brotp: you're my bane

You know what I really want in an upcoming episode?

A big jalec fight scene over Magnus where Jace accuses Alec over being more and more reckless by being with a downworlder and caring less and less about what the Clave thinks. And Alec to get all defensive boyfriend mode and defending Magnus and then accuses him about how much he has hurt him over the past years and more recently ever since Clary has shown up and have him finally let release all the emotions and secrets that he has bottled up.

Then after the big fight, Clary and Izzy both take turns going to each of them making sure they’re ok and trying to get them to see reason. Clary and Izzy telling Alec that he did the right thing and them goong to Jace and trying to get him to understand how his parabatai is feeling.

And then have an adorable fluff scene with Magnus comforting Alec and being all supportive boyfriend mode and telling him he did the right thing.

Does anybody else want to see this too? I don’t know this is just my opinion.