brotp: we were badass

k well today sucks but i had a dream last night that i was in this really dark, grungy goth bloodborne/dark souls world as its most accomplished warrior and i had this cool leather jacket ensemble with all these armored metal pieces based off feathers and crows and i had a super cute girlfriend who ran out to me as i was fighting these three huge guys with axes to give me my crowfeather cloak that i forgot and im just like ‘THANKS HONEY! *blocks an entire guys ax with one sword so i can kiss my gf on the cheek* I love u dont work too hard while im gone be safe *EVICERATES THE GUY WITH MY OTHER SWORD*’

They also called me ‘The Dahlia of The Black Abyss’ even tho my actual name was still Zoe but it was pretty cool. And I was on a pirate ship fighting werewolves and eldritch abominations so it was Good.

My bestie was there too as this armored badass who brandished this HUGE, HEAVY ASS SAW/MEAT CLEAVER. I saw him right after he one shot decapitated this giant guy as he was jumping off a building. We stuck around each other for a while after that. He was looking for something but I cant remember what it was, but I was trying to help him find it? His armor had this whole ‘gryphon’ motif going on.