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“Friend:Why do you watch teen wolf so much”

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“Stiles Stilinski”

So because everyone likes the Draco Malfoy one. I thought to do Stiles Stilinski

The Road Ahead

Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G,  Word Count: 1546
Friends to Lovers, Road Trip, Pining, POV Stiles

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It happens in Nevada. They’re two weeks into their road trip, getting gas at a small gas station at the edge of the desert. Stiles is in the car, fingers drumming on the dashboard, waiting for Scott to finish paying. He’s opened the windows in the hope to get some fresh air in, but all that’s getting in is fresh sand, so he starts rolling the windows back up. As he does, he glances to the side, through the dirty windows, into the gas station. Scott is smiling at the attendant, who looks like he has no idea what to do with so much sincere happiness directed at him, and the only thought going through Stiles’ mind is: I really want to kiss him.

Stiles straightens in his seat so fast the car groans its complaints at the sudden movement. His heart misses one, two, three beats, then stumbles in its hurry to catch up.

He wants to kiss Scott? His best friend?

He looks up to where Scott is just stepping out of the gas station. Scott catches his eye and grins.

Yep, definitely want to kiss him.

‘You okay?’ Scott asks as he slides back behind the wheel, a small crease of worry between his eyebrows.

‘Fine. ‘S just hot,’ Stiles mumbles. He wipes the sweat off his forehead, then wipes his hand on Scott’s shoulder.

‘Ew,’ Scott says, laughing, trying to get as far away from Stiles’ hand as he can.

He starts the car, and dust billows up before the tires find traction. Some of it drifts in through the not quite closed windows. Stiles leans back in his seat to stare out into the desolate landscape.


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“What the Hell Stiles” Scott Yelled At Stiles

“Scott put my boyfriend down this instant”