Details on the first drafts of Chris Chibnall’s scripts for series 7 before editing, which are potentially the best looks we can get into what his version of Doctor Who will be like. I already quite enjoyed Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three (and Pond Life!), but these versions sound way better in many ways. NuWho novelizations when?!?

Also, from Chibby’s first draft of The Power of Three:

“So why didn’t both your hearts stop?” asked Amy.

“Only one corresponds to an Earth heart which is what the Shakri targeted,” explained the Doctor.

“Two different types of heart?” asked Rory.

“Course! What’s the point in having both the same?”

… The Doctor told the Ponds that his second heart was “a long and almost interesting story about Gallifreyan genetics - oh, and dolphins.”