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Teen Wolf Imagine- So You Kidnapped Her?

You were walking through the forest at night. Yes it sounds stupid, but in your defence you didn’t know about the supernatural creatures that are always lurking. You had a taser and bottle of pepper spray, you were sure that it would defend you from any human. Besides, it’s Beacon Hills nothing bad ever happens here. Well it never used to, recently there had been a string of murders and sacrifices but there was no way you were going to live the rest of your life in fear. You had your earphones in and you were minding your own business walking home from your friend’s house when you started hearing noises. You took one earbud out and slowly headed to the source. Whatever the noise was coming from, it was deeper into the forest and you could of sworn you heard a low growl, before an eruption of laughter. You suspected it was a few idiots from your school with one of their dogs. You saw a bright light flashing around from a phone torch, your curiosity got the better of you. You walked further in and stood behind the tree, you could make out that there were two people. “Scott you really need to work on your growl, because the twins are winning by far in that region” Stiles said shaking his head. They were in your English class, well when they actually showed up that is. “They’re also winning in the killing innocent people region” Scott retort. “Ethan and Aiden?” you mumbled to yourself. “Try again” Stiles suggested. Scott took a deep breath and you thought you saw facial hair grow within seconds, he let out a loud animalistic growl that you were certain no human could make and his eyes were glowing brightly. You jumped and covered your mouth to not scream, you began to back away. That was until you stood on a large branch and it snapped. You looked down at it for a second and by the time you looked back up Scott’s eyes and face were back to normal and him and Stiles were quickly walking over to you. “Oh god” you whispered, before turning around and walking away. You were going to run, but you were too in shock. “Heyy Y/N!” Stiles said, grinning. “Stay away from me” you replied, picking up the pace. “You didn’t see anything, did you?” Scott asked nervously. “I sure as hell did!” you retort. Stiles and Scott looked at each other, they had the same stupid idea. Each of them grabbed your arm and began walking you over to Stiles’ jeep. “Let me go!” you shouted in distress. After noticing you were panicking they let go. “Now we trust that you’re not going to run or…” Stiles began, before realising you already began running. “Stiles go get the jeep” Scott shouted, running after you. You were going in any direction while trying to find the taser in your purse, not stopping to think. Which was a stupid idea because you ended up on the empty road on the forest border. So now you were being chased on foot and by a car. “I really didn’t want to have to do this” Scott said sympathetically as he tackled you to the floor. Stiles stopped the jeep and opened the back door, they picked you up and placed you on the back seat, while you struggled and tried to hit them. They then rushed to the driver and passenger seat, quickly getting in and locking the doors.

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Finally telling the pack about your relationship with Theo.

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Throwback to September 5th, 2016 when I was discussing season 6 with my friend
Me: I think the evil they face in season 6 is going to be so horrific and terrifying that the crew has to call everyone back to Beacon Hills so they can defeat it
Friend: Yeah right, there’s no way, they said TW is done with everyone’s storylines except for Scott’s pack and Pack 2.0. Also I don’t think anyone could top Void Stiles
~~~Feb 5th, 2017~~~
Jeff Davis: We’re going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces in 6B, at least 5 older characters will be returning to TW for the final season
Colton Haynes: I’ve been talking to my managers and the TW producers and I can officially announce we are trying to clear my schedule so I can come back for 6B
Jeff Davis: 6B is going to be a lot more bloody and gruesome, very gore-y. It is definitely going to be our most terrifying season and possibly our best villain

Scott McCall's Sister

Imagine being Scott McCall’s sister. The youngest member of the pack. Yes, Liam wasn’t the youngest anymore. You had recently joined the pack after finding out what your brother and his friends were up to. Even your mom knew before you! They were just “keeping you safe” as they kept telling you. It was a Friday afternoon after school had finished and you were getting a lift home from Stiles, seeing as your mom or Scott didn’t like you riding on the back of Scott’s bike. You were sat in the front of Stiles’s jeep with Liam and Hayden in the back. The rest of the pack was meeting you at your house. On the way home everyone made small talk and soon enough you were home. Once you got in you went to your room and changed into something a little more comfortable, some leggings and loose crop top. You grabbed your phone charger and went downstairs to join the rest of the pack. You sat on the bar stool and put your charger into the socket in the middle of the counter. You were all thankful when your mom decided to install a socket into the counter, now nobody was fighting over who got to charge their phones. After everyone arrived at your house you all started talking about the plan to destroy the dread doctors. After planning what you were going to do, you all split into pairs. Scott paired you with Theo Raeken. Stiles was not happy, he hated Theo. You weren’t happy but it was your brothers choice, you didn’t want to argue. Stiles pulled you to the side and had a hard look on his face “if he lays a finger on you I want you to call me straight away and I’ll be there, okay?” you nodded and told him you’d be okay. A few minutes later you were in Theo’s car on the way to a warehouse. He told Scott he caught a scent earlier that morning but wasn’t sure if it was actually the dread doctors. You arrived at the warehouse and it looked so run down. You got out of the car and looked at Theo, he looked back at you and shrugged. He walked towards the warehouse and you followed closely behind him, he turned around to look at you and asked “you scared? Go in front if you want” you nodded and walked in front of him. The warehouse stank to say the least, you couldn’t describe the smell it was that bad, and it was also empty. You spun around confused, the warehouse was just a large room. You turned to Theo and he was smirking at you, “what?” you asked confused and quite scared. He started to walk closer to you and stopped right in front of you his eyes turned yellow, “are you ready to become one of us?” he asked as the dread doctors appeared behind him, you barely had time to think when Theo grabbed your shoulders and sunk his teeth into your neck. That was the last memory you had in that dirty, old warehouse. That was the day that Scott’s sister turned into a Chimera and involuntary joined Theo Raeken’s pack.

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Scott’s always been about one thing. Saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there’s no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way and when he’s beaten down he stands up again! You want to find a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight!
—  Derek Hale

Imagine being Scott’s twin and you and Lydia, Kira, Malia, and Stiles were all best friends. 

Let me know if I should make a series about you being Scott’s twin :) 

Stiles being furious when he finds out that Scott left you by yourself when the Alpha Pack were just around the corner.

“Where were you Scott?!"Stiles shouted angrily as he pushed Scott to the ground.

"I’m so sorry, I left her for 5 minutes I didn’t think anything would happen"Scott exclaimed.

"In that 5 minutes, y/n got attacked and she’s now got stitches all over her body we aren’t like you Scott we can’t heal!"Stiles shot back.

"Hey Stiles, it’s okay I’m fine, Scott can’t be in two places at once it’s not his fault you guys are brothers, brothers don’t stay mad at eachother"you limped out of the hospital room towards your two friends.

Stiles let Scott go gently, he placed his arm around your waist and helped you back to bed.
"You coming in or not?"Stiles nodded at Scott.

“Losing a member of your pack isn’t like losing family. It’s like you lose a limb.”

Scott’s pack

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