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I will go down with this being the most femslashiest of femslashy things in the history of femslash.

And they weren’t “canon”. Right.

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Fapezberry (:

For this thing.

Who Holds What:

The umbrella, when it rains: Quinn and Santana. There’s three of them, and Quinn enjoys going along with Santana’s contention that Rachel’s just too damn short because she knows it annoys Rachel to no end and an annoyed Rachel is an adorable Rachel. Rachel puts up with it because, okay, having two taller girlfriends does mean she’s pretty well covered from the rain. Being between the two’s just a plus.

The popcorn at the cinema: Quinn. She normally parks herself between Santana and Rachel because she knows Santana has a thing for theater (public) sex and Rachel’s just as likely to go along with it. And though that doesn’t mean Quinn’s not inclined sometimes to join in, she does enjoy it when both of her girls team up on her. Holding the popcorn, being proprietary over it? Hey, she likes popcorn the best out of them - of course she’s gonna hold onto it. Santana can get her own if she really needs it. And Rachel? Well, Quinn enjoys that Rachel would more rather nibble on her neck and ear than the food in her hands.

The baby, when it cries: This really depends on who’s working at what time. The three have a revolving schedule with Rachel having ensured one or more of them would be home at all times, and Quinn and Santana know better than to try to slack off. When their baby gets old enough that they’re more likely to be around at the same time, getting allowed some free time off of work without having to worry about hospital fees, it goes from who’s awake to who’s available to who wins the coin toss (and sometimes, who loses the coin toss). They love their kid (kids, later on), and it’s not like they truly want to miss out on any time they can have with them.

The ice cream cone, when they share: This is all three. Quinn, Santana, and Rachel all have three different ideas on what is the best ice cream flavor (with Rachel’s most of the time always being a vegan one), and at least once did they actually end up in a kind of fencing competition to get the others to eat (and enjoy) their cones, complete with sweeping monologues and dramatic gesticulations. That was a fun laundry day. Not.

The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie: Rachel. She wants to hear the actors perform their parts. And while Quinn has a lesser but still important desire to pay attention, it’s definitely Santana who enjoys distracting the other two, having on more than one occasion strode through the living room wearing nothing except a smirk because they’re really supposed to watch that movie now

The basket, when they go shopping: Quinn. She’s the only one equipped to deal with Rachel’s want of buying the most disgusting, healthy things, and Santana’s penchant of piling whatever she wants into the basket and damn the consequences! Quinn doesn’t really know how she became the gatekeeper to their pantry, but embraced the job completely after finding mold-covered cupcakes in the plate cupboard two years ago. She loves her girls but… How can you let cupcakes mold???

The door, on dates: Santana. Because she’s the only “true” lesbian in their relationship (but don’t let Rachel or Quinn ever hear that), she feels like she needs to step up and be chivalrous sometimes - even if only because she knows small acts of kindness and romance ensures her hours of loving. It also makes her feel happy, somehow, doing that for her girls, and she knows it’s an easy way to show she cares.

The other’s hand, most often: Rachel. Though she and Santana had hooked up at least half a year before (Quinn’s still a little muzzy on when, exactly, Pezberry had gotten together), it was Rachel’s clasping of her hand in hers that really clued Quinn into the fact that her emotions were returned (Santana’s lusty gazes had been appreciated but practically discounted because Santana had always looked at her like that before). Since then, even though all three love snagging the others’ hands in theirs, Rachel’s still the first one to reach for the other. The basest pleasure in being in between them with their hands in hers aside, Rachel loves being able to hold onto her girlfriends.

Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day: All three. It’s not exactly a legal wedding, but it’s definitely intimate and heartfelt, and each woman can barely breathe as their hands reach for each other as the overseer talks about commitment and love and fidelity. Santana can’t imagine how she’s gotten so lucky in love, and Quinn can only think about how thankful she is for letting herself feel, while Rachel’s frozen with her eyes full of the other two because she’s completely the other two’s and really can’t remember another time when she wasn’t.

The camera, when they take pictures together: All three. It really depends on who’s in the pictures, and what they’re for. Rachel has a habit of taking pictures of all of them when they’re cuddling on the couch or bed/standing together at an event or drinking coffee, while Santana enjoys documenting them working out together or attending some sort of important (very public) gala (they’re different than Rachel’s pictures, okay?). Quinn, meanwhile, is the one who takes most of the pictures, often hiding behind the lens as she captures Rachel and Santana, only giving in to being in the pictures when Rachel and Santana catch her (insist). She doesn’t mind being in them, but it’s not like she thinks she has to convince herself she was involved, years later - Rachel and Santana’re the ones most important to her, after all. Her thinking is that, as long as she knows they were together, then she doesn’t need to show she was there too.


Can we talk about this moment for a sec? Well this and the pezberry fight.

The line that Rachel says there to Santana couldn’t be more true. Rachel doesn’t get it.

Most people when they watch this scene think it’s just Santana spitting out her vemon like she always does. It’s not. The whole pezberry fight happened because Rachel jumped to believe the worst in Santana. She invalidated her and made her feel like shit. Santana didn’t want to steal Rachel’s role. Santana has never wanted to be on Broadway but due to her lack of finding anything that would prove her worth, she took a page from Rachel’s life and ran with it. She figured if Rachel could go from being on the bottom to the top than so could she. When Santana sings Don’t Rain On My Parade, we see her repeatedly look to Rachel for approval. She wanted Rachel to be proud of her but instead Rachel assumed that Santana was there to steal her thunder and make Rachel look bad.

So when Rachel assumes those things, Santana’s inner walls come up and she is actually hurt because she thought that her and Rachel were actually friends. When they fight in 5x09, Santana says that she talks about forgiving her for highschool but she constantly has to have something to hold over Santana’s head. Like she always has to feel superior to Santana even though Santana doesn’t want anything from her except her friendship.

In 5x18, Rachel again assumes the worst in Santana after she fills in for her as Fanny and asks her what she wants in return and Santana retorts “Is that the kind of friend that you think I am?” Once again, believing the worst in her even though Santana, on numerous occasions, has showed Rachel that she’s a good friend.

So this whole this is Rachel thinks that she’s heartless, manipulative, and out to steal her role. So Santana says fine, if that’s what she thinks then I am. When Santana says “No more scraps, Rachel” she’s talking about their friendship. Rachel only seems to treat Santana as a friend when it’s good for her. So Santana doesn’t see Rachel understanding her in the near future so she leaves.

And you can see Santana’s expression above go from bitchy to sad to helpless as she takes in Rachel’s words.