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I watched Jk's video of him playing videogames a lot of times... At least he's having fun.. Ahah, I'm terrible at videogames. I'd rather watch him playing all day long.. 😏 But, out of curiosity, can you play that game even if you're not at home? I don't think they're back in Korea right?

i want to see what type of gamer he is omg the expressions he makes when he’s frustrated or happy when gaming,,,,, i want to see them all!!! ahdkdjwk. they’re not back in korea yet so maybe jeon brought the game with him overseas lmao nerd

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Heyo! I adore this blog to bits but there's something abt one of the recent boxes that could be considered quite offensive. The one about not being a psycopath, being a high functioning psychopath? As a schizo person the psychopath part doesn't bother me personally but it might to others! Also functioning labels are considered to be abelist to use. I'm sorry if y'all were already aware, I just wanted to send this in to make sure. (;ω;) Hope y'all have a great day!

Omg, we had no idea! </3 We feel so bad :( We’re so sorry if we offended you or anyone else, that wasn’t our intention at all!  That box was a reference to Reaper’s voiceline (”I’m not a psychopath… I’m a high-functioning psychopath”), which in turn I think is a reference to Sherlock?? I wonder if anybody’s brought this to Blizzard’s attention! This voiceline should be removed from the game if it’s making people feel this way :(:(

Anyway, we deleted the box as soon as we read this ask, and we sincerely apologize! ❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this to our attention! So glad you like the blog, sweetie! 


And all I can say is I want these boys happy with their photography and cooking and fishing and cup noodles AND IGGY IN FASHIONABLE SUITS so here is a small piece to honor all the small happy things this game has brought into my life ‘ u ‘

Just a little praise for Chertiz~

The reason why a game like Mystic Messenger has done so well is, even though it’s a 24 hour game with lots of extras, the story is engaging and you really come to feel like you know the characters in just 11 days of interactions.

And every route, you learn something about another character that you didn’t know the previous route and that sometimes can be bad and sometimes can be good.

Cheritz did little to no advertising their game outside of their own tumblr. The game is so good that word of mouth alone did the trick. So good that it brought out haters and put otome games in a spotlight.

People UNINSTALLED THIS GAME and now they are reinstalling it to play an event. That’s crazy when you think about it.

It really does come down to how well you can tell a story and develop your characters. As much as I hate to say it, I really don’t think I’ll see a game do this again. I knew when this game was released and I started playing it, that it was something special and I don’t think Cheritz nor the otome community just knew how special.

Hats off to you, @cheritzteam. I’ll follow you all until the end of time if you continue to put out solid games with good character development!

Oh and say hi to Jang Kim for me cause he’s legit the best. lol

But like - here’s the thing, really.

In a world where you can bring people back from the dead, but it doesn’t always work and it’s very difficult to do so, that’s a pretty big question. Why do some people come back but not others?

Last night, Percy stopped to consider that he’s died twice and been brought back to life both times, to his mind because people still needed him. Vex still needed him, Keyleth still needed him (and she said as much while resurrecting him), Vox Machina needed him to help save the world, Cassandra needed him, Whitestone needed him, so okay, he came back for a reason.

So now Percy is forced to consider that when people die and stay dead, it must be because they served no further purpose. They didn’t have a greater fate ahead of them.

Percy’s entire family, save Cassandra, is dead and so far as he knows, they cannot be brought back. In game and meta terms, he’s right. It’d be ridiculous to drop a dozenish expensive diamonds on bringing back all the dead de Rolos and Matt would almost certainly rule that their spirits had passed on and they could not be revived (the same as Tiberius could not be).

But within the story, that means that Percy has to realize that he is alive and his family isn’t because his family wasn’t important enough in the grand scheme of things. Percy had a fate to fulfill and the rest of his family didn’t. Scanlan, a tiny asshole of a gnome who writes dirty songs and has slept with enough women to fill a dozen brothels, Scanlan they could bring back, but not Percy’s siblings. Not Percy’s parents.

Percy’s not allowed to die yet, he has to go on living because others need him. But apparently Johanna and Frederick weren’t needed. Julius and Vesper weren’t needed. Oliver and Whitney and Ludwig weren’t needed.

Just him. He was needed.

It’s not fair.

Otome taglines

Nameless: We’re so cute and playful lol jks this game is nightmare fuel.

Dandelion: Try not to feel too weird about banging your pet.

Destiny’s Princess: Try not to feel too weird about banging your brother.

My Traditional Prince: Try not to feel too weird about banging your teacher.

My Secret Pets: Dandelion with a pig?

Queen’s Gambit: You will accidentally kill your boyfriend.

Hakuouki: Subliminally learn every detail of Japanese politics between 1864-1868 (also everyone you love dies).

Hatoful Boyfriend: Just roll with it.

Backstage Pass: Give up on school, showbiz is easy to get into.

“I have no heart. I know nothing of joy, sorrow, anger, dread… And yet, I am…afraid. That I should die, that I should leave Nino alone. That frightens me.”