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Howell Lanes Bowling Alley a Bowling Night NoCC Build by SimDoughnut

This is a fairly accurate recreation of my childhood bowling alley, Howell Lanes in Howell, NJ.  It’s where I had birthday parties as a kid, and later  bowled in a league as an adult before moving out West to Minnesota.  Howell Lanes is also where my childhood friend Parker Bohn III learned to bowl, and eventually went on to become a highly ranked professional bowler on the PBA tour.

Howell Lanes, wasn’t a very swanky Bowling alley, in fact looking back on it, it was a bit dodgy. That was okay though because we went there to bowl, not to be mesmerized by the aesthetics. Howell Lanes featured a small Cafe, a Bar, a Pro Shop, and a room where we could kids could play Pinball, and later video games.  I’ve included all of these features in this build.

The build sits on a 40x30 lot, is set as a Bar, and I originally built it in Newcrest. You can find the Howell Lanes Bowling Alley in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  This is a NoCC build, so just use the tags #bowling #howelllanes, or #bowlingnight to find it.

I hope you enjoy the build as much as I did creating it.  It brought back a lot of fond childhood memories, as well as happy memories spent there with my own children.

Have Fun :)!

Ahhh I had such a good day today!! So ok I did have an exam but it was such a stress free exam because it was extra credit (ik it’s WILD) but for the first time ever I went in giving 0 fucks and I loved it! Then my uni was hosting a Harry Potter event so they played Fantastic Beasts which I hadn’t seen yet but now that I have all I wanna do is scream about it because HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD!! Also @bulletproofpotter I now know what you mean when you said Minami reminded you of Newt from my fic xD (It was such a coincidence lolol!) But ya come scream at me about that movie PLEASE! I missed the HP universe so much! The magic and adventure brought back so many memories…just ahhh that’s my childhood right there! I miss HP so much!
Then after the movie they had the event and we got “sorted” into our houses (I got sorted into Ravenclaw) and we got our house buttons, which are adorable btw! We even got to make our own wands (mine was pine wood with a thestral tail hair core) and play “quidditch” and there was also a HP trivia game. Overall, best night I’ve had this semester. Really needed this!

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i know you get asks like this all the time but this blog is truly so sweet its brought back such specific memories i thought i had lost and even though my childhood was horrible at times this really makes me miss the happiest parts bc i dont think ill ever feel like that again, I'm proud of what ive accomplished as an adult but its just different

through my searches for long lost nostalgia i have also brought back a lot of my memories i thought i had lost. ♡ i’m so happy this blog can do the same for you. i feel exactly like you in that i’ll never feel like i did as a child again. :\ there is a part of me that will always miss my childhood, because you’re right, adulthood is just different. whether you’re happy or not. child happiness is very, very different from adult happiness. it’s a pure and dreamlike kind of oblivion that can’t be relived once it’s gone.
Why I Refuse to Say I 'Fight' My Disablity
Recently, I saw a picture on Facebook that said, "I fight cerebral palsy. What's your superpower?" So much about this illustration focusing on cerebral palsy awareness struck me as wrong and uncomfortable, and it left me with a nauseous feeling in my stomach.

Recently, I saw a picture on Facebook that said, “I fight cerebral palsy. What’s your superpower?” So much about this illustration focusing on cerebral palsy awareness struck me as wrong and uncomfortable, and it left me with a nauseous feeling in my stomach. Immediately images of me at constant battle with myself popped into my head. Fight cerebral palsy? I thought. How would that even be possible? How could I constantly be at war with something that is so intrinsically a part of me, and why would I even want to fight a battle that could never really be won?

It brought back memories of childhood when I honestly believed that if I could “just be like everyone else,” everything would be fine. It brought back memories of frustration with a body that never seemed to do what I wanted it to do, and feeling so desperately like I wanted to fit in but thinking I was the problem. Feeling like being able to walk was the magical cure that would solve all my problems, and that if I just had a “normal” body like my sister, everything would be perfect.

Thankfully, times have changed, and I am not that little girl anymore. It took a long time, but I have learned to love my spazzy body, and I no longer see walking as the magical cure that will solve all my problems. Instead, I have learned to embrace my wheelchair as the amazing tool it is. The tool that allows me to see the world and live my life on my own terms. Slowly, I have learned I am not the problem and never have been. I have learned that cerebral palsy is not something to be battled with, overcome or conquered. It is a part of me – a complicated part for sure, but a beautiful one, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. It has shaped my life and the way I view the world around me, and it’s given me so many great relationships and experiences for which I will be forever grateful.

I will never say I fight my disability because doing that would be fighting a war against myself, and a very important part of me. I will never say I fight cerebral palsy because disability, and cerebral palsy, are not problems to be battled.

I will say I fight ableism and prejudice.

I will say I fight lack of access, stigma and ignorance.

I will say I fight discrimination.

I will say I fight these things, because I do. These are battles to fight, and win. It is ableism, prejudice, lack of access, stigma, ignorance and discrimination that prevent me from having the same opportunities in life as my able-bodied brother and sister, not my cerebral palsy, my wheelchair or my inability to walk.

I will fight to make this world a better place for future generations of kids just like me.

I will fight to make sure they are never told or led to believe their bodies are a problem or something they must do battle against on a daily basis just to fit in.

I will fight to make sure those kids have the same opportunities as everybody else, and never believe everything would be better if they could just change who they are.

I will fight for a world where the mere presence of disability does not make you extraordinary. Where disabled children are taught to aspire to more than just existing, and where being disabled doesn’t mean you have to be 10 times better than everyone else just to be good enough.

I will fight for a world where we talk about living with and owning our disabled bodies rather than overcoming them.

I will fight for a better world, and a better future, because those things are worth fighting for, but I will not fight a war against myself.

Concerning Kim Burrell

– a rant

I’m honestly glad that she’s gotten so much backlash for that terrible sermon. Especially from other black folk in and out of the church. And even more so from black LGBT folk who, like myself, had to hear that sermon and others like it all too often growing up in the black church. I’m actually excited but not for the obvious reasons. 

Hearing her speak so proudly, with such fervor and passion in her voice as she condemned the “perverted homosexual spirit” brought back a bulk of awful memories from my childhood in the black church. On Sundays I had to sit though sermons like Kim’s and some that were far worse from my pastor and his colleagues. I’ve heard everything from the standard condemnation to hell, attributing AIDS as gods punishment for homosexuality, to some preachers right out using the word “faggots” in their sermons. I remember hearing those repulsive speeches shouted into a microphone while seeing my family, friends, and other loved ones in that church stand and applaud. 

Experiencing that as a kid on way too many occasions caused me to to develop an all-encompassing fear that no matter how righteously I tried to live or how closely I abided by christian teachings I was hell-bound by default for something I knew I couldn’t change. This in turn lead to guilt, which became stress, which in a lot of cases gave way to helplessness when i could not change myself in accordance with these teachings. Placing children who are already struggling to come to terms with their sexuality in that type of environment is extremely damaging and tantamount to child abuse.

And a lot of us never talk about the long term effects of being forced to sit through these sermons for the better part our formative years. The film Moonlight, quite accurately, addressed the damage black gays have to endure at the hands of their family and peers. There should also be a similar outlet that explores the damage that we’ve experienced on behalf of the those we were brought to for spiritual guidance.

So again, seeing this amount of resistance including a number of prominent black folk speaking against her tirade is very reassuring.  Because hopefully this can lead to a discussion about how harmful this shit is to us. Here’s hoping that this response leads to something productive. To my young LGBT folk growing up in the church: you are beautiful, you’re existence is valid, and you belong.  As for Kim Burrell, Fuck Her and anyone out here defending her. 

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As I've gotten older, my memory has gotten a lot worse. I LOVE thinking back to when I was a child, and getting all nostalgic. But as time has gone by, I've just forgotten so much. 😞 my brother on the other hand has a AMAZING memory, he can remember so many details about our childhood. But your blog has really brought back memories I COMPLETELY forgot about, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this amazing blog together. 😊

I understand, my memories have begun to fade away as I get older. This blog helps bring back some of those memories though! And I’m really glad it’s doing the same for you❤️

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this is the worst day of my life. I'm 22, my dads always been super abusive. I went to visit his dying mom in the hospital last night. He was there, drunk, and punched me in the face. I've been talking to cops all day, have this nasty bruise, and I'm trying so hard to hold myself together but I just feel so- broken. I know it's pathetic as hell but God I just want Harry to hold me. Would kill for a comforting blurb. If you don't feel comfortable though, I understand

I’m so sorry you had to go through this, love. I’m also sorry I took forever to write this. But hopefully it can still help. I wish you the best xo.

You weren’t sure why you’d agreed to go on this trip. The cabin was nice, your friends were nice but…to say you were having a good time would be a stretch. It wasn’t like you wanted to go home, though. At this point you weren’t really sure if you had much of a home to go to.

When everyone else decided to play a game, you snuck off by yourself to the little deck out back. The sun hadn’t quite set yet and it was a little chilly, so you grabbed your hoodie and a blanket, wrapping it around your shoulders. You sat in solitude, watching the sky change from orange to purple. The brisk night air filled your lungs as you took shaky breaths, trying your best not to cry.

“What are you doing out here?” you suddenly heard behind you. You hadn’t even heard the door open. You remained silent, however, and didn’t bother to turn your head.

“Okayyyy…” he said, stepping closer to you. “Something wrong?”

You shook your head, finally acknowledging him. You sniffed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie over your hands.

Harry sat next to you on the step. You could feel his eyes on you, but still you focused on the sunset and the pine trees. You heard him take a deep breath.

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While I was unearthing some of my childhood stories that me and my brother made up (for my art assessment), I came across an old journal of mine in my childhood and read the lines:

“Why do movies like to add love all the time?”

Reading this line got me laughing so hard because it brought back memories of childhood because I remembered how much I hated every romance scene in every movie I came across. Less than it was because it was a matter of why it had to be a man and a woman, more to do with the question as to why the element of romance was added in the first place. And btw, these movies weren’t even the kid-friendly ones. I was exposed to stuff like the classic Bond movies, Timeline, Indiana Jones, My girl, Compte de Monte cristo, The Mummy (1999), etc. (surprisingly enough, there were a lot of conspiracy movies I was exposed to as a kid)

My kidself is really funny. Trying to rationalize the really emotional romance scenes as unnecessary because I remembered how much I thought that the element was a big hindrance to the plot. I remembered how much I groaned at every kiss scene, and complained: “why can’t they be friends only?” lol I don’t even know why I was so against the matter as a child.

Some part of me hasn’t changed on that aspect. At the same time, as I grew older, I came to understand why it was added in the first place.

Not A Pet ~ Part 1 ~ Kitten

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Warnings: None Really

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Word count: 2972



It’s been three months since then and I am now a glorified housecat. Well sort of. Well I guess you could call me a housecat/bodyguard since Pierce makes me follow him everywhere. After he pulled me from my cell he made his ‘people’ clean me up with a bath, new clothes, and even a haircut. Where as it used to drag on the ground behind me as a tangled mess; it was now cascading down to the middle of my back like waves of raven silk. I was always to dress in suits when he left for work and when we were at his home, were I also live unfortunately, I was supposed to wear these skimpy outfits but I quickly tore them to shreds the first night.

Today we were at his office at the SHIELD headquarters where he was in the middle of a meeting so naturally I was in the hallway fidgeting from boredom. I didn’t like my job; but thanks to the collar around my neck I couldn’t refuse. To the naked eye it looked like just any regular choker but if you got close you could tell there was more to it. I reach up and unconsciously start to scratch at it sending a slight jolt of electricity through my body making me shiver all over.

“Jesus I need to quit forgetting that.” I say as I reach up and scratch my head. I hear the elevator door open and I turn to see Pierce’s favorite goon Rumlow walk out of it and I feel a growl emanate from within me.

“Easy there Kitty,” He says with a confident smirk on his lips.

“Don’t call me that.” I reply furrowing my brow.

“Don’t be like that; I have a surprise for you.” He replies as he closes the distance between us. I take a step back as I narrow my eyes at him.

“I don’t want it.” I reply as I hold my head high.

“Shame,” He retorts stopping just inches from me. His hand reaches up and gently tilts my chin up as a scent that I’ve become far too aware of over the years flows from him. It was desire. I grit my teeth as my anger rises in my chest. “You would have liked him.”

Huh? Him?

“Oh well, too late to change your mind now.” He pats my cheek and I growl as I shove him away from me earning me a slight shock from my collar. I wince in pain but I keep my eyes focused angrily on him.

“Do not ever touch me.” I state feeling that familiar animal instinct fills my body.

“Your ears are showing.” He says and I freeze. My hand instantly shoots up and instead of the smooth flesh of my human ears I fill soft fur. Remembering Pierce’s warning to never let anyone see me in my half form fills my mind and I shudder. As soon as they appeared they disappeared again. “You know, the research they did when they first brought you in said that your tail was super sensitive. I have to admit, I’d love to test that out.”

“No, leave me alone.” I cry panic filling my body causing my body to shake uncontrollably. I reach up and wrap my arms around myself in an attempt to calm myself.

Then before he had a chance to say anything else the elevator doors open and the room fills with a sweet smell of shampoo mixed with a flowery scent. This smells was all to familiar considering how many times he had been to Pierce’s office. Hope fills my chest as I look up into the handsome face of Captain America. Composing myself I move away from Rumlow and walk over to him. “Good Morning, Captain Rogers.” I say as a soft smile, that I never had to force, covers my lips.

“Good Morning Kitten, was I interrupting something?” He asks his Sea blue eyes flitting back and forth between me and Rumlow.

“No, he’s just waiting for Mr. Pierce’s meeting to end. What brings you by?”

“Pierce said he wanted to meet with me about the op the Strike Team just did.”

“Ah, then please have a seat and he’ll be with you in a moment.” I reply motioning him over to sit near my desk. I glare at Rumlow as I use my eyes to tell him to vamoose. He smirks as he shakes his head and says, “Tell him I’ll be in the basement when he’s done will ya Kitty?”

“That’s not my name, but I will tell him.” I reply dryly.

The mention of the basement sends chills up my spine as a vague memory of a man with a metal arm and dark hair fills my mind. I couldn’t remember much about the mystery man, only that when he was alone with me he was kind; but once Pierce showed up he would disappear and I wouldn’t see him for years. Each time I saw him again he never remembered me. I couldn’t remember his face just the metal arm with the red star painting on his shoulder, his shaggy brown hair that was always soft to the touch, and His hands. He hands the softest hands that would always console me when they threw me back into my cell.

‘It’ll be okay, come here.’ I hear his deep voice say in my memory and my body suddenly remembers the way he used to gently smooth my fur back.

“Kitten?” Captain Rogers says and I am quickly brought back to the present.

“Huh? Oh sorry, I was stuck in a memory.” I reply honestly.

“Your face was flushed, must have been a good memory.” He replies a soft smile covering his lips.

“One of the only happy ones I have.” I reply smiling at him.

“You still can’t remember your childhood or even your name?” He asks his smile turning into a look of concern.

“Unfortunately no,” I say as my heart clenches. All the memories I had from before I was brought to the basement were fuzzy and broken. I just figured it was because of how young I was. “When I remember, you’ll be the first one to know.” I reply happily as I think about how he would help me find my family like he had promised when we first met.

The intercom ringing out immediately brings me back to the present and I quickly press the button. “Yes Sir?”

“Is Captain Rogers here?” Peirce asks and I smile softly at Steve.

“Yes sir, shall I send him in?”

“Yes, can you join us too?” He asks and I fight the urge to feel scared.

“Yes, yes sir.” I say as I end the conversation. I smile at the Captain as I stand and lead him down the hallway to Pierce’s office. Opening the door I am met with the familiar smell of hand creams and aftershave, typical to a man of older age. “Sir Agent Rumlow asked me to tell you he’d be in the basement.”

“Thank you Kitten,” He replies and I nod as I move to his side facing Captain Rogers as the two men start to have a conversation. I let my mind wander as I half listen to their conversation. The same questions fill my mind just like they did when I was younger. Who was I? Where was my family? Did I have any family to begin with? Were there others like me? ‘You know, just because you’re stuck here like me, doesn’t mean that you’re alone.’ That familiar voice says again and I subconsciously nod. He was right. Somewhere out there I had a family, and one day I would find them again.

“That’s all Captain, thank you for your time.” Pierce says bringing me back and I quickly act like I have been listening this whole time. Captain Rogers stands and after giving me a friendly smile heads toward out the door and to the elevator. “You were somewhere else, where did you go?” He asks and I gulp down a breath of air.

“A memory of the Basement sir,” I reply not giving him any more explanation.

“Oh is that all?” He replies as he picks up his cell phone and sends a text to Rumlow.

“Yes sir,” I answer as I stand at attention.

“Okay, well we are needed there. Come along Kitten.” He says and I shudder at the thought. I didn’t want to go back down there, but I knew I couldn’t argue with him.

“Yes sir,” I reply as he stands and I follow him to the elevator. He tells the AI the secret password for the Basement and I suddenly start to shiver. Memories of all the tests they ran on me fill my mind and I shiver uncontrollably. I was scared. As the doors open a suddenly scent fills my senses and my body relaxes. He was here. After all these years he was back. I would get to see him again. Hope filling my chest I follow closely behind Pierce as he walks down the corridor toward where the scent was emanating from.

He’s here, I can see him again.

As we reach the door it opens instantly revealing Rumlow first before a herd of men in lab coats rush around the room. “Is he awake?” Pierce asks and Rumlow nods.

“He woke up about thirty minutes ago.” He replies as he walks into the room side by side with Pierce. I follow closely behind them as my heart starts to race. I couldn’t see him yet but I knew he was here. I wanted to see the one person who was there for me when I was younger. I needed to see him. He was probably much older looking now but I didn’t care. He was my friend. I needed to see him.

As if to answer my wish the lab techs part and as my eyes land on him my heart clenches in my chest. I couldn’t see his face yet but his hair was the same length. His metal arm made me certain that it was him. He was hooked up to an IV as his arms and legs were bound by metal restraints.

Look at me, please turn toward me.

“Kitten!” I hear Pierce shout and I am instantly pulled back. I look around to see that I had unconsciously started moving toward him. Clenching my jaw I reluctantly take a step back toward Pierce. I fought with myself to turn back toward the mystery man as I move to Pierce’s side. “Please try to control yourself.” He warns and I nod. “Now back to more pressing matters,” He walks past me and my eyes follow after him as he approaches my old friend. “It’s good to see you again soldier.” Pierce says and I watch as slowly the dark haired man turns toward Pierce.

As his eyes meet mine my heart tightens. All those years ago, all those memories were now completely clear. This was that man. I feel tears sting my eyes but I fight against them. I wasn’t going to cry. No matter how happy I was that I was seeing him again I couldn’t let it show. If I did, there was no telling what Pierce would do. However I couldn’t help myself as my eyes wouldn’t leave his. His eyes had a cold feeling to them, like they had every time he would come back. He didn’t remember me and I knew why. It was common knowledge among Rumlow and the Top HYDRA agents that Pierce liked to use a machine that erased memories which forced men and women to comply with his wishes.

I smile softly at him causing his eyes to twitch as if he remembered something; but he quickly recomposes himself as to not let anyone know. “I have a new mission for you.” Pierce starts and I glance around the room. I knew full well what the mission was and I was not in the least bit happy about it. Reaching up I once again unconsciously scratch my neck and once again just like before I receive a slight jolt of electricity. I jump slightly at the suddenness before silently groaning to myself.

Stupid collar.

“Kitten!” Pierce calls and I snap to attention.

“Yes Sir!” I reply loudly looking from my friend to my master.

“I want you to help the Asset prepare for his mission.”


“No questions, I’ll expect you to be back in my office as soon as you’re done.”

“Yes sir,” I reply slowly nodding my head in agreement.

“Good, now Rumlow I have another mission for you. If you’ll follow me.”

As they leave the room I slowly look up at my friend. Taking a deep breath I walk over to him; right before I reach him one of the techs step between us and firmly hold me back. Quicker than lightning my friend snaps to his feet and jerks the tech away from me. He stares angrily at the tech who is now cowering in fear. “It’s okay.” I say as I gently touch his arm. His blue eyes glance over to me and I smile softly again. He instantly releases the tech, who scampers away as fast as possible. “You probably don’t remem-”

“You’ve gotten older.” He says before his eyes fall to my collar.

“I would say that it’s rude to call me old after all these years, but you’re right; I have gotten older.” I gently pat his arm before I continue, “You haven’t aged a day though. Come on, I’ll lead you where you need to go.” I motion ahead with my hand and he nods curtly before following after me.

“You… you seem different from when I last saw you.” He says after a few steps.

“Didn’t you just say I got older?” I reply as a giggle leaves my lips. Suddenly I feel a hand touch my hair and I freeze. A memory of when he used to pat my head and smile softly at me fills my mind and my heart clenches.

“It’s still soft.” He says bringing me back from my memory. I quickly start moving again causing my hair to slip through his fingers.

“Follow me please.” I say barely above a whisper as I walk from the room him closely behind me. I was overly aware of the fact that he was following me. My heart starts to race in my chest but I quickly block out the feeling. I glance over to see the room in which held all the materials he would need for his mission. When we enter the room I make all the people that are inside leave. After we are alone I turn back to him and instantly hug him. Tears fill my eyes as I grip tighter to him. “I missed you.”

“You always liked to cry.” He says softly as he pats the top of my head.

“When you didn’t come back that last time I thought I was really alone.”

“Easy Kitty,” He replies and I grip tighter. The animal instinct flows through me and my ears and tail appear. I feel his hand move from my hair to my ears and I jump slightly as he tugs on their soft fur. “You know, I really missed these things.”

“Ow, will you knock it off!!” I yell as I reach up and grab my ears. Turning away from him I walk over and grab his leather top.

“I remember this was really sensitive as well.” He says and I jump as he gently gives my tail a tug.

“Hey now!” I yell as I turn toward him and let out a small growl. “How many times do I have to tell you not to touch the tail?”

“But it’s so soft.” He says playfully and my heart jumps. He was returning to who he was before. “However,” he says his smile turning to a frown as he reaches up and touches my neck. “I don’t like the idea of you in a collar.” I quickly back away as I say, “Don’t!” He stares wide eyed at me for a moment before he lowers his hand.

“What happened after I left?” He asks softly and my heart tightens.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” I reply as I hand him his vest. I didn’t want him to know what they did to me. Hell even I shuddered at the memory.

“I-I’m sorry,” He replies his eyes turning dark and I shake my head.

“There’s nothing to feel sorry for. What happened had nothing to do with you.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“It’s not supposed to,”

“Did they…” He pauses and I feel a wave of fear shiver up my backside.

“I said I didn’t want to talk about it, so please stop asking.” I yell angrily making his eyes widen slightly. I grit my teeth as I force my anger away and turning back to him say, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” He reaches out and gently pulls me into his chest.

“I wasn’t able to help you and for that I am sorry.” He say as he buries his face in my hair. I nestle into his chest and smile as his scent fills my senses.

“Do you remember, when I was a cub I used to curl up on your lap and sleep.” I say as a smile covers my lips.

“It’s faint, but yes, I do remember it.”

“You must promise me not to let anyone know you remember me if you do…”

“I know what will happen.” He replies his grip becoming tighter. “I’m not going to leave you again. This time I will save you.”

Will Continue in ~ I Will Save You

She Talks To Angels (Prelude)

Word Count: 503

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if I could get a gabrielxreader based on the song “she talks to angels” by the black crowes?? I’ve been craving it forever. Thank you so much ily.” from @babygabe​ (you’re an absolute darling I love you)

Summary: As a kid, there was one particular archangel you liked more than all the others: Gabriel, the ambassador of children, herald of good news. Every night, you prayed to him. Every night, he listened until yours became the only voice he wanted to hear.

A/N: A really short but nevertheless important setup to the plot. The next part will be much longer. This is my first chaptered story. Let me know if you want to be tagged in this!

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It looked like you were home. The bright patterned bedspread, the white sheer curtains, the clutter of toys all over the floor, the red polka dot rain boots peeking out of the open closet. It was your childhood bedroom, just as you remembered it.

You took a slow walk around the room, only half-present as the other half was off reminiscing in the memories this place brought back. Fingers traced the thin worn spines of the books you’ve read and reread. They drifted over the still-unfinished crayon drawings on top of your small art table. They poked at the wooden dollhouse with its paint scuffed where you’d dropped it once.

Why were you back here of all places? How did you even get here? Last you remembered, you were in–

A crackling buzz filled the room, and your eyes immediately landed on the small TV pushed against the wall opposite your bed. It had flickered to life, showing only static, until it cleared to show a familiar face.

“Well, aren’t I a sight for sore eyes?” Dark brown hair, twinkling hazel eyes, a lopsided grin with a hint of dimples: they were details of a picture just hazy enough to avoid recognition.

“…I think I know you,” you mumbled to yourself, kneeling in front of the TV to get a better look at him.

“Of course you do! I’m your friendly neighborhood archangel! Not to mention, one of the reasons I chose this vessel was because of this adorable, unforgettable face.” His eyebrows wiggled suggestively, and a soft giggle bubbled out of your lips. But you still weren’t sure who he was, and he seemed to have read the uncertainty on your face.

“You really don’t remember me? It’s Gabriel, your angel is the centerfold?” You shook your head. “You wound me.”

“I’m sorry, I–wait hold on, you’re just a face on TV. How are we having this conversation?”

“A little bit of movie magic,” he winked. “Listen, sweetheart, this short-term amnesia’s changed some of my plans. Now I can’t keep up this connection for too long. Eventually someone’s gonna piggyback on this channel. If that happens, they’ll be able to find me, and I didn’t hack my way in here just to be caught by some low-level IT guy. So any questions you wanna ask will have to wait ‘til the end. Capisce?”

The shift in his voice, from playful to slightly urgent, made you nod obediently. You’ll admit you were a little apprehensive, but nothing about him set off any alarm bells. If anything, his being around felt comforting and safe.

“Great. Because soon you’re gonna have to open that bedroom door, and what happens next is entirely dependent on what I’m going to tell you.”

He said to save the questions for later, but it was out of your mouth before you could even stop it. “Tell me what?”

The corner of his lips slowly pulled up into a half-smile, accompanied by a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“A story.”

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #2: consolation

rating: k
characters: Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned), and Dipper Pines (mentioned)
word count: ~1100
summary: After running into her grunkle after a nightmare, Ford decides to share something with her from his past in hopes to bring her spirits up.
a/n: Here have a short fanfic, haha (and it’s longer than my last one!). This world could still use some more Ford and Mabel bonding fics. Hope you enjoy reading. :) (I thought you might enjoy this, friend: pinestwin)

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Jamie Benn Imagine: Childhood Love

I never thought that I’d be seeing her beautiful face again or her luscious flowing hair. Seeing her has brought back all my memories from years ago. What was she doing here ran through my head again and again. The butterflies erupting in my stomach caused my palms to become clammy. Her gaze came toward my direction, but I couldn’t make eye contact with her. Every grain in my body wanted to stare at her, but something inside me was overpowering me not to. I know she knew I was here because she just talked to Jordie a few minutes ago. I should go and say hi, but it’s been ages since the last time we talked. Actually now that I think about it it’s been about 8 years. I lost contact with (Y/N) in 2007, the year I got drafted. She was my best friend, the one person I could confide to and here she is so close to me. I don’t understand why I’m so afraid to talk to her.

“C'mon Jamie you can do this,” I thought. The one statement repeats in my head and I don’t hear a word Tyler said to me.

“Sorry I couldn’t hear you,” I said to him.

“I said I’m going to go get some drinks do you want something,” he asks one more time louder so I can hear.

I just give a small nod searching the room for (Y/N) who i lost sight of. I gaze at her from a distance where she wouldn’t be able to notice me. Looking into those chocolate brown orbs it brought memories of when we were younger back to my mind.

Flashback- 20 years ago

“Just one more then we’re done Jamie,” my friend exclaimed as I placed the second last domino on our tower.

Just as I was about to place the last piece a ball came flying in making the tower collapse. I turn around and come face to face with a teary eyed (Y/N).

“I’m so sorry Jamie,” (Y/N) uttered looking as if she was about to cry.

“It’s okay,” I reassuringly tell her. “I can always make a new one.”

I smiled at her to cheer her up, but she began to sob a little. My five year old self thought why girls had to cry so much. I searched around the area and found a daffodil near me. Picking it up I go and give it to (Y/N).

Walking towards her I handed the flower, “here you go.” Once the flower left my fingertips I turned around and ran away from her because I knew the other kids would tease me about it.

“Jamie why did you give (Y/N) a flower,” my friend asks me.

“Jamie likes (Y/N),” another shouts.

“No I don’t,” I proclaim defending myself. “Girls are icky.”

All the boys agreed with me and laughed at the thought of ever liking a girl. Then, they start to laugh about ever loving a girl. As all of us guys cheered we could see the girls snickering about us. Then, I look at her again and she’s just staring while holding the flower I gave her. As soon as our eyes connect she gives a small smile at me, which makes me turn my head around. Why is she staring at me? It kept going through my mind, but they were soon interrupted by the teacher telling is it was time to come back inside. During lunch time I noticed that I forgot my lunch and frowned. I was about to go tell the teacher that I didn’t have anything to eat, but (Y/N) came to me before I could go.

“You don’t have a lunch Jamie,” she questions.

“Uhh, no,” I stuttered.

“You can have half of my sandwich, she says taking out the sandwich from her lunch kit.

“Thanks,” I stuttered once again.

“Jamie has a girlfriend,” one of the kids who just witnessed (Y/N) giving me her lunch yelled.

Soon after the whole class began to mock and make fun of me. The laughter of the kids and my friends agitated me.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I pout, but no one paid attention to what I had to say.

I grab a seat by one of the tables. The teasing continued ruining my appetite, but I tried to eat my sandwich. Someone pulled the chair next to me and say down. It was (Y/N).

“Don’t listen to them Jamie. They’re just big meanies,” she tells me.

I laugh at her remark, “Thanks (Y/N)…. Uh you’re a great friend,” I say gently patting her back.

End of Flashback

I remember ever since that day the two of us were best friends, but we began to grow apart as the draft came closer and closer. It shattered me when our relationship fell apart, but I knew I had to be emotionally strong if I wanted to be drafted. I stopped looking at her and decided I would go and talk to her. Slowly I put one foot ahead of the other. Her back is toward me and I take my shaking hand to tap her shoulder. (Y/N) turned around with a big smile formed on her face.

“Jamie,” she exclaims pulling me into a warm embrace. “It’s been so long since I last saw you. You look amazing.”

“You- uh you look beautiful,” I say nervously.

“Thanks,” she says with a small blush creeping up her cheeks. “I saw you hat trick on the T.V the other day and I couldn’t help think of how much I missed you and Jordie. Now here we are seeing each other again.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence,” I say, but I couldn’t help, but feel a little hurt that she brought Jordie into the conversation. They weren’t even that close. Was she trying to avoid telling me that she missed me?

Just as I was about to tell her I missed her too Tyler came up behind me. It surprised both (Y/N) and I.

“Hey Jamie I got you that drink you wanted,” he says handing over the glass of alcohol.

He noticed (Y/N) standing there and smiled at her, “hi I haven’t ever met you before, but I’m Tyler,” he says extending his hand to hers.

“(Y/N),” she says shaking Tyler’s hand.

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you,” Tyler flirtatiously says.

The colour in my face drained leaving me pale. My jaw drops open a little at the sudden statement. I stood their bewildered, not knowing what to do in the situation. Next, I hear one of Tyler’s favourite Drake song play. He must of requested it when he was gone getting the drinks I thought. I look at his reaction when he hears the song, but he just looks over at (Y/N) with a smirk on his face. The words spoken out of his mouth were the words I was afraid he’d say.

“I love this song. C'mon let’s go dance (Y/N),” he says to her. His hand lightly tugging on her wrists.

“I don’t know,” (Y/N) hesitates. “I’m an awful dancer.”

“I am too, so we’ll be great together,” his encouraging words changing her mind.

A smiling (Y/N) responds to a flirty Tyler, “Okay, I’ll dance with you.”

Tyler takes her small hand into his much larger one and walks away leading her to the dance floor. My eyes widen as I watch the two of them together in the crowd of people. He twirls her around and wraps his arms around her as the two sway to the beat. I felt the blood in my veins boil as I became livid. Why was I feeling like this? I finally understood my envy for Tyler, it’s because I like (Y/N). As a kid I knew there was something special about her that made me feel weird, but I was too afraid to admit it. Then, as we got older I pushed those feelings away because I didn’t want it to affect my game and now here I am with all those feelings flooding back into my mind. There she stands, a few feet away planting an innocent kiss on Tyler’s lips. I’ve never felt this way before, but I feel broken. My knees are weak and I can feel a lump form in my throat. I’m on the verge of tears, but I won’t let myself cry. I ease my breathing and turn around towards the bar to stop this excruciating pain I’m feeling. My head starts to spin with two thoughts making my stomach churn, but the last one made me feel physically sick. Should I finally tell her how I feel or is she with Tyler.

Blackwood Academy - Chapter 23

A/N: Okay wow I’m sorry this is kinda short (???) but I needed a place to round off the chapter properly so I guess this is it okay wow I really hope you like this! <3

Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. But what will happen when he accidentally befriends Phil, a ringleader of the meanest group of students in the school? Read on to find out more!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real.



I was paralyzed by the fast-coming mix of fear and shock that had completely prevented me from running away, screaming at him, or moving any inch of my body at all.

“Yes, well-…” Charlie gracefully jumped off the sofa, handling Phil’s phone between his hands and frowning down at it, before glancing back up at me from under his dark blue fringe. “I thought that I might have got you here this way. And it worked.” He raised his eyebrows, eyeing me up and down. He began walking slowly towards me, as I desperately searched for the last tiny burst of energy inside me to try and make a run for it. I managed to twist back around, yanking down on the door handle and tugging it open a fraction.

Charlie sprung into action, throwing out his arm above my head and slammed the door shut behind me, completely cornering me as his dark eyes stared evilly into mine.

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Tao - 150118 Weibo account update: “2015年 羊年快乐~我已经到家了,腿伤也好了很多,大家不要担心~ 在家的感觉真的太温馨了2015春节有爸爸妈妈爷爷奶奶有家人有你们而快乐,祝大家喜气 心想事成~今天又吃到了奶奶做的猪腰子 怀念童年了.我最喜欢吃的就是奶奶做的这道菜!你们最想吃家人做的哪道菜?来吧show me”

Translation: “2015, Happy Year of the Sheep~ I have arrived home safely, my leg injury is also much improved, please don’t worried~ the feeling of being at home is really warm. Because I have dad, mum, grandpa, grandma, my family and friends and all of you, my 2015 is happy; I wish everyone happiness, and for your wishes to come true~ today I ate the pork innards my grandmother prepared. It brought back childhood memories. My favourite food would have to be this dish of my grandma’s! What is your favourite homemade dish? Come on show me”

Credit: HZT-ao.

goku-san  asked:

Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the artwork of the Darkwing Duck comics and just the art you do in general. It has brought back a lot of childhood memories as well as be an inspiration for my own art I've been doing lately. I've pre-ordered the omnibus and can't wait to read it when I get it in the mail. Keep up the hard work!

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. Here’s a scene from the cutting room floor.