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Some Favourite Jäger Moments

This is very very long. There are just too many great moments with jägers and I love them all too much. Most of it is under a readmore but if you open the readmore it will be jägers forever.

This was the moment I fell in love with jägers on my first readthrough. It’s awkward and funny and sweet. Gil’s being given a hard time by Klaus and it’s one of these monster soldiers that takes the time to reassure him. In, you know, a particularly monstery fashion.

Considering how tense poor Agatha has been it’s really nice to see her relax. And get fed! Maybe it’s some Heterodyne instinct or maybe she can just tell they like her, but she’s more at ease around these giant toothy constructs than around the students. And she’s not wrong to be.

I just laughed out loud finding this one. It’s so ridiculous and dramatic and actually really clever. Dimo uses some very precise wording to get the point across in a way only another jäger would understand.

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You're Alive

Prompt: Reader comforts Obi-Wan on Tatooine and sings him to sleep after a nightmare about Anakin crossing to the dark side.

A/N: Okay, so I hope this is alright. Sorry that it’s kind of short, plus I might have taken the idea and went a bit wild with it. I hope this is what you had in mind, it wouldn’t be too good if my first imagine was crap haha. Also, I wasn’t quite sure what song to use so I improvised. P.s. The quote at the end isn’t my original quote but it is one of my favorite quotes so I thought I’d add it in.

  You met Obi-Wan the day he brought Luke Skywalker to the Lars family. It had been late and when he stumbled into your inn just moments before a sand storm, your heart stuttered in your chest. The man that stood in the entryway of your measly innkeep looked like a God standing in a junk yard. You almost fell out of your seat in surprise when you realized he was a Jedi. There was no mistake going off of his wardrobe. It had been a strange meeting, he seemed depressed and continuously repeated that he wouldn’t be staying very long. He didn’t lie, he stayed but a week before he found himself a permanent residency. But in that week you grew close to each other and began a relationship whose bonds could never be broken. Months after the Jedi, who you had come to know as ‘Ben’, arrived on Tatooine you found yourself deeply in love with him. As someone who always wore their heart in their sleeve, you fell quickly and you knew there was no way you could pull yourself out.
  You payed him frequent visits, talking with him and falling even deeper into the grave you’d dug yourself. Little did you know that Obi-Wan found himself falling for you as well. He’d been hurt, his heart raw and surprisingly still open. His emotions seemed to grow for you every second of every day. Of course, since this was against the Jedi code, he denied the feelings for a long time. There were times when he found you absolutely stunning, which escalated to about 99% of the time, and he would be very short with you. Giving you snipped replies and quickly shooing you from his home. Anakin had fallen for Padmé and look where they are now, he told himself. If he gave into his feelings for you, it would only end in disaster and he wanted to keep you as far away from disaster as possible. But this, too, came to pass and on one afternoon you kissed him. You took his face in between your hands and you poured your heart and soul into the kiss. It was warm and desperate and passionate. Electricity popped between your lips and, instead of pushing you away, Obi-Wan pulled you as close to him as he could. It was the feel of your lips against his own, the feel of your body curved perfectly against him, that blocked away the pain and the memory of his former Padawan. It was only you who could take that away.
  So you loved and you were happy. Everyday, after you handed your shift over to the next innkeeper, you raced to Obi-Wan. The minute you came through the door, you threw your arms around his shoulders and you helped him forget. You taught Obi-Wan to love, not because he didn’t know how, but because he was afraid to. He disclosed very little about the boy he raised, about the man who gave up everything he knew for the woman he loved. You could tell that they were painful memories, too hard for him to relive, but sometimes he would open up. He would look at you with those beautiful grey eyes and he would smile, a lopsided grin that held not only happiness but longing and pain. In the wee hours of the night, as the sun rested below the stars, he would bring the memories forward and whisper them to the darkness of your bedroom. When you could hear the tears in his voice, you would push up just a little and press a feather light kiss to his forehead. As soft as a cloud, you would whisper something against his head in your native language. He never asked what you said, never questioned what you meant, he merely let you bring him back down from the pain. Many nights were like this, but you didn’t mind because he was spending these nights with you and no one else.
  Then there was the night, barely a year after he arrived in Tatooine, that brought you as close together as two people could be. You’d fallen asleep quickly, bathing yourself in the sweet blackness of unconsciousness. Obi-Wan lay beside you, the blanket pulled up around his waist as the cool desert night trickled cold air into your room.  He was a bit restless; tossing and turning and twisting his pillow this way and that. When he finally fell asleep, the blackness of unconsciousness was not so sweet to him. His moans of pain and mumbles of desperation woke you up, causing you to sit up in the bed and look down at Obi-Wan as he sweat beneath the sheets.
  “Anakin!” He moaned, his face twisting and his brow furrowing. “Please…dont!” The pain in his voice practically ripped through your chest and tore open a cavity in your heart.
  “Ben!” You shook his shoulder, your heart breaking even more with each sound of pain that escaped his lips. “Obi-Wan!”
  He startled awake, fresh tears springing to his eyes as he blindly searched the room for you. When his glistening grey orbs landed on you, a gasp broke free of his lungs and a sob followed it. He shook, like a small child waking up from a nightmare, his entire body trembling. In this moment, you saw him at his weakest. You saw the pain this boy had caused, saw the love he had for the boy, you saw the memories of the good and the memories of the bad, you saw the boy in his eyes, in his tear filled eyes. The sight caused a wave of tears to build up in your own eyes and you pulled him close. He still trembled in your arms.
You pressed a kiss against his head but instead of whispering words against his skin, you sang to the night and to him. The foreign words wrapped around his pain and it softened the edges, pulling the shards from his heart as you threaded your fingers through his auburn hair. You sang him back to sleep, holding him in the hopes that it would chase the boy away from his thoughts. The next morning, he finally asked what you’d been telling him all this time. You looked over your shoulder at him, one foot out of the door and you smiled. Your eyes wrinkled as you told him. “You are not a sad story. You’re alive.”

lostinmusicswaves  asked:

Can you do the fake dating au with Elsanna please?

“Who’s this you brought with you, Elsa?” gruffed her Uncle Lars as he eyed his niece walk in with a redheaded girl.

“Uncle Lars, this is Anna,” Elsa introduced, removing her coat and hanging it up. “Mom, did you want me to take in the pie?”

“No, dear, you mingle with the family,” Idunn said kindly, winking down at her daughter for she knew full well what was going on.

This year during Easter, Elsa had invited her best friend Anna to come along to the family gathering so she could have someone to vent to about the crazy antics they all get into.  But she was also fake dating Anna to piss off her highly conservative Uncle Lars who simply thought that Elsa’s “choice” in being gay was wrong and how dare she bring it around the rest of them.

She really didn’t like these things but her parents wanted her to come, both of them agreeing to Elsa’s plan.  Adgar wasn’t too fond of his younger brother’s ideals anyway.

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