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I’d Know You Anywhere 

another 4x15 coda, for @isaachamlet, my dear dear roommate, who goaded me into this 

530 words 

Daisy doesn’t know if she can take another tragedy. She’s sure she’s hurting her arms with the force it takes her not to let this whole building crumble to dust. The force builds inside her, buzzing louder and louder until she’s sure she’ll be ripped apart by it. She can’t take another scare like this one. Seeing Fitz’s body lying there already has her teetering on the edge.

She needs her gauntlets. What she has is a gun, and it’s pointed straight at Jemma.

Jemma herself is brandishing a knife, tears, and a quivering voice. “I’m me,” she says, choking it out, sobbing it, but it’s not enough. That’s not enough for Daisy.

“Turn around.”

“What?” the maybe-imposter-Jemma breathes.

Daisy snarls, and waves the gun, reminding her she has it and will use it if necessary. “I said turn around!”

Jemma pulls herself into a standing position, shaking, her whole body shaking like maybe she’s just about to be ripped apart, too, and she turns around. Daisy is almost too afraid to look, because like she said, she can’t take another tragedy. Another betrayal.

But she does. She looks. And the gun clatters to the floor as relief warms her bones.

“Oh thank god, it’s you.”

She runs forward and catches Jemma up in a hug, practically collapsing on her. But Jemma pulls back, confusion drawn into the lines of her face.

“How do you know?”

Daisy blinks at her. “I’d know that ass anywhere.”

Jemma’s face goes blank, a sure sign of her disbelief. “What are you even on about?”

“The butts, Jemma.” Daisy is holding her arms in a tight grasp. “On the LMDs. Radcliffe doesn’t get the butts right, it’s the easiest way to tell.”

Jemma scoffs, and yeah, this is definitely her Jemma. “Then how didn’t you know about the May LMD?”

“Why would I look at May’s butt?” Daisy asks, her nose screwing up. “She’s like my mom. That’d be super weird.”

“But you looked at Coulson’s butt.”

“He turned around when I was watching the surveillance feed. And the screens are so tiny, it was like right there. I didn’t mean to.”

“And Mack’s.”

“Of course I looked at Mack’s butt. Why would I not look at Mack’s butt? Have you seen his ass? It’s glorious.”

“And you recognized mine. Immediately.”

“Well, yeah, duh. Do you know how much time I spent looking at your ass when we were on the Bus? I think I had it memorized on day two.”

Jemma rolls her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re being serious right now.”

“Jemma.” Daisy places a hand over her heart. “You know I’ve always firmly been an ass girl. I’m sure if the other LMDs had boobs you would’ve seen the difference too.”

“I would not! Because I, unlike some people, have some dignity.”

“Zero percent. That’s how much dignity you have. Don’t play.”

Jemma pulls away, her eyes rolling again. “Whatever. Do you have a plan for how we can get out of here?”

Daisy grins. “Oh yeah. I’ve definitely got a plan.”

“Please tell me it’s nothing to do with butts.”

“Well, you didn’t ask if it was a good plan.”

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To the anon who doesn't want to label themselves. It's perfectly okay to just say "I don't label myself". Some people don't. There is a female soccer player, Ali Krieger, who publicly says she doesn't assign herself a label. It's valid, it's correct, and personally I feel it's normal for people to not be sure what gender they like and for people to not want to limit their options. Love is love.


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i know you've been warned before by someone else so i'll send you this once before i take it to the dash and call you out. but your icons are whitewashing and you do need to fix them. if you need psds that don't whitewash, i can provide them to you. but please, stop whitewashing women of color.

    first off, even with the ‘please’, this was a very rudely worded ask. “before i take it to the dash and call you out” - “you need to fix them”. yes, this is not the first time i was told my icons are whitewashing. it happened back when i had my raven account. what i don’t understand is, why did you need to come at me so rudely?

secondly, i understand whitewashing is a thing and while i completely get it - that is not what i’m doing nor is it my intention. so for you to tell me to “stop whitewashing women of color”, that is insinuating that that was my purpose all this time; that i specifically look for psds that whitewash. and it wasn’t. the new norm in roleplaying is low color / high contrast psds. they are beautiful. if you need a list of people who do the exact same thing as me ( but aren’t pocs ), let me know and i’ll send it to you. THAT was my purpose. i enjoy my psd. i like the way it looks. if you have a problem with it, then don’t come on my blog? hell, block me if it makes you feel better. you aren’t even following me so i don’t understand.

honestly you could have just told me that my psd offends you and i would apologize. you did not have to put it as rudely as you did. but i suppose i will be the adult in this situation and i’ll forgive you for that part. but no, i will not be changing my psd. call me out for whitewashing if you feel the need to.

                                thanks for my daily dose of cyber bullying before i go to work.

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1, 13, 31, 44, 75, 94, 113 ! ✌

Sorry I didn’t get to these right away!!

1: Let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now? - The reason is because I’m trying to think WHICH part of my life is the most confusing right now.

13. What time do you go to bed? - I tend to get in bed at around maybe 12 or 1, but what time I fall asleep depends on multiple factors like if I’m talking with anyone or I gotta go pee.

31. Who was your last call/text message from? - @oxengal :^)

44. Are you available? - As a starter character yeah, although you need to unlock my alter ego Murder Jeff by clearing arcade mode on hard with all characters

75. What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive? - Okay bare with me but I like backs. Like…….. Idk when there’s a picture of someone with no shirt on and just pants and they;re facing away from you and all you see is their back and shoulder blades like,,,, that just gives me life,,,,,,

94. Name four things that you wish you had! - Persona 5; time stopping powers; a bottle of water; unconditional love and validation from my friends and family.

113. Do you currently have feelings for anyone? - That’s a private question. (maybe)

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