride a pony.” Owen said, ruffling his daughter’s brown hair.

“You know Nattie, on your third birthday, Aunt Megan and Uncle Nate brought you home from the circus and you kept telling me you wanted to ride a pony. I told you when you were bigger. You insisted you were big but I said no and you gave me the most heartbreaking look of defeat. So, maybe soon we can find you a pony to ride.” Amelia promised her.

“I remember that!” Nattie told her mother.

“You do?” Amelia asked, shocked.

“No. But I still remembered I like ponies.” She laughed.


Amelia walked down the hospital hallways, heading towards the elevator, pressing the button. She grinned as it opened, seeing her husband on the other side. She boarded the lift, taking his hand. “Ok, so Nat’s friend’s mom is dropping her at the hospital and then we can surprise her with the horseback riding lesson? I just have to change when she gets here. I’m going to see Megan and the baby to kill some time right now.” Amelia spoke.

“Yeah, I’m going to make sure Kepner has the ER covered and then I’ll meet you in Megan’s room.” Owen said.

The doors slid open and Amelia stepped off, heading towards the maternity wing to see her sister-in-law and new baby niece.

She knocked softly on the door, opening it and walking in, seeing Megan lying back against the bed with the new baby in her arms.

“Oh she’s so precious. I remember when Nattie was this little.” She ogled before her pager sounded, waking the sleeping baby. “Crap, I’m sorry!” She whispered, looking at the page; 9-1-1 ER, from OWEN. “I have to go. Your brother paged me.” She hurried out of the room.

Amelia bounded down the hallway, opening the door to the stairwell and running down two flights of stairs before exiting the stairwell and sprinting to the ER. She threw open the doors to find three fellow doctors hovering over a gurney as it was pushed into an exam room and Owen being pushed the opposite direction.

“What’s going on?” She asked frantically, trying to gown herself in a trauma gown.

“Nattie.” Was all that Owen managed to say before pushing the intern off him and rushing into the exam room.

“Hunt, back off. She’s being brought to the OR. I’m going to do my best.” Alex told the man as he directed two residents to wheel Nattie’s gurney up to an OR.

Owen wrapped Amelia in his arms as their daughter disappeared through the doors.

“Wh–what happened?” Amelia asked, tears streaming her cheeks.

“Chelsea’s mom, Nat’s friend, was driving her back and a Semi–truck ran a redlight and T-boned the car. It caught the passenger’s side where Nattie was sitting. She’s in really bad shape.” Owen spoke, all color drained from his face as he pictured his little girl, lifeless on that gurney.


Karev made his rounds, opening the door to room 304 and shaking his head in disbelief. He walked over, checking the monitors and adding things to an electronic chart before nudging Amelia’s shoulder.

“Shep, Shep it’s two in the morning visiting hours are over.” He informed reluctantly.

Amelia looked across the bed, seeing her daughter attached to machines keeping her alive, wedged between herself and Owen.

“Karev, my daughter may not make it through the night. She’s fighting for her life and you want me to leave her? She just turned seven and hasn’t even gotten to live yet and you’re telling me I have to leave? She’s just getting to that stage where she doesn’t want to hold my hand when we go out places, but I make her when we cross streets. Give me one night with her.” Amelia pleaded.

“I’ll be back at four with more meds.” He spoke quietly.


Amelia and Owen both sat up in a panic as the monitors started beeping. Amelia looked at the clock on the wall, reading the time. 3:45am.

Alex came rushing in, pressing the code button on the wall behind the hospital bed as he sternly told Owen and Amelia to step out of the room. A few nurses and a resident filed in but the two parents didn’t budge.

Alex called the clearance, charging the paddles before placing them on Nattie’s tiny, pale chest. Her body jolted up, but her heart rate monitor didn’t make a sound. Alex increased the defibrillator and tried again. There was nothing.

He looked up with hollow eyes. “Time of death, 3:59am.” He spoke quietly as he replaced the paddles on their stand and removed the breathing tube from Nattie’s mouth.

Amelia turned to Owen, her legs weak as she lost it. Her entire body shook with sobs and Owen slowly lowered her to the floor, his own body mirroring hers as he cried with his wife.

Their little girl, gone before she had a chance.