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“Friend:Why do you watch teen wolf so much”

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“Stiles Stilinski”

So because everyone likes the Draco Malfoy one. I thought to do Stiles Stilinski

The Road Ahead

Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G,  Word Count: 1546
Friends to Lovers, Road Trip, Pining, POV Stiles

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It happens in Nevada. They’re two weeks into their road trip, getting gas at a small gas station at the edge of the desert. Stiles is in the car, fingers drumming on the dashboard, waiting for Scott to finish paying. He’s opened the windows in the hope to get some fresh air in, but all that’s getting in is fresh sand, so he starts rolling the windows back up. As he does, he glances to the side, through the dirty windows, into the gas station. Scott is smiling at the attendant, who looks like he has no idea what to do with so much sincere happiness directed at him, and the only thought going through Stiles’ mind is: I really want to kiss him.

Stiles straightens in his seat so fast the car groans its complaints at the sudden movement. His heart misses one, two, three beats, then stumbles in its hurry to catch up.

He wants to kiss Scott? His best friend?

He looks up to where Scott is just stepping out of the gas station. Scott catches his eye and grins.

Yep, definitely want to kiss him.

‘You okay?’ Scott asks as he slides back behind the wheel, a small crease of worry between his eyebrows.

‘Fine. ‘S just hot,’ Stiles mumbles. He wipes the sweat off his forehead, then wipes his hand on Scott’s shoulder.

‘Ew,’ Scott says, laughing, trying to get as far away from Stiles’ hand as he can.

He starts the car, and dust billows up before the tires find traction. Some of it drifts in through the not quite closed windows. Stiles leans back in his seat to stare out into the desolate landscape.


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“What the Hell Stiles” Scott Yelled At Stiles

“Scott put my boyfriend down this instant”

11 Reasons Why I Keep Re-Watching Teen Wolf

1. Scott and Stiles 

2. Stiles and Lydia

3. Scott and Stiles

4. Jordan Parrish Shirtless

5. Scott and Stiles

6. Chris and Malissa

7.Scott and Stiles 

8. Scott and Allison

9. Scott and Stiles 

10. Derek Hale

11. Did I mention Scott and Stiles

I want to scream ~Stiles Stillinski~

Summary: You have a panic attack, struggle to suppress your banshee powers and have flashes of your family’s death due to a trigger that send you spiralling downwards but Stiles helps you. 

Pairings: StilesxReader

Warnings: The reader is said to be having a panic attack so if this is a trigger for you happily scroll past. 

Note: Not my gifs. Credit goes to the owner. 

You dropped your books on the floor as your hands froze up to your finger tips. Stiles eyes locked with yours a few lockers away from you. Scott standing next to him staring at what had just happened but Stiles knew immediately and it didn’t take Scott long before he registered what was going on. 

“Be careful- you and Scott’s pack. I’m coming for you. The human is first.” Theo’s voice rung in your head, “You know what happened to your family last time you got in my way” 

It stung and Stiles noticed to late what Theo had done.

Then the backslashes to your family’s demise and brutal deaths flashed in your head in between each flash Stiles etched closer with Scott shortly behind him. You were sure Stiles was calling your name, or even Scott but the only thing that filled your head was the brutal screams of your parents and younger sibling. Then your mother’s final scream echoed through your head, slicing at your brain and eardrums like a razor. The one that is only used for destruction. 

The scream stuck in your throat- you bit your lip till you started tasting blood. ‘Stop’ you screamed at yourself, wanting to force the images out of your head. ‘It’s the past, its over, its not happening.’ You clenched your fists not wanting to draw to much attention to yourself in the hallway but noting helped and the nauseated feeling of holding the scream back hit you like a wave. 

Your chest tightened as if someone gripped it with immense force and you wished the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors would seize. With eyes clenched closed you opened your mouth to utter one cry of help. 

“Stiles!” you tried but it became a little more audible than you expected it to be but within moments of you uttering his name. Warm arms hands found your hands. You immediately relaxed the whirring and clicking not seizing. The scream still audible. 

“Stiles I want to scream,” you whispered, eyes still clenched close for fear of seeing the dread doctors. 

“Open your eyes, Y/N” you heard Stiles’ voice. You shook your head but he quickly gripped your head between his hands. “I’ve got you Y/N, open your eyes.” and with those last words your eyes shot open filling with tears instantly. Stiles’ came into vision his hands shaking, Scott stood behind him with your books in his hand. He was tugging on Stiles’ shoulder. 

“I want to scream Stiles.” you said your lips forming a tight straight line, surprising the inner banshee of yours. You hadn’t even realised your breathing had resulted to short and shallow and quick inhalations and exhalations. 

“Locker room, Stiles. Go, now!” Scott’s voice crashed into your head clearing some of the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors but the scream still persisted and when you saw the slight blood traces on Stile’s hands you knew that your ears were bleeding. 

Stiles had managed to pull you into the locker room, locking it behind you to ensure no one comes in to see you in this state. 

“I think I’m having a panic attack.” you breathed suddenly noticing your breathing had seized for a few seconds. “The screaming it won’t stop. Oh shit Stiles it hurst so much.” you breathed and He wrapped his arm around you resting his chin on your head. You clenched onto him. 

“Listen to my voice. Keep focusing on my voice. Okay? Remember Scott’s always trying to teach Liam to find an anchor? Maybe its just like that with being a banshee. You need to find something to hold on to and to help you. So just keep listening to me. I mean- I know its not the best voice to listen to but. Yeah, I hope it will do. It has to. Scott’s going to find Deaton or Parrish. So I don’t know. So they can make you okay again. So you won’t be hurting this much.” Stiles spoke rambling you feeling a slight shake from his hand that was combing your hair out of your face. 

“Stiles, breathing. Voice is gone. I can’t breath.” you hissed through clenched teeth. He pulled himself away from you. He smiled meekly at you, 

“You did it, Y/N. You controlled it.” he smiled. You forced a tired smile but your hand flew to your chest once again. 

“Hey look at me.” he whispered, you forced your eyes to him. 

“You can breath, just follow my lead. Okay?” he smiled and you nodded as hand got entangled in yours. He took a hefty inhale and you did the same. Then he squinted his eyes holding it in for a few seconds to long and then a rupture of laughter exhaling. You doing the same. Continuing with this a few seconds longer. 

“See you can totally breath normally. Just takes practise for such a dork like you.” he chimed, his hand squeezing yours. You smiled the dull ache still sitting in your head, ears and chest but it being bearable. 

“Thank you, it was Theo and I-” you tried to explain but Stiles shook his head. 

“Theo is going to get it from me and my bat after Scott dealt with him a little.” Stiles stated and you nodded not really wanting to argue with him or much rather not defend Theo. Stiles had slowly helped you up, being careful for another dizzy spell to hit you. 

You walked slowly towards the locker room’s exit. Stiles arm around you your arm around his neck. 

“We need to clean you up,” Stiles stated as he unlocked the door., your headache increasing. You nodded slowly the door swinging open to reveal Scott, Deaton and Parrish. You smiled weakly at them as Deaton immediately surveyed your bloody ears. 

“Screaming?” Deaton questioned as you all moved back into the locker rooms.

“You mean other than the usual?” you questioned as your headache sliced at the back of your eyes. Seaton laughed slightly as Stiles pranced worriedly behind him and Parrish and Scott leaned against the lockers. 

“Mum’s one is gone.” you breathed and Stiles stiffened but continued worriedly walking up and down behind Deaton. 

“Just a piercing headache.” you admitted and he nodded once again. 

“Parrish, I don’t think we need you to suppress any of her screams. She looks to me like she’s forming a migraine and her banshee powers are being suppressed for now through the migraine.” Deaton confirmed. 

Parrish nodded, “Gave us a hell of a scare there, Y/N.” he remarked trying his best to lift the mood but you returned a slight smile. “Call me if anything else changes” Parrish said to Stiles and he nodded nervously. 

“What do we do now?” Stiles questioned Deaton as Scott came to sit next to you. 

“You take her home, get her to sleep most off the migraine away. And keep Theo away from her.” Deaton ordered and Stiles nodded. Scott walked with Deaton as Stiles slung both yours and his backpack onto his back. 

“Stiles- I can carry my own bag.” you defended but he helped you up. 

“Y/N Just shut up, and let me take care of you.”