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"Where am I?"

You fall into a fountain, and when you reemerge, you find yourself in an alternate universe. Send ‘Where am I?’ to meet an AU version on my muse!

Modern AU

It was the modern times in Thedas. Ferelden to be exact. Things were much and much the same as the old days, just modernised. Wars, conflict and the threat of being of the world ending from a higher power was very much and even the much-trusted politicians themselves. 

Life still went on, though. Everyone went about their own business with their heads very much shoved in the modern technology, it was as if people weren’t fighting over seas. The cities were booming in popularity, and it seemed as if things were going just fine, if not for war.

Thom preferred the quieter side of life. He was done with fighting in the wars that never seemed to end. He’d been in service for the majority of his life, and if it had not scratched his mental state, he might have continued, but he couldn’t do it anymore. It was a little too much heavy duty on the mind to kill people who are basically doing their job, like him. 

So he spend most of his time in solitude to get away from it which was how he came across the strangest thing ever. He often went out to hunt animals for food and their fur. However, all the animals were frightened away when there was some sort of crush that was out of this universe.

A woman. A strange woman was stranded, alone in the middle of nowhere. He said strange because of the way she dressed. He wasn’t one to speak about fashion, but she dressed like something out of a period drama. However, she looked as if she took a bit of a tumble so he went to see if she was okay.

When she asked where she was, his eyebrows furrowed. She had to be drunk or something, or had been drinking. How to did one find their way into the forest alone with no idea where they were? Strange.

“Brecilian Forest.” He answered her question, “Are you alright? You look like you took a tumble?” He wanted to add some joke about her going too hard at some sort of costume party but that sounded rude.