brought my comforter to my chair

knight in shining armor || stuart twombly

word count: 2325

warnings: none, just fluff

prompt: none

author’s note: enjoy this cute little imagine of stuart! thanks to @sarcasticallystilinski for letting me run the idea by her! 


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Same Old Dean (Smut)

Originally posted by literarycasualty

Pairings: Demon! Dean x Reader 

Words: 1,510

Warnings: Smut, language 

A/N: Deanmon is hot, guys. Check out my series Soulmates and other stuff, I take requests!

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Today’s doodle comes with a short story! Written by yours truly! Aw yis!

You and Murdoc are sitting in the living room of the Gorillaz temporary apartment. You’re listening to music together. You both decided to have some drinks.

“Aw this one’s one'a my favorites” the green man slurred, scratching the side of his crooked nose and leaning back in his chair. “Reminds me of Stoke. All the best parts'a that place were th’ worst parts of it, catch my drift?" 

You nodded, taking a huge gulp of your glass of rum. The two of you hadn’t spent time like this together in a while. You were comfortably slumped against the wall on the floor. You grinned and looked up from your eyelashes, eyes squinting.

"The worst parts of you are the best parts of ya, I getchya.” You brought your glass to your lips, but paused and lowered it, pausing a moment before drawing a breath. You stared at the liquid gently sloshing as you moved it while you spoke.

“It’s where all the inspiration comes from, I think. The good moments, the best parts of your life? Well you kinda just cherish those. Like, you feel like if you write about them, they can be taken away from you. You wanna keep them good, so you just tuck them away quietly. So that no one can touch ‘em.”

You felt him staring at you. He was leaned forward, listening intently. Your face burned hotly. You whipped your stare back at your drink.

He chuckled under his breath and lifted his own drink, and your heart twinged. Was that, an actual smile?

“Here’s to those moments, yeah?" 



The House of Beasts, Part 2

Part 2! Like I said, updates may be a little slow, but at least I have all my main ideas and plot points in mind, so it should move along pretty easily. Thanks for all the love!

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2393 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  

Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 2: Coffees

“I think this is the part where you thank me for saving your ass,” the man said, leaning against the white brick wall. “I’ll wait for you to take your time drooling, though. I know I’m dreamy.”

Blood flushed my cheeks. “Prick. I was going to thank you but I guess not.” I pivoted on my heel to walk away, but he simply kept following.

“Don’t walk away, darling. I was just being funny,” he continued, but my footsteps didn’t relent. The pool was trashed, as it always was around this time of the night for a party, beer cans mixing in with all the dead leaves and brush that had been swept into it. His footsteps rang out against the cement as he relentlessly trailed me to the patio, blabbering on the whole time how he just wanted to talk to me, when I plunked myself on a chair.

“Sit. Talk. Then leave. I’m really not in the mood right now.”

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thats got to hurt - S.M - part 2

part 1 here

I woke up to the soft sound of a guitar being played. I lay curled on my side; the soft mattress lay underneath. It felt as if I was laying on clouds. My head rested partly in my hand and on the pillow. I had grey blankets pulled up tightly around me. I groaned, but didn’t open my eyes. The bed was just too soft and comfortable. It felt like I was sleeping in the air, with clouds as blankets. But then it occurred to me my bed isn’t this soft. Its soft but not this soft. Where the hell am I? the music was lost of me, I had just figured it was someone playing downstairs. 

I groaned again when I rolled over, and my head started to hurt. I brought my hand softly to my head. I felt a huge lump on my head.

“fuck sake” I ground out.

“you really do love that word” a voice from the corner room spoke, causing me to jump up in the bed. However, the fast movement cause my head to shoot a bolt of pain through my body and I whimpered at it.

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to just send you a hug thank you for your disability positivity: as a person who has been using a wheelchair since I was three because of SMA, its been hard--and I'm still so self-conscious about my disability and my chair, and how others see it all. But it makes me feel so comforted to know there are people out there like you, you and your blog have brought me so much confidence! Stay amazing!

I’m really glad to read this, as this is the reason I upload photos of myself! I was the same way until about a year ½-2 years ago.  Having to wear afos (leg braces), use crutches, and sometimes wheelchair just really made me stand out. Eventually I realized, no matter how badly I wished to blend in, people were still going to stare at me. So I decided: “People are going to stare at me anyway, so I might as well give them something to stare at!” I’ve been pretty peppy and outgoing the past several years, so this was the final step to my body confidence. A tip I can give you to help you get started is:

  • Try to coordinate outfit colors around your mobility aid. This may sound really strange, but it actually helped me tremendously. I needed new crutches anyway, so I bought pink ones this time to coordinate with my clothes. Somehow I feel way more confident when all the colors tie together.
  • If you can’t coordinate outfit colors, you can always decorate your mobility aid! Stickers, decals, spray paint, cool rims in wheelchair wheels, you name it!
  • The same thing goes for leg braces, and there are artists out there that custom decorate prosthetic.
  • Remember it’s totally ok to have a mobility aid, you need it after all! Mobility aids do not distract from your beauty, and you are wonderful as you are.

Three girls came into my ER last night, I have no idea what they are

by reddit user somenurse193433

So I’ve been working at the same hospital for years now as a nurse in the ER. I’ve seen a lot of things, all kinds of horrific shit, blood and gore and just about every household item you can think of inserted into some guy’s rectum. I’ve seen limbs ripped off, I’ve seen intestines coming out… almost ten years working in an ER and you’re going to see a lot. You’re going to be hard to shake.

But last night something happened, some girls came in, and I’ve never been scared like this. I’ve never had that feeling of I have no fucking idea what’s going on with this patient the way I have with these three girls.

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I took my grandparents to the movies for their 60th anniversary and my grandpas 85th birthday. We saw Beauty and The Beast. It’s been over ten years since I’ve seen a movie with my grandma. My grandfather has Alzheimer’s, doesn’t like to sit still, and has probably not stepped foot in a movie theaters for over fifteen years. We brought my four year old nephew and my boyfriend and I was preparing for it to be a total disaster.

I actually such a blast and everyone was so well behaved! The movie was also so beautiful and I really enjoyed it !

Some highlights of the night were:

Them being amazed that the chairs reclined and their commentary on how comfortable they were

The movie candy my grandma asked for was GOOD & PLENTY. When we were inside the movie theater and I handed it to her she went “I’m in heaven”. How old fashioned can she be? IT’S ADORABLE

My grandpa yelling “SPIDER-MAN” in a silent movie theater after the preview.

Damian watching the Transformers preview with his mouth wide open in awe.

I was the only one ended up having to get up during the movie to go to the bathroom

My grandma making commentary anytime the movie was quiet.

And last but not least everyone had a good time ! My grandma said it was a gorgeous movie and she was really glad we had gone out to see it. My grandparents are the most kind and caring people I’ve ever met. I could go on about them forever but long story short they’ve always done anything they could to see me happy and it was nice to do something small for them that made them so happy.

Man Up

“What the -” Dean heard the crash in the hall and rolled out of bed, grabbing his gun and opening the bedroom door. What he found wasn’t what he was expecting. You were sitting on the floor, your right leg wrapped in a cast extended in front of you, your left leg curled inward toward you. You were leaning back on your hands, pouting like a small child. “Y/N, you just had surgery on that leg! What are you doin’ out of bed? Where are your crutches?” Dean knelt down next to you, putting his hand on your back for support. You lifted your hands, pointing in two different directions where your crutches had scattered. 

“I just…I wanted pizza.” It came out slurred and you leaned your head against him, sniffling a little bit, clearly still feeling the anesthesia and the pain medicine. 

“It’s 2:30am.” Dean chuckled. “And I don’t think we have pizza. I think we have burgers though. You want some burgers?” You nodded against his neck, taking in a deep breath. “Alright, I’m gonna carry you, ok? You didn’t hurt anything when you fell did you?”

“Don’t think so.” Dean lifted you up in one fluid motion and put you on the couch, coming back with burgers and soda for both of you. Once you were done eating you shifted a bit on the couch, wincing in pain. You tried to hide it, but Dean took notice, grabbing your pain pills from the table. 

“Here, before it gets worse.” You took one willingly and Dean waited a few minutes for it to start working before he scooped you off the couch into his arms. He was warm and comfortable. Despite your better judgment, you buried your face in his chest, inhaling deeply. 

“You smell nice.” You murmured. 

“Wow, those pills really do a number on you, huh?” Dean laughed, kicking open the door to what you thought was your room. He laid you down on the bed and crawled in next to you.

“What are you doing?” You questioned, through the fog in your brain. 

“I brought you to my room. I hope that’s ok.” Dean explained. “That way if you need anything you won’t fall again. You can just tell me and I’ll get it. Plus, my mattress is more comfortable. I can sleep in the chair if you want.” 

“No, stay.” You mumbled, reaching out and pulling him toward you. Secretly, that’s what he’d hoped you would say. He couldn’t have been more happy when you cuddled up to him and buried your face in his chest, drifting off to sleep. Secretly, he hoped that this was something you had always wanted but had been too scared to admit. 

“I love you, Y/N.” Dean whispered into your ear as you slept. “And I promise when you wake up tomorrow I’m finally gonna man up and tell you.” 

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... And Found (Part 2) [Lafayette x Reader]

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, John Laurens

Length: 935+ words


A/N: Here’s Part 2! And I kinda lied bc I didn’t end up using the song I originally thought I was going to be using, but it took me FOREVER to choose a song. After changing the songs around for the millionth time, I ended up with this. I hope you guys like it! It doesn’t have my usual level of angst, but I thought you guys would need a break from the constant heartbreak. 

(Part 1)

It’s been a few more weeks since you sent that text to Gilbert, and you couldn’t be happier. You had taken small steps to getting out of the house before him, going up to play at the bar was one of them, but this decision to interact with someone else was a step you didn’t not see foresee. But you were happy. Meeting up with Gilbert again reminded you why you liked him so much. He never pushed you to talk about anything you weren’t comfortable with, and he made you laugh. You laughed more in that two hours with him than you have in the past year!   

You reached out, and held his hand. “Thanks, Laf.” 

“For what?” he asked with that smile he had plastered on his face.   

“For hanging out with me,” you said with a shrug.   

“Any time, mon ami.”   

“Will you be at the bar this Wednesday?”   

“Of course. When have I ever missed your performance?”   

You thought about it, and you realized Gilbert has never missed a performance. He might have been late to a few, but he had never failed to show up.   

“What are you singing?” 

“That’s a secret,” you replied with a cheeky smile.   

“But I’m your number one fan!” he exclaimed, feigning offence.   

You laughed, throwing your head back. “Hey! If I knew myself, I would tell you. I guess you’ll have to show up to find out.” 

“I guess I do.” There was a comfortable silence before Gilbert spoke again. “How are you feeling, Y/N?” 

This was Gilbert’s way of asking if you were alright. He’s always been patient with the way you were taking things. You spoke to him about your rut, and the things that went down in the past few months. “Everything’s good.” 

“I’m glad,” he commented with a smile. “You are so strong, you know? You go through these had times, and you don’t lose your smile.” 

“Well, I did for a while.“ 

“But you fought against yourself, and you came out stronger.”   

“Thank you, Laf. I couldn’t do it without you.”   

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How Much Time Do You Have? *Stiles Stilinski*

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

*So guys this is a new fic I’m working on. It should be around 3-5 parts. Im not sure yet, but I hope you enjoy it and pleaseeeee tell me what you think. Also this part doesn’t have smut but the other parts will. The rating is for the overall series. Thanks!!! (:*

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (The reader has a name in this, btw)

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Kissing? None really

A special thanks to @obrosey-af for proofreading it for me :)

I couldn’t keep my mind off of her. She affected everything I did and every choice I made. But why? She wasn’t mine, not yet at least. Normally talking to females was an easy task for me. It didn’t take long before I had them completely smitten, but she was different. And all of a sudden I found myself actually wanting to get to know her. I wanted to have late night conversations about her fears, what she believes in, her family, her life, just everything. I wanted to know everything about her. She absorbed my thoughts, hell she was even in my dreams. Some more explicit than others. As I stared at my ceiling I couldn’t help but recall the first day we met.

Harrison was talking on and on about something I couldn’t care less about. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to grab any food so as you could guess, I was starving. The only thing on my mind was food and how quickly I’d be able to get some. That was until someone stumbled through the door. I saw red hair and I sat up in my seat to get a better look at our new student. She wore simple black jeans and a maroon crewneck.

“M'sorry I’m so late, I got a bit lost on the way here” She mumbled, still struggling to hold her books together.

Harrison just nodded and ushered for her to find a seat. She looked around before her eyes landed on the seat next to me. She made her way over and gave me a small smile. I was happy that the only seat available was next to me, but it only made me more nervous knowing that she’s probably going to be sitting with me for the rest of the year. As she slid into the seat I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Her red hair was cut into layers, the shortest piece falling just above her shoulder, her lips were covered in this berry colored lipstick, and eyeliner adorned her eyelids. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach decided to make a dying whale sound, causing everyone to look back at me.

“Mr. Stilinski…. You may leave the class if you need to” Harrison said causing half of the class to erupt in a fit of giggles.

“I’m good” I mumbled and he continued his rant on chemicals or some shit. I focused on picking at my nails and avoiding eye contact with the new girl, whose name I had to learn. It wasn’t long before a granola bar was shoved in my face, literally poking me in the nose.

“Oh gosh I’m so sorry” She whispered and I smiled taking the granola bar from her. “I’m a bit of a klutz but I always have food so there” She made sure to keep her voice low so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. I gave her another smile and said thank you before I devoured the snack.

And every day since she would bring me a granola bar and coffee or something that I could eat. No matter how many times I told her that it wasn’t necessary, she wouldn’t listen. I learned that her name was Rhea, her mother was Indian and her father was Greek so the name fit both sides of her culture. In Sanskrit her name meant streaming/flowing and in Greek Mythology it was the name of Zeus’ mother. I learned a lot about her in the last week actually, but we only talked in school. I learned that she dyed her hair red because of father told her not too, she moved to California with her mother after she found out her dad was having an affair, she has a best friend who lives here named Erica, but she likes to be called Er, I think that’s the same Erica that Isaac is dating. We spent lunch together every day since she got here, and she quickly took a liking to Scott and Lydia. They’ve expressed their liking to her multiple times as well.  Isaac and his girl went on some vacation thing and they’ll be back at school tomorrow, I’ll have to introduce her just in case that is her best friend.


It’s been two weeks since Rhea’s been here, turns out Erica was her best friend, they’ve spent a lot of time together. She’s currently tucked under my arm, while we watched Star Wars. She’s never seen it and I can tell she’s bored, but she won’t say anything because of my love for the movie.

“Wanna play a game?” I asked turning to her, sitting crisscross on the couch. She mimicked my actions and nodded rapidly.

“20 Questions? I still want to know more about you, I promise I won’t overstep my boundaries” The softest giggle left her mouth and I swore my heart stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever had actual feelings for a girl. Then she comes along and everything I’ve ever believed is just thrown out the window. I’ve never even had a girl over at my place and for the past few days she’s always been here. I’m fucked, utterly fucked.

“It’s okay Stiles, you can ask what you want, I’m comfortable enough around you” I still wasn’t going to overdo it, I didn’t want her to think I only wanted one thing from her.

“Okay we’ll start off simple, Favorite TV show?”

“Law&Order: SVU, it’s so good Stiles!! You have to watch it. Olivia Benson is my Idol.” She squealed and I couldn’t stop the grin forming on my face. She was too cute, she always got this excited when she talked about things she loved.

“Okay my turn…. Why haven’t you tried anything with me yet?” What? Her question caught me off guard and I probably looked like a dear caught in headlights.

“W-What do you mean?” I stuttered out.

“I mean why haven’t you tried anything? I don’t wanna sound cocky or rude, it’s just that you’re pretty popular right….” She looked down and fiddled with her fingers before continuing.

“I know I’m not the best looking girl out there, so I shouldn’t expect you to try something, but I just, I mean. Nevermind.” She looked back up at me “You can ask now”

I shook my head and scooted up closer “No, ask what you were gonna ask….”

She took a deep breath and averted her eyes from mine. “Okay, fine. Why do you hang out with me? I’ve uh heard things. You’re a player, you sleep around, and um stuff like that. So why do you hang out with me if you haven’t tried anything?”  She paused taking a deep breath.

“All I do is sit here and ramble on and on about myself and you seem to enjoy it but why? You have so many girls throwing themselves at you, but you’re hanging out with a Virgin. Someone who doesn’t know anything of how to please you.” She paused again as if she was putting her words together.

“Like fore example you have much more exciting friends, for god’s sake you were supposed to go to Lydia’s party tonight but instead you’re here watching Star Wars with me….” Her voice got smaller as she finished speaking.

I had no idea she felt this way. Did she really think she was boring? All that crap she said earlier about not being the best looking girl and what not is complete bullshit because she’s breathtaking. Who told her I was a player? My face must’ve been contorted into some weird expression because she soon spoke up again.

“Look Stiles, don’t get angry. Forget I said anything, yeah?” I shook my head and scooted back into the corner of the chair making her scoot closer to me.

I wasn’t mad that people told her about my “ways”, I was mad that she was doubting herself. I should be happy that she’s comfortable enough to tell me this information, but I don’t want her thinking that way. Ever. Once again I was brought out of my thoughts by her. This time she climbed up onto my lap so that her legs were on either sides of my body.

“Stop thinking about it, let’s just watch Star Wars and forget I said anything” She pouted and while her actions were completely innocent, I couldn’t help the feeling that made its way to my crotch. My hands flew to her hips to softly push her off me but that never happened, my eyes kept flicking from her eyes to her lips and I wasn’t aware of how much I was inching towards her.

“Stiles…” She whispered and I stopped moving completely. “Should I stop….” I murmured.

When she didn’t say anything and slowly brushed my lips against hers, searching her eyes for any signs of rejection or doubt. When I didn’t find any, I fully pressed my lips onto hers. They were soft, just like I imagined and the moved perfectly against mine. I moved my hands up to cup her face because I didn’t want them roaming to places they shouldn’t go. I wanted to take my time with her, I wanted to prove that she actually meant something to me. Normally I’d use my words but she literally makes me speechless, every single time I look at her.

My teeth grazed against her bottom lip and she parted her mouth with a low moan. Her fingers tangle themselves in my hair as my tongue slips into her mouth. Not long after I pulled away because apparently my breathing and kissing skills don’t go hand in hand. I was breathing heavily looking up at her and I think she surprises both of us when her lips came in contact with my neck. The bulge in my khakis definitely became more prominent and if she only moved her hips the slightest bit she’d feel it too. I didn’t want her to believe it was only about sex, and I definitely didn’t want her to believe the things she’s heard about me. So I slowly push her off my and lay her on the couch.

“If we keep this up I don’t know If I’ll be able to stop myself” Her lips were swollen, and slightly more red than they normally are. She looked up at me with her Doe eyes and I decide then, that I’m going to call her Bambi.

“I’m s-sorry, do you not want to” She stuttered and I shook my head quickly.

“No no no, I want this. I really want this. But you haven’t done anything like this before. And I really want to take my time with you” I whispered, hovering over her to place a kiss on her lips.

“I promise, we’ll get there. Okay Bambi” She giggled at the nickname and nodded.

“Thanks Stiles” She kissed my cheek “But you never told me why you hang out with me”

I laughed and sat up properly, pulling her up after.

“How much time do you have?”

‘Well sweetheart, your wish is my command’

[I keep saying I’ll do a one shot for another member but Namjoon is a bias wrecker so here you go. I will probably put up a Yoongi one shot tomorrow though. Gang AU is going well, I’m debating a fanfic for one of the members but I can’t think about commitment cause it’s Sunday. Someone shoot me please]

Genre: Gang AU

Member: Kim Namjoon

Description: When a blonde haired gangster threatened you into showing up for a nice evening meal at a fancy restaurant you didn’t know what to expect. But when he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse, it was either that or staring down the barrel of a gun.

Warning: Same old same old. Swearing, violence, Namjoon being a suggestive little shit.

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6

Part 3:

The sounds of chatter surrounded the table, clinks of silver cutlery on china plates a sharp sound that pierced through the murmur of conversation that flooded the restaurant. 

You counted six waiters, standing near the walls, ready to jump at the chance to serve overly priced main courses to obnoxious patrons with too much cash to spare and too little life experience. They were dressed in black, suit and ties, all of them male.

There were five at the table next to you, a rowdy group of thirty something’s who seemed to be a bit more than tipsy. One women kept calling her husbands name and you swore he was ignoring her on purpose.

You counted four chandeliers, hanging above head, shiny ornate detailing having imprinted itself onto the giant structures. They were gold and bright and you found yourself not wanting to look away. It seemed gold was the restaurants theme, rich, just like the patrons that infested it. Were they really rich though?

Three windows were near the front of the restaurant, giving the grey outside world a glimpse into the grand golden room. You did not sit near them.

Two glasses of wine stood on the table, filled with a red liquid that you knew you would drink more of as the night progressed. Two was too little on your account. Not that alcohol would make your situation any better.

And there was one scolwing man seated across from you.

“Have you gone deaf?” he asked, eyebrows raised “I asked you a question”

No. He had demanded an answer more like.

“It’s fine” you said after a few minutes, gesturing to the meal in front of you “Honestly”

“Are you sure? We can always send it back if you’re unhappy-”

You’d had enough of his games and you butted in with a brief “It’s nice. Really”

For the past half hour he had been the perfect gentleman.

When you arrived at your table, he had stood smiling that deadly smile of his. He wore a suit, like always , this time a cobalt tie had replaced his usual grey one. When you moved to sit down he was too quick and he was already behind your chair, helping you push it in.

He made small talk with you as you browsed the menu. You could get whatever you wanted. That’s what he’d told you. All you wanted to do was leave. When the waiter arrived he said please and thank you and it was one of the strangest thing you’d ever seen.

He was just so normal.

But when you’re main courses were taken away and Namjoon had ordered dessert for you both, he had turned to you with a serious expression.

And so the games have ended, you thought.

“So” he stated, still as nonchalant as ever “Let’s get down to negotiation”

He pulled on the cuffs of his white shirt, pulling them down as he extracted a packet of cigarettes from his jacket pocket. His hands effortlessly brought the death stick to his mouth once he had lit it and took a long drag, before he breathed out the addictive nicotine, now smoke. He sighed, getting comfortable in his chair.

“You’ve probably assumed the worst by now” he stated, pointing at you with the cigarette he held between his fingers “Not that I’d really blame you”

“That night on the bus was a fluke really. Carelessness on my part for not seeing you, misfortune on yours. And now you have my name. Which most people know already, but the problem is you have my face too. And to be honest that’s not a big problem most of the time, cause anybody whose seen me I usually know. And the rest end up with bullet holes in their heads”

He tipped the debris from the cigarette into the ash tray on the table, still talking like he was telling you about his day.

“On any other day I’d have put a bullet square between your eyes but you’re in luck. I’m a gracious man and I’ve decided that you’re pretty face doesn’t need a closed casket funeral and I’ve decided to offer you a solution to our little predicament”

You stared at him then, waiting for his reply. The seconds ticked by and you felt sicker by the minute. And you were beginning to feel less and less sure as to why you were even there in the first place. 

“You can pretend to be my fiancé”

You had expected a possible demand that you’d move, possibly a death threat, though he’d sort of given you that already. You were expecting something, anything but that.

“What?” you had asked, your shocked tone making him chuckle.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t look so surprised. I just need you for a day or two, that’s all. Then I’ll forget about you and you can forget about me. Quite frankly my parents have been bugging me about marriage for quite some time now and you were just the perfect opportunity. Most women I’m acquainted with they already know so that idea was down the drain and I can’t exactly walk in the door with a hooker on my arm now can I?”

He continued, despite your confused look.

“It allows me an easy cop out and well, this is just the compensation we talked about”

It wasn’t compensation for you, like you had assumed. It was for him. 

“I think it’s a much nicer solution then me having to kill you. Besides, you’ve seen one of the most wanted faces in the country, you can’t have expected to have walked away without any consequences”

You had assumed this dinner was to make sure you’d keep quiet. Make sure you wouldn’t tell anyone about your meeting with the devil himself, but no. Your assumptions were shattered and you realized you were in far more danger than you had thought before. Because he already had the reassurance you wouldn’t say anything, you were scared out your wits being in his presence and he was guaranteed silence already.

“So sweetheart, what do you say?” he asked, raising his glass of wine to you in a mocking tone.

He knew he had you. You were his puppet now. He could do whatever he wanted with you. And you would have to smile and obey because if not, you’d end up just like the rest.

Face down in alleyway left for dead.

“I want my ring to be big” was all you muttered bitterly, your eyes staring at your own glass of wine.

“Well sweetheart, your wish is my command” he replied in a sarcastic tone, downing the rest of his drink.

And you almost laughed at the bitter irony of his statement.


(I’m so sorry about all the gifs but you guys don’t understand my love for Data. He’s my whole life. AND AGAIN I FALL FOR A CHARACTER WHO NOBODY WRITES FIC ABOUT? I’m dying, guys. Really.)

You’d been sharing quarters with Data for a long time. He sat at the computer, played music and read while you slept because he didn’t need to. He liked the fact it brought you comfort and peace while you slept. So it didn’t surprise you to walk into your quarters and see Data sitting in his computer chair. He’d just received his emotion chip and you were happy for him, of course, but he’d been acting weird. 

“Hey, Data.” you said, putting your hand on his shoulder. He turned around, his Sherlock Holmes pipe in his mouth. “How do you feel?” you asked, looking down at him. 

“What? Fine, I am grrrreat!” he sang. 

“What?” you laughed at his odd behavior. 

“I am great, Y/N. Fit as a fiddle. I am good, fine. Estoy bien.” he nodded, standing up to put distance between the two of you. 

“Are you sure? You’ve been acting pretty weird lately.” 

“May I be honest with you?” Data sighed, taking the pipe out of his mouth and returning to his chair, becoming himself again. 

“Of course, Data.” you told him. “Always.” 

He smiled at you as you sat perched on the stool you kept beside his chair so you could watch him work. You grabbed his hand and held it in support. “I spoke with counselor Troi today.” he began. “Like you asked me too.” he added.  

“Good…” you encouraged him to elaborate. 

“I know I have been acting quite out of character since I had my chip installed.” he agreed, looking up at you. “It appears…” he started. 

“Data,” you tilted your head in concern. “Data, what did she say?” 

He laughed in an odd way. “It seems I am experiencing nervousness for the first time.”

“There’s nothing to be worried about.” you assured him. 

“I am not entirely sure how to put this, Y/N. We have been such good friends for so long. We do everything together and now I understand what it means to be happy. I feel at a great loss for not being able to experience it with you for so long…” he paused. “But there are other things- feelings that I am troubled for missing out on. Feelings like joy and even nervousness. As well as longing and… love.” he breathed. “I love you, Y/N.” 

“You love me?” 

“I do.” he answered and his head ticked to the side as he stood up with his hand on his abdomen. His yellow eyes flickered around the room avoiding you. 

“Data, what’s wrong?” 

“I am afraid.” he choked. “I am devastated.” 

“Why are you so upset, Data?” 

“Is this what it is like learn the one you love does not love you back. Throughout the years scholars have misplaced the feeling entirely, the pain is not in my heart, Y/N. I feel pain somewhere here.” he pointed to his stomach. “And my head, Oh!” 


“I want it out. Take it away, Y/N. Remove the chip I do not wish to ever feel again. What benefit is this chip, these emotions if I do not get to experience it all with you?” 

“Data, will you just-” 

“No I will not ‘just’, Y/N. I’ve had this chip for a week and I want it out. I only wanted it in the first place so I could love you the way you deserve but you do not love me.” 

“Data, I never said that.” 

“I hate this chip, I wish I had neve- Sorry?”

“I never said I didn’t love you.” 

“But you-” you hushed him, stopping the frantic flow of his words with your lips sealing against his. You’d never felt his frame so relaxed, the metal bone structure under his silicone skin felt so… human… Just like everything he was feeling. He’d touched you so many times before, held you close when you asked him to but he’d never been able to feel it before. The temperature of your skin, the texture, the marks and bumps, sure. But he’d never felt you. He never felt your warmth, not just the temperature but your personal warmth that radiated safety and assurance that there was no one else in the entire universe that you wanted to be with. He had never noticed how gentle your touch was, how loving. 

“I love you too, Data.” 

Enchanted: Part 4

Summary: Silence was something you had gotten used to living in as a half-deaf high school student. Your life was dull and your voice never used. You didn’t hate it; hell, it was your own choice. You just never understood the point in speaking if people weren’t going to listen.

Now, after finding a high school sweetheart, you feel like your old self again. Your life remains imperfect all the same, but at least you could find happiness. After a tragic event leaves your godsend of a gift in shambles, you’re taught a valuable lesson by the teacher life itself.

Silence can be a beautiful thing.

Originally posted by fourteenyearswithpain

Notes: Part 4 is here, guys! I hope you like it :) Huge thanks to the cuties MK and Claire (@falling-for-fandoms )! You beauts are a gift <3 

**as stated before, I am NOT trying to romanticize this kind of thing**

Pairing: romantic Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k+

Song: Daughter - Smoke

Warnings: Angst, hospitals, talk of death, panic attack, crying, yeah..

Enchanted Masterlist

“You should really get some sleep,” Sam stood with his shoulder pressed against the doorway, arms crossed. His voice was gentle and coaxing, though you could feel a soft argument arising if you objected.

2 days. 2 days since Dean was first rushed to the hospital, and you felt like you were slowly going mad with despair. 2 days he’s been asleep with a head injury that you didn’t quite understand, nor did you care to learn about. You heard a doctor mention that the reason he hadn’t woken up was because it was medically induced, as his leg had just been operated on and the rest of his body needed to heal itself. It sounded completely unrealistic, but apparently his concussion was hardly a factor. That didn’t mean it wasn’t severe in certain ways, but you were grateful all the same.

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Save Me - Chapter 52

Rolling over, I was still half asleep as I tucked my nose deeper into my pillow. I wasn’t exactly ready to get out of bed just yet. Snuggling, that’s what I wanted. I stretched my arms wide towards where Jared should be but I came up empty. All I felt were cool sheets under my fingers. That was seriously disappointing, if I must say. If it wasn’t for his scent in the sheets that still surrounded me, I would have thought everything that happened was a dream.

But, luckily, it wasn’t a dream at all. Sitting up and looking around the room at Jared’s clothes that were strewn on the chair and just beyond that lay his opened suitcase. He was here. With me.

I realized in that very moment, he was messy! Looking closer, his suitcase looked like a bomb went off in it. No wonder he needs Emma for everything!

Sitting up and putting my feet on the floor, I stretched my stiff body as I continued to look around the room getting my bearings. My god, I was sore! Every move I made took effort and I definitely felt that effort. Not that I was complaining. Standing, I walked into the bathroom to freshen up before I went to find Jared.

Looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t help but to smile at myself.. Jared’s things were laying all over the sink and it made me excited to see him. After I straightened everything, of course. It might sound silly, I know, but I already couldn’t wait to be around him again. This was my reality and I couldn’t be happier.

After cleaning up, I walked back into the bedroom to find something to wear. Knowing him, he’d probably prefer I walk in there naked but I’m just going to save that for another day. Instead of slipping into my robe, I grabbed his button down shirt from last night that was tossed carelessly on the chair next to the bed. Sexy and cute…just what I was going for. Before slipping it on, I brought it to my nose. His scent isn’t even something I can describe, all I can say is that he smells just like you think he does and it’s become so comforting to me.

As I started to walk out of the bedroom, I could hear Jared’s quiet voice echoing through the air. It sounded like he was on the phone, already working, I’m sure. I stopped as I saw him standing at the wall of windows looking out at the lake, bare chested in his pajama bottoms with his arm stretched over his head and his hand on the window to prop himself up.

What a view, he is so fucking hot. It was definitely a view I would never get tired of, that’s for sure. Smiling to myself, I walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist to hug him as I placed a soft kiss between his shoulder blades.

“Shan, hold on a second.” He said into his phone and brought it down to press the speaker against his chest. Using his other arm, he turned in my embrace, wrapping his arm around my shoulders so he could pull me in for a little good morning kiss.

“Good Morning, beautiful.” He said smiling. “Wow, baby girl, I think that shirt looks better on you than it does me.” He said as he released me from his arms. Touching the collar with his index finger then trailed it down to where I first buttoned it, just below my breasts as he bit his lip.

“What?” I said smiling and biting my lip as I tried to act innocent. I was teasing him with a little morning show, I couldn’t resist. Anything I could do to entice him, I would. Feeling his hands on me is just that good.

Shaking his head and chuckling, he brought the phone back to his ear and said, “I ordered breakfast for us, it should be here any minute.”

I nodded my head smiling. “Do you want some privacy?”

I didn’t want to intrude. Shaking his head ‘no’ with a smile, I sat down on the couch with my computer as he went right back to his conversation with Shannon. My heart began to flutter as I logged into my email. PLEASE, today is off to such a great start…I hope it stays in that way!!!

Business - Part I

“Wear red. Red dress, red lips, red lingerie, the works. The client also requests, and I quote, ‘Look as expensive as you are’. The client is sending you to Yves Saint Laurent, where you will ask for René. He will assist you in finding suitable attire for the evening. All charges will be covered by the client.”

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 AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: Smuttiness where you, an interviewer, aren’t very familiar with AJ Styles before he came to the WWE, yet find yourself with a crush. The crush is only made worse when you watch his previous stuff, finding him with short hair even sexier. You embarrass yourself when you blurt this out during one of your interviews with him, but your master plan of avoiding him forever fails when thanks to the female superstars you end up pushed in his dressing room to find him with short hair (and a towel).

And I leave you with this:

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Sleeping lion 7

Pairing: Phan

Genre: fluff

Warnings: I don’t think there is anything?

Summary:  1+1=3

Thanx to my Beta manlylester

Part 6


The glass door had just closed behind me when I heard the alarm. Something was not right with Dan. I wanted to turn around but a nurse grabbed my arm. “You can’t help him right now, she needs you.”

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anonymous asked:

GOM + Kagami, Takao, Himuro, and Hanamiya moving in w/ their partner. And to go along with it, sharing a bed for the first time please and thank you!

KUROKO: “You really don’t have much, do you?” You ask Kuroko as he moves in the last of only 3 boxes. “I don’t really need much. Most of it is Nigou’s stuff.” ~ In the bedroom, Kuroko climbs in calmly, waiting for you. He’s calm, you think, way too calm. “____-chan.” He calls, and you nod, finally getting into bed, nudging closer to him.

KAGAMI: “Your place is nice.” He compliments, wide-eyed as he comes in with the luggage. “Thanks, I hope the kitchen is up to your standards, Chef.” You say, grinning. ~ In the bedroom, Kagami is embarrassed, but he likes it when you snuggle closer. But how was he gonna get any sleep tonight?!

KISE: “It’s so nice~ Everything smells like ____cchi~!” He cries, going around to all your rooms excitedly. “I thought I brought my boyfriend, not my dog.” You joke. ~ In the bedroom, he’s already lying under the covers, trying to beckon you to him. “Come on~ doesn’t it look warm?” He says, looking much too appealing to you.

AOMINE: He immediately gets too comfortable, throwing his jacket on a chair and kicking his feet up on the table. “Daiki, I will kick your ass.” You warned him, seething. ~ He hops into the bed, stretching languidly. You smile, joining him quickly, melting into his arms like you belonged there.

MIDORIMA: “Hmm, at least you cleaned the place before I got here.” He says, pushing up his glasses. You roll your eyes, dragging him inside. “Don’t ruin the moment!” ~ Somehow it made you smile, watching Midorima go through his pre-bed routines, like cleaning his glasses and arranging his belongings. You were seeing it for the first time.

TAKAO: He’s swinging his set of keys in his fingers. “Ah, how nice to live together!” He sighs contently, hugging you tightly. “Takao, please let me move.” ~ You sit in bed, not expecting that Takao would go to bed so early. “Sweetie, I’m here!” He shouts, getting under the covers and nearly tackling you.

MURASAKIBARA: You check his luggage and it turns out to be half food. “Mura, I bought food, y'know.” You turn to him, who’s already rummaging through the fridge. “It’s not enough~”. ~ The bed is just barely big enough to fit his large frame and the sight makes you giggle. “What’s so funny?” He asks as you cling onto him cutely.

HIMURO: “So it’s really happening, huh?” He asks again. You look at him brightly. “Welcome.” You two drop the luggage and just stand there, hugging for a bit. ~ Both of you are sheepish while climbing into bed. “Turn off the lights.” You tell him. He does so flusteredly, and tries to find you in the dark.

AKASHI: “We could just buy a bigger place.” He says, looking around your modest apartment. “It’s fine. It’s cozy enough for a madly-in-love couple, right?” You ask, winking. ~ “It is indeed cozy.” Akashi says, getting into bed with you. When you turn your head, it’s close enough for him to kiss. “Perhaps ‘cozy’ has its advantages.”

HANAMIYA: His expression is blank as he enters. “Not bad.” He says, going straight to the TV. You stare at all his luggage. “I’ll unpack later. There’s a game going on.” ~ Neither of you look comfortable while sleeping next to each other. “I’m not used to sharing a bed.” You remark. Hanamiya finds your face, pulling it closer with a smirk. “Get used to it.”