brotp: my good friend


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

percy watches the rain patter against the glass window from his chair tucked close to the corner of the one renovated sitting room in the castle. keyleth can see the mile-long stare in his eyes, the way his eyes, glazed and unfocused, trace over memories long-distanced by time. his fingers absentmindedly twist and tug and pull at the end of his sleeves, leaving the faintest grey marks on the white fabric. he always has gunpowder on his hands, no matter how thoroughly he cleans them.

lightning cracks through the sky, cloud-to-cloud, while its sister peal of thunder booms with nature’s fury. the thunderstorm shows no signs of giving in anytime soon.

keyleth moves carefully through the carpeted room, a book in each hand - one on herbal compositions and alchemy, one on aeronautical engineering. there aren’t too many books left behind in the castle, comparatively - where there were once libraries plural, now there is just enough to fill the shelves of a single library. what was left behind was rather eclectic in choice.

now, keyleth purposefully knocks her hip gently into a small shelf, making a little noise so as not to spook percy. he still starts, ruffled for only a moment before his cool, unaffected mask descends once more. “oh - keyleth. you company is always valued.”

keyleth smiles. “i found a book you might like. i figure, you and scanlan are going to get your hands on an airship eventually. might as well be prepared, right?”

he takes the tome from her hands with a grin of his own before scanning the first few pages with a sharp eye. keyleth suddenly feels foolish - she’d tried to discern whether it was worth reading or not herself, but she hadn’t understood half of what the first page read, and what if he’s already read it, she shouldn’t have disturbed him from his thinking in the first place -

“good find, keyleth! i don’t think i’ve seen this particular volume before - then again, i’ve never been quite so invested in aeronautics as i have other forms of tinkering.” percy seems genuinely thankful. “perhaps now is the time, hm?”

“well - i’m glad.” she tamps down the preemptively embarrassed blush that colored her cheeks. “do you mind if i-?” she motions to sit on the floor.

“i can get you a proper chair, if you’d rather.” he moves to stand, but she puts a hand on his shoulder as she moves to sit on the floor next to his chair, facing the window so that she can watch the rain streak by in her periphery while she reads.

“this is fine, percy - thank you.” she imagines the little frown that creases his brow when she hears him give the slightest huff, and it makes her smile.

they sit like that for a long time, both of them wrapped up in their reading, silently thankful for the other’s company.


We know that we’re complete tools. It’s okay.

(PS- these are clearly our real accents. nothing about this is false or meant to mislead. except all of it.)

you know

those times in your life when you do something stupid and you think-

this has the potential to end up badly

but you do it anyways because it’s nice to be wanted by someone?

im so content right now.

this post is just a reminder for myself if get sad about things in a few months/years/however long this will last;

this is what i wanted,  i am choosing this.

and im happy.