brotp: sisters are doing it for themselves


OUAT 5x21: Last Rites

The best thing about this episode was Wicked Queen Brotp developement!

So I am going to talk about that first because the rest of the episode was crap.  Most of it.  Almost ALL of it.

That Zelena was concerned about Regina in the beginning was heartwarming.

That Regina was still defending her sister in the beginning was beautiful.

Cora’s girls have certainly come a long way, especially with a little help from Cora, reminding them that they once loved each other, and by having them promise that they will always stick together (though, let’s face it… neither woman owes Cora anything).  They do it out of the LOVE they have in themselves and suddenly FOR each other.  They are hungry for one another, what they represent.  Family.  Sisters.  Unity.  Yes, KEEP this.  

In an episode where they BOTH lost love, they GAINED love in return and this will be (SHOULD be) part of the healing process for one another.

And Zelena chose Regina over her true love!  She chose family over true love!  Already the Wicked Witch is miles ahead of the Savior.  How tragic and sad is that?  And Emma takes allows her whole family to go to the Underworld with her.  Shame, shame, Emma.

Rebecca Mader is outstanding!  I felt her anguish as she plunged the Olympian Crystal into Hades.  Her confusion, pain and questioned loyalty for the people in her lives.  Bex delivered brilliantly and I hope Adam & Eddy keep her on, but I question whether they would even know a good thing it if kicked them in the ass at this point.

Lana Parrilla is ALWAYS outstanding, but that tearful look she had in her eyes as Forest Fart died.  I was… I was… I was moved, is the best way I can describe it.  I almost, almost… and for a split second, wanted to bring Hood back to life just so she would stop looking like that!  "No, no… Don’t cry.  Here, have anything you want.  ANYTHING!“  LOL!  Lana has become my very favorite actress.  The way she works a scene.  The way every muscle in her FACE conveys emotion.  I just laugh, cry… FEEL.  The woman… How the fuck did I not know who she WAS before I started watching ONCE?!  I feel like I have cheated myself out of something really cool.

These next episodes, where Regina goes down her own shank spiral, feeling despair, are going to KILL me.  I want to see what happens.  I want to see the Evil Queen.  I’m kind of hoping she does show, but I don’t want her to stay.  I love mayor, hero Regina Mills.  But I am expecting something to happen wit Regina and the Evil Queen.  I’m expecting Regina to question everything after having lost love again.  Why?  Because Regina is an extremely complex character.  There is nothing simple about her and in that she is a TV character worth KNOWING.  Her journey is why most people tune in, I bet, and because Lana Parrilla is THAT damn good.

Plus… she’s a promoter’s DREAM!  She is amazing with her fans and KNOWS how to make herself look good.  This is her CAREER and she does a phenomenal job with it.  From the research she does, to how committed she is to the role, to her fans, to her CRAFT.  The woman is amazing.  Yeah, I know.  I’m gushing.

And after having said all that, when you add Rebecca Mader into the mix, you have a duo (Regina & Zelena) that has fast slid into my favorite pairings.  Yes, a PLATONIC pairing, right behind romantic Swan Queen.  If I could watch an hour of Regina and Emma with a side show of Regina and Zelena, I would vegetate on the couch like cauliflower and happily watch with a bowl of popcorn!

Okay… for the other stuff.

* Emma saying she made a mistake and should not have "gone down there”.  Finally.  Yes.  This is true.  LET GO!  ACCEPT DEATH.   Sheesh already.

* Charming telling Emma that she needs to deal with death like “any other person”.  Duh.  Very telling.  

* Hook and Arthur stuff.  Boring.  I’d rather watch leg hair grow.

* Snow saying that she knows what Emma is thinking and Robin’s death is not her fault.  Um… YES it is.  Let’s be honest.  Yes… YES… it is.  Why do they have Snow say such dumb things?  I can write a better Snow White than the writers do.

* Snow saying, “I hope we never have another day like today, ever.”  Shut up, Snow!  What?  Never have another funeral again?  Death is the ONLY thing we can count on in this world.  We are ALL going to die (sorry for being morbid, but it’s the truth!) and this show needs to go back to telling people that no matter what, you need to let go and accept death.  That they had her say this is just ridiculous.  Again, I like my Snow better than A&E’s.

* Zeus was a bit… anticlimactic.  I was expecting someone… else.  Someone more formidable.  Someone powerful.  With a beard.  You know who would have been good?  The actor that played McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy.  What’s his name?  Eric Dane!  That’s it.  Or better yet!  Chris Pratt!  I see it!.

* (vomit) CS (vomit)… okay… I’ve saved the weirdest thing for last.  First of all, unlike most Swen (and don’t attack me for this) but I’m not really bothered about them kissing in the cemetery.  I get it.  She just got her love back.  She’s happy.  Who wouldn’t be happy?  BUT… is he really back?  I’ll get into that in a sec.

I also thought it was an interesting camera angle.  They needed to show what was lost for this toxic relationship.  A child lost their father because Emma Swan can’t let go.  I studied film and learned about camera angles.  There is a reason that they panned from CS to Robin’s coffin (and not the other way around).  It wasn’t a good thing.  So they had to have those two things in a scene, the CS kiss and the coffin.

Now… here is my THEORY (and mind, it is just a theory).  I’m interested in seeing how the next episode plays out.  Is Hook really back or is he like a “guardian angel”?  

I thought it would be great if we see Hook talking to people and later find out that no one can see him except Emma.  They find this out in a few episodes.  Like he thinks people have been hearing him and talking with him but they’ve written it in a way where Snow, David, and Regina are not talking directly to him.  Zeus let him go back because his mission with Emma Swan is not over.  She has to let him go.  That is the most valuable lesson he can teach her.  His job isn’t over yet, so that’s why he is there.  That would surely be a huge twist and honestly I would have to give the writer’s kudos if they pulled it off.

We’ll clearly see in the next episode, which I thought was funny that there was no Hook in the preview.  I’m probably being too hopeful, but that’s what I do.  I hope.

Overall, I didn’t care for this episode.  My poor Emma still looks like she has the flu and is a mere shadow of the great character she once was.  She is STILL amazing when she is with Regina though, and WHY is that?  I keep thinking that it has GOT to mean something.  Unleash Swan Queen!

Here’s also something to chew on.  Zades was TL.  She killed him. Does that mean she can never find true love again?  Surely not.  If that’s the case, then there is also hope for Emma and Regina with the death of their “supposed” bearded loves.

Also… Robin did a very selfless act.  He jumped in the way of Hades’ bolt.  If Outlaw Queen were true love, this was SURELY an act of it, right?  Why wouldn’t he be saved?  And even I, for someone who dislikes OQ and Robin think that this was a bit harsh.  To kill his SOUL.  No chance of an afterlife.  Not even with Marian.  Damn.  Even Cruella got to drink martinis in the Underworld.  He stops existing.  Wow.  While the pirate gets to come back (in some capacity).  But thank goodness I won’t have to see Robin anymore.  I could barely handle his scenes with Regina in the underground tunnel (which I thought was wish-washy writing because they had Hood angry in the beginning of the tunnel, cocky and arrogant, and then by the end he’s all “Regina you’re right”, like what? It was out of character.  Maybe once he had his daughter in his arms but let the guy be angry.  He wasn’t right, but who wouldn’t be upset and worried?).  But yay!  Pinecone is dead!  God, I hope.  If they write him back in somehow, this show will be beyond ridiculous.  But I don’t think they will.  I think the show is sending a clear message about their link with Sean Maguire in light of recent controversy.  I mean to kill a soul?  LOL!  You can’t get any deader or more permanent than that, can you?  His soul just wafted away like a bad fart.


* Let’s all get in line to slap Henry.
* Oh Regina, Regina.