brotp: pezberry

The worst feeling is when you’re totally obsessed with something & none of your friends like/ know/ or care about such things that you end up crying alone.

How I feel about all my OTP’s 


Fapezberry… I forgot how much I love their voices and how good they sound together!

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #89

When it became time to decide on their married name, Santana figured it would be a simple decision. However, “Berry-Lopez,” she said at the same time Rachel said, “Berry.”

“What?” Santana spluttered, “I’m not going to just be Santana Berry! That sounds ridiculous!”

“But I’ve already established myself as Rachel Berry! And what’s wrong with Santana Berry?” Rachel frowned. “I like it.”

“Of course you would,” Santana muttered, then shook her head. “No. Babe. C’mon. Santana Berry? It’s, well, it’s kind of funny, and that’s not what I want people to think when I introduce myself to them.

Not to say I didn’t like you with it,” she raised her voice, stopping Rachel from interjecting, “But it’s not for me. Santana Berry-Lopez? That’d be me being, like, very Lopez. My family would like that.” She reached out, taking Rachel’s hand, “And I’d like that I’d have a piece of you, always.”

Rachel looked down, smiling. “You’ve always been sweet.” Then, sighing, she looked back up, her shoulders twisting a little. “But you’d already have a piece of me. Actually, you already do have a piece of me.” She reached forward, laying her hand onto Santana’s chest, over her heart; her fingers curled a little. “I just… I worked so hard to establish myself. Not that I was ever ashamed of my last name, but I do know people laughed at it and exploited it for jealous, silly names…”

“Berry Little, Bi-berry…” Santana murmured.

Rachel nodded. “Right.”

“Sweetberry, Berrylicious, Berry Loud…”


“Little Berry Quite Contrary - still proud of that one…”

Santana! Focus.” Squeezing her fiancee’s hand, Rachel resettled herself in her seat, taking her hand from Santana’s chest to push her hair behind her ear.

Muffling a laugh when her “But I was on a roll,” only got an unamused glare, Santana leaned forward, pressing her lips to Rachel’s; patiently waiting until she kissed her back, she laced her fingers with hers. “Okay,” she smiled, “You can continue.”

“How magnanimous of you,” Rachel huffed, but smiled, kissing Santana once more before pulling back. “Anyway, as I was saying…”

“You’re cute when you’re huffy.”

Rachel sighed. A smile lifted the corners of her mouth. “Santana…”

Laughing, Santana lifted her free hand, pushing Rachel’s hair back behind her ear when it slipped again. “I’m just sayin’! No wonder I’m marrying you.” Momentarily cupping the other woman’s jaw with her free hand, smiling and taking her in with loving eyes, she settled back into her chair, squeezing Rachel’s hand before relinquishing it. “Okay. Sorry. No more distracting.”

Smiling, Rachel shook her head. “You’re never not distracting. Okay. Uhm…” she drew out the m, “Where was I?”

Santana bobbed her head, “Not ashamed, exploited, established…”

“Ah! Yes. Thank you.”

“‘S what I’m here for. Well, that and other things.”

Rachel ignored her. “I love you. And there is certainly nothing wrong with Lopez - o-or Berry-Lopez. I’m just…” She took a deep breath, her eyes meeting Santana’s. “I’m the daughter of two gay men, and engaged to another woman. I’ve made my mark as the young girl who didn’t let the narrow-minded community she grew up in hold her back.” She paused. “Do you get it?”

Santana studied her. “It’s tied up with your identity.” When Rachel nodded, looking vulnerable, she smiled, gently taking Rachel’s shoulders into her hands. “As egotistical as this might sound, and I swear I’m not being disgustingly possessive, but, aren’t I a part of your identity?” She gestured between them. “Aren’t we - the journey of us - part of your story?”

“Yes. But…”

“But?” Santana sat back, an unconscious edge to her voice. Seeing the look in Rachel’s eyes, she cleared her throat, softening her tone. “But?”

Rachel’s slim shoulders rose. “I don’t know. I guess I just… I don’t think I ever thought about my name changing,” she admitted, laughing a little at her next words, smiling at Santana, “Even when you proposed.”

“Yeah, I guess you were too dazzled by my cleavage and the huge rock in front of it,” Santana conceded faux-chivalrously, laughing and bending away when Rachel lightly slapped her shoulder. “I’m just saying!”

“Be that as it may…” Rachel scooted her chair forward so she could shift, leaning her head onto Santana’s shoulder, her hand reaching for Santana’s, “I still feel as I do. Just… Give me some time? Maybe? To think about potential last names? Other than just Berry, I mean, now that I know you want it. It’ll be hard, but I’ll try.”

Santana hmmed. “You’ll try?”

Rachel nodded. “I’ll try.”

“…Okay. But, one thing.”


“When you do think about Berry-Lopez, I want you to realize that it would be like…” Shifting as well, Santana curled her arm around Rachel’s waist, drawing her into her as she lifted her other hand so Rachel would watch it moving in the air before them, “You always getting to be first - in anything. The Berry before the Lopez. And if that doesn’t work…” Santana smiled, pressing her cheek to Rachel’s forehead, hugging her, “Just think that you’d always be ‘very Lopez’ too. And really. How could that be a bad thing?”