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reasons everyone should be watching lucifer:
  • it’s about the devil, who one day went “fuck this. i’m over hell. i’m moving to LA” honestly that’s enough reason to watch it 
  • it’s not like every other cop show that is on tv at the moment. the supernatural twist always makes things bizarre and fun
  • it’s funny, like genuinely funny. it has it’s serious and emotional moments but most of the time it’s pretty lighthearted and doesn’t use Death™ to “intrigue” viewers
  • one of the best characters on the show is a pansexual demon who starts off as a pretty emotionless character and soon turns into the biggest softy who would do anything for the people she loves
  • lucifer is a bisexual dork who isn’t evil at all and just wants to be loved and accepted 
  • chloe decker’s eye roll thingy
  • the show does not slut shame their female characters
  • 5/9 of the main characters are poc, 6/9 are female (as of season 2)
  • the female relationships in this show are fab!! there is no jealousy, just love and random bar fighting
  • ella lopez… i can’t even describe this dork you just need to witness it 
  • the mother-daughter bond between chloe and trixie is so great. chloe is such a good mom, such a good cop, such a good person. 10/10 recommend just watching for chloe decker
  • deckerstar. whether it’s just a brotp or an otp, you will love their dynamic
  • all the characters are super different, and are all great. even some characters who may not be your fave at the start, you will end up appreciating them. 
  • mazikeen’s special love for trixie decker will make your heart melt. no one would dare mess with that demon’s little mars president 
  • lucifer’s constant “dad” jokes or comments about god are great
  • the music is also great 
  • please just watch there are more reasons but i think i got the main ones. lucifer is great

Something I really like about the Rex and Ahsoka dynamic in Rebels is how their personalities have essentially swapped since The Clone Wars. Whereas Rex in The Clone Wars was tightly laced, stoic, and almost severe, Rex in Rebels is more laid-back - he’s prone to quips, he laughs frequently, and has learned to relax in both dialogue and body language. Whereas Ahsoka was cheeky, playful, and almost insubordinate in The Clone Wars, her years alone have made her restrained, private, and almost untouchable in Rebels. From her speech patterns to her posture, she exudes responsibility. Where Rex has loosened, Ahsoka has hardened. And only when the two of them are interacting with each other do we really see the side of Ahsoka that reminds us of her younger years.



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Something I've been confused about for months is the people saying that Cursed Child is a queerbait. I only guess I don't understand the term properly because I thought it meant that writers teasing that a character was gay and then not delivering? Albus/Scorpius were close but it wasn't like they were definitely hinted as being gay and then it was pulled away? There's something I'm missing? I thought you would be ok to ask and explain if you knew?

I must stress that this really is my own personal opinion; I’m really not trying to upset anyone with my train of thought on this…it’s really just how I see it from my own perspective.

Albus, Scorpius and Scorbus really deserves its own post - but I’m going to deviate slightly, because the issue with the ‘queerbait’ in Cursed Child for me isn’t completely about Albus and Scorpius.  

Their relationship, whether romantic or brotp, is beautifully written, and depicts two teenage boys in a very different fashion to what we saw in the original series (e.g. Harry and Ron’s brotp).  It’s beautiful, it’s kind, it’s caring and it’s loving.  And it’s perfectly fine if it did evolve into Scorbus, but it’s also equally fine for it to be a deep friendship between two people without any romantic or sexual element.

The issue with queerbaiting and the Potter franchise is complicated.  I lived through Section 28 - and there is no way on this planet that anyone could’ve written an explicitly queer character in those first few books back in the late 90s.  I fully appreciate that Harry Potter is of its time - and its time is a moment when the UK was very uneasy with the issue of sexuality, particularly representations that were aimed at children.

However, the end of Harry Potter came at a time where there was a huge social shift.   Our society came on leaps and bounds between the 1990s and the 2000s.   As the series was wrapping up, we had legislation to protect us, civil partnerships - and then incredibly, recently, we gained marriage rights.  

That’s all brilliant - but it dates Potter horribly.  You read it now, you look at it and think, “Wow, there’s no queer representation in here at all.”  But y’know, I’m sure we’re all mature enough to look at the front and say, “Ah, published in 1997!  No wonder!”

But Cursed Child was published in 2016.  Cursed Child was published years after JK told us Dumbledore was gay.  Cursed Child was published years after this:

…but yet again, we’ve gone through a whole book without a single character who is clearly queer.

The issue, as I see it, isn’t so much that people are solely disappointed/sad/upset/angry that Scorbus wasn’t a thing…but that they as queer fans nodded their heads during those early years and said, “It’s ok, there’s nothing JK could’ve done - she couldn’t have written us some representation in the books; her hands were tied.”

…but now? 

If I was being generous, I suppose there’s an argument that any Potter book is going to sell in huge numbers.  The play was less certain, and perhaps they were advised against featuring any queer characters lest it affect how the play was received.  Perhaps.

I also suppose there’s an argument that JK has stated that she sees Dumbledore as gay, and there’s a Fantastic Beasts series in the pipeline, and it could be that she’s decided to write her queer representation in that instead.

But at the end of the day, there’s an awful lot of queer kids who grew up with the series who felt they had to nod their heads and say, “It’s ok, I understand why you can’t show me,” - and that was hard enough in 1997, frightfully difficult in 2007…but doing so in 2017 feels ridiculous.

So, to answer your question, it’s not really that Albus and Scorpius were coded as queer and then turned out not to be (admittedly, they are certainly coded very differently to a lot of male brotp pairings that we see in the media, which possibly made it more difficult…at times it did feel as if there was more to it than just a friendship)…

…but it’s almost that the franchise sort of whispered that us queer kids were part of it, and we all secretly understood why it couldn’t say it out loud…but right at the moment that it was given a platform and a golden opportunity to prove it stood with us, it backed out.

How I feel about VLD ships: in 10 words or less!

(please note that I fully support you shipping your pairing, warning: you are about to witness some opinions that you may or may not agree with)

In honor of the up coming season three, I decided to do this! Enjoy! (you guys can do this too if ya want!) (p.s. sorry if I didn’t get them all)


Sheith: “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me.”

Shklance: It’s okay? Bottom Shiro is cool. WRECK LANCE MY BOYS!

Hance: See as BROTP but it’s sweet. Kind of nice!

Hidge/Punk lol: They are cuties as whether as OTP or BROTP!

Lidge: I actually like this one! Needs more fanart! Much fluff!


Shunk??: Lowkey like it? Black n’ yellow, black n’ yellow!

Shidge: My guilty pleasure, really really adorable. 

Heith: Not sure if I like it or not. FLUFF ALERT!!

Klunk: The only OT3 I’ve ever liked. Lance is #blessed.

Shance: It’s weird but alright. Not recommend. 


Kallura: What ship? I don’t know what you’re talking about?

Allura/AnyGirlInVoltron: My first reaction- This is a thing? Okay?? XD?

Shay/AnyGirlInVoltron: O…Okay?????

Nyma/AnyGirlInVoltron: ???????????????

All Three Of The Above: I’M SO CONFUSED HOW??

Nyma/Lance: lol what

Lance/Plaxum: Adorable as heck! MOREEEEEEEE!

 Lallura: Princess, just kiss him to shut him up (on cheek).


Lotor/Anyone: I hate it, I hate him, this needs to die.

Alfor/Coran: HAHAHAH– oh wait this is nice.

Zarkon/Anyone: 0.o wot

Lions/Paladins: I’m leaving the fandom.

Lions/Lions: Depends on the lion but Red/Blue is cool.

Matt/Anyone: Cute but how do you even?

Ulaz/Thance: Dead space dads fall in love an it’s great!

Nyma/Rolo: Ehh…I wouldn’t mind.


Peith: They’re probably both gay so…


Lucifer appreciation post

With the lonnnnng hiatus ahead and the heart stopping winter finale just behind us, I thought it’s about bloody time to make a post to appreciate the awesomeness that is Lucifer and to analyze where that awesomeness comes from. No, this is not going to be about the many layers of Lucifer Morningstar, the perfect mix of badass, vulnerable and dork that is Chloe Decker or the great ship Deckerstar. The good looks of Tom Ellis and Lauren German, their chemistry and his voice/singing, forget all that. Because the awesomeness of Lucifer is so much more than that.

It’s really one of the rare, rare shows where I love and care about all the characters and their interactions, even if the main focus is on one specific pair; that kind of shows I can count on one hand (Castle was another one). Let’s take a look at all the wonderful people!

1. Trixie Decker

I mean… come on. She had me at “What’s a hooker?”

Her immediate, fierce and unfaltering affection for Lucifer even though at first he responded with that eww-a-child-reaction. She’s so pure and unbiased and has an infallible instinct for who’s truly good. And she’s adorable. 

2. Maze

What a development from utter contempt for humans and plotting behind Lucifer’s back to her fierce protectiveness about Chloe. And her vulnerability around Trixie. She takes being called human as an insult, but her struggle to find herself and her place in this world she’s been thrown into against her will makes her so utterly… well, human. And I love her relationship with Linda - whether it’s a brotp or a romantic ship, I haven’t yet decided, but I love seeing them together.

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3. Amenadiel

The self-righteous brother and his development: from being Dad’s willing tool to trying to be good. And he has his brother’s back.

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4. Dr. Linda

She’s probably the character that surprised me the most - in the beginning, it looked like she wouldn’t be more than comic relief and Lucifer’s pillow talk… but she’s so much more now. Family therapist, and fiercely loyal friend. And she might be just a tiny human, but to protect her patient she stands up even to the highest celestial beings. Also, she’s wise and stoic towards the fact that she must have said why the fuck do I even bother on a daily basis since she’s having sessions with Lucifer.

5. Dan Espinoza

aka Detective Douche. I disliked him from the beginning, and not only because he was trying to get between Lucifer and Chloe. He was a sleazeball. And a rotten cop. But then, somehow, he manned up, and I love how the writing for him changed subtly, but steadily, giving him depth. Suddenly, he was a valuable member of the team and was no longer portrayed as just the ridiculous wannabe-antagonist of Lucifer. I love their weird, beginning brotp - Douchifer for the win! 

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And I started to lowkey ship him with…

6. Ella

So precious, so clever and resourceful! And of course she has illegal sources, Dan!

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7. Mum

Charlotte, I think? Ah, I’m a sucker for a good redemption. It took her long enough, but she got there, and I think she genuinely loves her sons. And her tottering around in the human world is so much fun to watch.

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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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I wish there was more angsty izuocha art/fanfiction. I know they are cute and innocent but Deku has gotten angry plenty of times. I want to know what he would do in a situation where he thinks He’s going to lose Ochako. Whether you ship it or just Brotp them that would be one hell of a scene.

Whether you ship them together or not, you have to admit, Lance and Pidge’s relationship is awesome, amusing and adorable. Per examples the mall episode, when their lions or working together and kicking ass, or when Pidge, who is SMOL, tini-tiny, was all angry, determined, and facing a big ass enemy just to save Lance from the warden. Whether Brotp or OTP their relationship is amazing.

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