brotp: ryan x mike

can we talk about how ryan and mike are constantly in this silent “i love you” “i love you more” “no i love YOU more!” push and pull sort of martyr dance like when ryan went to save his sister and mike insisted on going with him to help and ryan’s like no because he didn’t want him to get fired and then in the woods mike’s all please let me go with you ryan i mean he literally begs to go with ryan everywhere are you kidding me and ryan’s like no mike i love you so much i couldn’t stand it if you got killed and mike’s all but i love you more so let me come i’ll take my chances and finally ryan just pulls out all the stops like mike pls i love you so much I’LL FUCKING SHOOT YOU IN THE LEG 

  • the way Ryan told a joke and Mike answered seriously
  • the way Ryan took the blame of having hacked Nick’s email
  • the way Ryan looked at Mike when Mike was sent home
  • the way Ryan held Mike in his arms when Mike was bruised and beaten
  • the way Mike looked at Ryan and said I didn’t tell them. I didn’t tell them anything.
  • the way Ryan looked at Mike into the ambulance
  • the way Ryan looked at Mike when he was in the hospital




Another ship has set sail and I’ve been riding it hard! I shocked myself at how hard I’ve been shipping Ryan and Mike all week.  But hey what can I say the writers have given us plenty of ammo.  I was supposed have been finish with this video but every time I looked at any and all Ryan and Mike clips, it was just too much. Seriously, those two get my blood pumping.  I couldn’t take it, they are torturing me.  I can’t stand how freaking cute they are together.

 So I finally finished my vid. A perfect day as any because The Following comes on TONIGHT! I can’t tell you the excitement I feel. This has been the longest week ever, but Monday is finally here so yay!

The storyline is pretty simple…Ryan sits vigil by Mike’s bed and reflects back on things never said.  Poor guy doesn’t realize how strong his feelings are for Mike until he almost loses him. 

I am working on a story for this video. But that one isn’t ready yet but I will post it on my LJ when it is.

Anyway…Enjoy and as always thanks for watching!!!!

fucking hell, mike with his puppy dog eyes and all bloody and fuuuuck. i know he survived and is going to be okay, but my heart still aches for him. and damn all the mike/ryan feels, can you feel their incredbile love yet, can you? shit, they’re amazing. ryan holding him, saving him and going to the hospital with him. ryan is going to become even more of a hero to mike now. 
mike has kind of proved himself now as well, that he’s one of the good guys and he proved it mostly to ryan who i think had the most doubts. 
(still, we all know about that followers couple where the man stabbed his wife. just, what if. i want to trust mike, i do trust mike but just what if. but still, no) i just have a lot of feelings about our dear mike weston okay