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Purple Skittles don’t taste the same in every country. In the UK, Europe, and Australia, they have the robust, tarty flavor of blackcurrants. However, because the US banned blackcurrants due to the plants carrying a disease known as white pine blister rust, purple Skittles are grape-flavored in America. Source

Before I hit the hay tonight, I want to bring up one more thing about Donald Trump Jr’s gross “refugees are poison skittles” bit, and it’s this: In 1938 Ernst Heimer published a similar thing about Jewish people, called “Der Giftpilz,” comparing them to poison toadstools. It was straight Nazi propaganda.

And like, the internet has kind of trained us to laugh it off anytime someone is accused of being Nazis or of being like Hitler. People say it so much, we’re desensitized, and apparently you lose the argument immediately once you compare someone to Hitler. (It’s called Godwin’s Law.)

But at this point, we have someone running for president in a race that should not be this close, whose father was arrested at a KKK rally, (Trump denies this, but the arrest record exists,) and whose son is publishing propaganda not dissimilar to what LITERAL NAZIS WROTE PRIOR TO THE HOLOCAUST.

The Hitler comparisons in this case are valid. People often ask “But how could someone like Hitler ever have come to power?” And, people, you’re looking at it. "No one I know would ever have stood for that!” Really? I have actual family members who are not only voting for Trump, but who are voting for him because they agree with this stuff.

For a certain very vocal contingent of America, this is exactly the “leader” they’ve been waiting for, but too scared to ask for. Well, Trump is giving voice to their–let’s be honest, it goes BEYOND racism at this point–and this is exactly how a person like Hitler gets power. It’s not some fantasy of Hollywood SS soldiers in fancy uniforms. It’s people you know.

DON’T YOU DARE VOTE THIRD PARTY. You will be responsible for the rise of Trump if you do. Your precious “conscience” is not worth the damage you will cause.


Here’s everything you should know about why Donald Trump, Jr.’s Skittles analogy is so messed up (and more racist than you even realized)

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. shared a picture on Twitter implying that the U.S. shouldn’t let in Syrian refugees because there’s no way to know which ones are “bad apples,” or in this case, poisoned Skittles. Skittles had some pointed words for the politician’s son.