brotp: nick x schmidt

Best Platonic Pairing: Nick and Schmidt

Even though the characters of Nick and Schmidt have developed and changed quite a bit over 6 seasons, from the very beginning it was clear that the friendship between these two was something special.  In season one, we saw Nick text his ex so that Schmidt could get into a party, we saw Schmidt Fredo-kiss Nick on as many occasions as possible, just to name a few of the sweet moments between these two.  Their bromance earned 41% of the vote, and Jess and Cece’s friendship earned second place with 32%. (GIF credit: x)

Best Friendship Moment: Schmidt helps Nick see the truth

With 69% of the vote, this one was no competition.  I know I was waiting all season for Schmidt to meddle in the Nick/Jess situation, and when he finally did in 6x22 Five Stars for Beezus, it was something special.   In a distant second place, with 14% of the vote, was Winston and Cece’s bean bag mess-around from Christmas Eve Eve. (GIF credit: x)

another prompt: I rented out the same tux that you did and you’ve left some really…interesting things in the pockets including, uh, a wedding ring????
and a letter from your significant other telling you how sorry they are for leaving you at the altar oh my god that’s SO rough I must return this to you and make u feel better somehow