brough superior motorcycles

Brough Superior SS100 Full Black

The 4v, 997cc, DOHC twin is set at 88 degrees, the space frame is made of titanium tube and the wishbone-type fork, cast spoke wheels and brakes are cleverly executed. Making 100-hp and under 400-lb dry, the new SS100 is exceptionally fast too.

words and photo via Woodbury Moto-Media


Eight long-lost Brough Superior motorcycles spent five decades tucked away in a Cornwall village. Bonhams will sell the recently discovered bikes at auction in April.

 Even now, Brough Superiors impress. George Brough built big, beautiful, machines capable of three-figure speeds in an era when going that fast on a public road was considered evidence of insanity. One set the 1937 speed record of 170 mph.

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