brotp: queens of the ship

*COUGH* she cares *COUGH*

okay so you see when Leroy said “we can handle villains, but Emma… she’s one of us !”

look closely at everyone’s reaction

Snow : yeah it sucks, but i’m going to do my best for saving her

Charming : i know bro and now we gotta find a solution

and then there’s Regina


(What is your favorite part about working with Lana Parrilla?)

Sean: Lots and lots of things. She’s very fun to be on a set with and if you have to spend fifteen hours a day with someone, you really pray that they’re going to be fun, that they’re going to be interesting conversationalists, and that they’re going to be professional and just good in general. And basically, Lana is all of those things and a lot more. We’ve really developed a real pull with each other and professionally, she’s one of the best scene partners I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Lana really really brings her A-game, she spends a lot of time doing her research and has a really methodical way of approaching Regina, so it forces you as an actor to also bring your A-game. You don’t just learn your lines and go, I come ready to work when it’s…well, I come that way anyway…but with Lana she pushes an extra 10, 15, 20 takes out of you. It’s like who can play better and she’s such a great actress, I think she’s forcing me to raise my game.


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• Reads ‘Heir of Fire’: I love the platonic relationship between Rowan and Aelin. They’re my BROTP!

• Reads ‘Heir of Fire’ 9 months later: okay…. So I don’t care if it’s my BROTP or my OTP, either is fine with me.

• Reads 'Queen of Shadows’: The ship… Is alive. How did I survive without Rowaelin? This is endgame.

Captain Swan logic: Emma’s path to Lightness: Regina's ACTIONS: 5x01-5x06:

My CS friend sent me something. A DS Something.
Casually disregarding regina’s value in emma’s path and struggle,
even in friendship terms. 
And She’s not gonna read my reply
so i’ve made it into a

*Worries about emma being sucked up by a vortex of evil
*immediately Volunteers to open up a portal with the wand.
*Consults Zelena, despites her wishes not to
*Discusses in her office with Snowing + belle, how to save emma
*Captures Zelena, Steals her portal to get to emma
*Finds emma’s baby blanket to get them to her
*Accepts Emma’s offering of the dagger, and her wishes to have Reg Save her. 

*begs the author to fix it up
*Lets Zelena escape 
*Talks emma down from killing Merida
(Which, tbh, i wasn’t impressed by this since SQ had this on episode: Lily) 

*Steps up as savior to protect emma; from Camelotians & from herself from using dark magic. 
*Promises to find a way to free merlin without her using dark magic
*Follows her to the merlin tower since there must be clues to free him

*Tells emma there’s no time for dancing, rushing the “search” of merlin.
*Failed TLKs.  dancing? more handholding?
*Tells emma not to use dark magic when robin is attacked. 

*Figures out the first key they have into approaching merlin.
*Is The only one left up in the Merlin tower working on freeing Merlin. 
*Drowns in books in SB, finds the toadstool, a second time. 

*recruits hood to figure out what the dark swan’s up to (not save her) just to see what she’s hiding.

*shut’s up the charmings, for emma’s sake. 
*suggests emma be moved from prying eyes, to prevent her from worsening her state.
*Hides the dagger so emma wont be tempted by it. 
*Worries about the outcome of the arthur/lancelot dispute since it hinders what her next move is going to be.

*takes her horse riding
*More kissing
*tells her to rest her burden on him
*hugs her, gives her a flower.
*Temporarily stops her from seeing rumple.

*Figures out the “antivenom” to get merlin out of the tree
*Relives her most painful and defining moment, for emma. In hopes it will result in freeing merlin (so he can get the darkness out of emma)
*Fights off Arthur & his guards with fireballs, protecting Em + Henry
*Collaborates with emma, all through out the ep. 
*Potions + magic making by the merlin tree ;) #if you catch my drift

*Asks merlin if He can get the darkness out of emma?

*insists on communicating with merlin
*makes the potion thingy
*figures out The Author was also chosen by Merlin. 

*… asks regina “why is this taking so long” 
*…stands next to regina, just standing, Good old standing there. 

I know im awfully biassed but you tell me which actions have furthered Emma’s path to lightness. Feel free to compare the verbs. (I bolded or italic’d some)

I have a point but it’s pretty self evident. 

Im not saying other characters haven’t done stuff to save emma. And Im sure and expect characters Will help and Will step up.
Meanwhile, regina’s efforts have been non stop.
I compared regina’s actions directly to hook’s “actions” because my CS friend was the incentive that made me List This in my head.

But (SO FAR) Let the record Show (SO FAR) IMO, Even with the limited screen time Reg has had; Regina may even have done more to free/protect emma from the darkness, than what emma has done, herself. 

Emma Actions: 
*Chased the will’o the wisp 
*looked for camelot (to get merlin)
*gave dagger to regina
*Went to the merlin tower to read up
*made dreamcatchers (sees merlins past)
*Freed merlin (with regina help + henry’s tear)
*broke henrys heart (grey zone emma)
*battled the darkness in her head? 
*5x07 (Em + Merlin reunite excalibur with the dagger) *spec*

**I’d say regina has been pretty crucial to emma’s path to lightness**
My CS friend: bla bla *no regina* hook hook bla henry
basically me: 

There wasn’t a lot of Olicity goodness in this week’s episode but I still enjoyed the heck out of what we got. There were enough subtle moments between them to assure me that these two are still very much a couple and the focus on the relationship between John and Oliver was needed and appreciated. I really loved all the references to Original Team Arrow! Next to Olicity, that is my favorite relationship on this show and so it’s nice to see them all getting back to that.

Arrow 4x03 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Back on Track with OTA [x]