brotp: world's greatest couple

Today during English...

Michael: *mentions something about Avery*

Me: I know. 

Michael: It’s so weird how you suddenly know everything about Avery after knowing him two days.

Me: Yeah. I’m good at…questions. 

Michael: Did you know *important fact of Avery’s life*?

Me: Mmhmm.

Michael: *asks a lot of random, obscure, facts about him to test me*

Me: Dude. Tell me something I don’t know. 

Michael: Gaaah.

My thoughts: Maria and I know such minor, irrelevant, unimportant things about each other. No one would ever possible be able to know them in a relatively short period of time, no matter how much they talked and asked…

My thoughts, continued: 

Ted: Okay, we HAVE to get Lily out of that apartment. Her roommate is a raccoon.
Robin: I’d offer her my place, but I have dogs and she’s allergic.
Ted: Dogs? I live with her ex-boyfriend. I think she’s more allergic to that.
Robin: What about your place, Barney? I know it’s shrouded in mystery, but it’s gotta have a couch.
Barney: The Fortress of Barnitude? No way.
Robin: Oh come on. She’s desperate.
Barney: Mmm, normally a prerequisite for the women I bring home, but pass.
—  Howimetyourmotherquote: Ted Mosby, Robin Sherbatsky and Barney Stinson - 02x05 World’s Greatest Couple
Himym Re-watch - World's Greatest Couple

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Probably my favourite episode while Lily and Marshall are broken up. It seriously kills me that we don’t get more Lily and Barney moments. They have so much chemistry which is what makes this episode so enjoyable.

The beginning was perfect. Showing Lily and Barney waking up together starts up a lot of questions. And that’s when you know your in for a treat. Lily and Barney pretending to be married is just hilarious. Not to mention Barney giving her a tour of his apartment, the bed layout, professionally-lit porn, and a specially made toilet seat, etc. The fortress of Barnitude is hilariously perfect for well… Barney. I love how by the end of it, they were in what Barney felt was arelationship.Overall, an amazing couple = and amazing episode.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Brad’s bromance was pretty entertaining. It got a little weird though, I think maybe they took it a peg too far. Still, pretty funny to watch.

Best Moments:

- Barney’s 300 inch TV

- Random Girl: I can’t believe I let you enter my sacred temple!

- Barney: What was the first rule?

  Lily: Don’t change anything.

  Barney: And what was the second rule?

  Lily: There wasn’t a second rule…

  Barney: Exactly. There was only one rule and you broke it.

- Robin: Oh come on. She’s desperate!

  Barney: Mmm, normally a prerequisite for the woman I bring home, but pass.