brotp: that's why i love you

MJ: I guess it’s conceited, snobbish people that really bother me! Some people are very egotistical, and think they’re better than everyone else! They’re always talkin’ about themselves, and can’t listen to you when you’re trying to tell them something about yourself. They keep looking around to see if someone’s lookin’ at them, instead of looking directly at you, listening to what you’re sayin’! It’s like talking to a stone wall. When I meet a chick like that, I just turn off right away!

Question: What is the one thing you dislike in a person?

Teen Star Magazine Interview

Ten Reasons Why I Love the Jonas Brothers [in no order]

» 5/10 - How down to earth they are.

They have successful albums, huge fame and millions of fans all around the world in such young ages. They have everything you could ask for, and more. Yet, they never brag about anything they have. They’re always thankful and grateful. And keep reminding us they’re just three brothers from Jersey, living the dream