brotp: if anything happens to him

No, but imagine Donna approaching Jackie before she ever dated Kelso, and telling her “my friend likes you” to mess with Kelso. 

When Jackie looks over at where he is, Eric and Hyde are also waving at her to fuck Kelso up and she just smiles, and gets all red, and gives Donna her number for him.

Surprised, Donna gives it to Kelso and he immediatelly calls that same day. “

Your voice sounds weird”, Jackie says, “It doesn’t fits your face”. But lets it go. Like, three days later Kelso asks her out in school and she’s so surprised, Kelso thinks she’s going to say no, but she nods.

During the Kelso/Jackie break-up from season 2 to 3, Jackie spends more time with Donna alone and one day she confesses she thought Donna was talking about Hyde when she told her about her friend liking her. Donna laughs her ass off, she wants to go yell it at the Hub where the boys are, but Jackie asks her not to, because her crush with Hyde has just gotten embarrassing after not feeling anything during their kiss.

She shuts up. But years later, it becomes the start of her small speach at Jackie and Hyde’s wedding. She finds out not even Hyde knew about it, only Red Forman and her. 

Kelso can’t fucking believe it, he starts shouting that’s a lie, Eric can’t stop laughing and Fez yells at Kelso’s face “It’s  wedding buuuuurn!”.

Donna tries to keep her speach, but everyone is too busy laughing, and Hyde is too distracted looking at Jackie and murmuring things before kissing her deep, and loooong. Donna sighs and signales them, “That’s it, thats the speach. To Hyde and Jackie!” ~

The Future’s Not Ours to See

Inspired by the Wedding GIF with Granny and Marco practically snuggling in the background - if you haven’t seen it, check my blog. It’s so cute!

A little Mills family moment

“What are you guys staring at?” Henry asked as he dropped himself into the seat on the other side of the table to his mother and his aunt, peering between the backs of their heads in an attempt at seeing for himself. 

Regina turned her face just enough for her voice to carry back to him as she replied with an amused, “Just a couple of lovebirds.” 

“What?” he grinned, lifting up to bring his knees onto the chair and sitting back on his heels, “Where?” 

Regina threw a smirk at her sister before turning to look at Henry properly and indicating with a tilt of her head. “In the corner, hiding in the shadows from prying eyes.” 

“Like yours, you mean.” 

Zelena snorted a laugh into her hand, “He’s quick,” and she seemed impressed in a strange sort of Mills’ way that Henry found comforting and familiar, he hadn’t spent much time with his aunt what with her wanting to capture him and use him as bait for a good half a year, “I like it.”

Regina’s dark eyes rolled as Henry chuckled softly. 

“I still can’t see what you mean though,” he squinted, trying to focus his eyes enough to make out the movement in the shadowed corner, wondering at the same time who it could possibly be with most of the couples already out and on the dance flo- “Oh my god.” 

Zelena’s laughter wasn’t quite so suppressed this time. “I think he might’ve spotted them.” 

His mother’s was just as loud as she agreed with a breathy, “I’d say so.” 

He gawped at the sight of the diner’s patron and the carpenter a little too close for comfort, barely hidden now that his eyes had adjusted and practically sucking the life from one another in the corner of the room with absolutely no care for who could spot them. “I want to look away but-” 

“I know,” both his mother and aunt agreed as they looked back, still laughing at the pair, “it is rather sweet though.” 

“Sweet!?” both Zelena and Henry cried, turning their eyes to a smiling Regina. 

“You’ve gotten weird.” 

“I agree,” Zelena cringed, shaking her head as though doing so would dislodge the image of Granny and Marco from her head. “No more wine for you, sis.”

His mother, for her part, merely laughed them off before looking back to the older couple with a wistfulness that sobered Henry a little. It was probably the kind of thing she’d thought she’d get to do with Robin - not the making out in the corner, bleugh - growing old together, spending their lives with one another. 

He’d been about to ask if she’d dance with him for a little while when she was interrupted by his Grandfather, smiling when he grinned and gave a little bow to Regina as he held out a hand and asked, “Dance with me, Your Majesty?” 

She rolled her eyes - more for show than anything else - before she accepted and allowed him to pull her out onto the dancefloor, closely followed by Henry himself and Snow when his Grandmother requested her own dance and as he looked about the room, watching his mother - both of them - grinning happily and surrounded by family and friends that loved them, he allowed a feeling of contentment to wash over him because, no matter what happened - they were okay.

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I don't know how to feel about this, Sana didn't tell Isak about knowing Even from before but she also didn't tell Yousef about the fact that she still sees him. Like, she is very loyal to Even. I need thia brotp NOW

sana is very loyal to all of her friends, she loves them a lot and would do anything for them! i guess she considers even a friend, but i really would like to see a sana/even scene where they talk about the stuff that happened at bakka and become closer friends :’)

If You Ask Nicely

Matt, Neil notices, has his eyes fixated straight on Neil’s lips as if they’d been glued there. Neil isn’t uncomfortable with this, but he is confused, curious. Everyone is aware of the fact Neil made Matt reconsider his sexuality - Matt has hardly hid it - but he’d never acted out on it.

But here he is now, watching Neil’s lips like there’s nothing else on earth worth looking at it. Neil is not used to it from anyone but Andrew. And in all honesty, he isn’t against Matt looking at him like that, just baffled. He has Dan after all.

Admittedly, they’re all a little bit tipsy, all sat in a circle in the girl’s dorm, getting through a fair bit of vodka. Now that Neil doesn’t have have anything to hide, he is much more comfortable drinking around the foxes. He’d even spent a night in with Matt and got so drunk ended up passing out outside he, Andrew’s and Kevin’s dorm. Luckily Andrew had been staying up waiting for him so when he hadn’t turned up for 7 hours, the goalkeeper went searching for his idiot not-boyfriend. Andrew had of course cursed at the pathetic boy collapsed on the floor, threatening to leave him there before he’d scooped him up, thrown him over his shoulder and dropped him on the bed.

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the au collection, halloween special jennifer’s jackie’s body, part II  

“You’re killing people?“

”No. I’m killing boys.”

Sure that Jackie is the one behind all the gory murders, Donna searches for help in the library, taking Steven Hyde’s, the school’s bad boy, attention. After an awkward talk and memories of the prom last year, Donna finds out her boyfriend’s best friend is kind of a demon hunter with a secret of his own.

Hyde has a personal business with the demon he is sure has possesed Jackie. Turns out the guy has been investigating the murders, too and now with a clear target, nothing will stop him to finally kill this demon.

Exept, Donna will never let him touch his friend, no matter if she’s a murderous demon that eats scumbags. That, and the fact that his feelings for the possessed girl may be a problem even bigger than Jackie’s friend.

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Could you do Simon and Alec brotp for the headcanons?

Yes I’m so sorry it took so long I’m trash sorry. Thank you to @mustafaisaiah for helping me come up with some of these and for giving me ideas and the kick uo the ass i needed hope you like these!

  • Okay but Alec first started wanting to protect Simon because of Clary. Because he saw how much it affected her when he was kidnapped and so he secretely vowed to protect him, because he knew how clary felt, because Jace was always in danger and he didnt know what he’d do if anything happened to him
  • Alec ends up being quite fond of Simon and is amused by his excitable behaviour. He’s would never admit it though and generally pretends theyre not friends, but everyone can see how he protects him and is actually really patient with him
  • Sometimes he hears Simon rambling about shows and movies and stuffand so he looks them up and ends up watching the movies/shows 
  • Simon catches him one day and he gets so excited and starts talking at him about them and Alec’s just like “omg no”
  •  And Alec will start talking to Magnus about these new shows and movies and magnus is just like “hmm seems you and Sheldon have alot in common” “What? no! Simon? He’s annoying, we are not friends” magnus smirks “if you say so”
  • Eventually though Simon has to ask “Why are you always protecting me? You hate me.” Alec sighs exasperately and finally admits “I dont hate you Simon. If anything we’re friends” 
  • Alec instantly regrets his admission though because Simon gets so excited and starts rambling about how he always considered them friends and how much he admires him and Alec just rolls his eyes like “omg why”
  • Simon always stares in awe whenever Alec uses his bow and always wants to try and so he starts begging Alec to teach him. 
  • Alec refuses for a long time, but eventually he cant stand Simon’s whining and so he shows him the basics. Simon’s actually pretty good but he’s nervous because even though theyre aparently “friends” now he still has an image in his head of Alec being cruel and cold
  • He quickly learns though that Alec is actually completelty the opposite and he’s so patient with Simon, and even though he laughs at him when he’s way off the target, hes not actually laughing at Simon and that Simon can laugh too and call Alec an asshole, which just makes him laugh more, and so they spend their time having target competitions and dragging eachother

clizzy/part2|Clalec|Branwood|Clyzzy|Lyzzy|Jalec|Saphael/part2|Jace/simon/Alec|Malec|Maphael|Sizzy|Bimon Lewis|Salec|ImmortalBffs| Malec wedding| protective Raphael

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you know what sounds good right now? some good 'ol kiibo and Ouma brotp headcanons

hell yes i got u

- ouma teases the absolute hell out of kiibo on a daily basis. he loves to see how far he can go until kiibo threatens to incinerate him in the middle of the cafeteria floor.

- ouma will hunt you down if you tease kiibo though. he is fiercely protective of him even though the others have told him ‘he’s just a robot’ several times

- kokichi gets super frustrated whenever someone says that about kiibo bc kiibo isn’t just a robot to him. kiibo is his first and only friend and if anything really did happen to him ouma would be devastated.

- kiibo can bend his ‘ahoge’ (antenna?) into various shapes and it amuses the hell out of both of them

- if kokichi is upset or overwhelmed at all kiibo will take him to the gym at night and make shadow puppets with his antenna for hours just to see ouma smile again

- kiibo didn’t know what a fist bump was so when ouma tried to give him a fist bump for the first time he was thrown across the room at top speed

- there’s now an ouma shaped dent in the cafeteria wall and monokuma is still Pissed

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1, 2, and 9 for the ask meme!

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

I think I’d have to say SinKou/SinGyoku (or whatever the actual ship name is). Although the ship itself can have many different and interesting twists and ways around it if it were to go in the AU direction, I can’t imagine anything ever happening or any chemistry sparking within these two canon-wise. Perhaps before Sinbad had used Kougyoku. But after sticking Zepar in her, I don’t ever see how it’d work out. Even if Kougyoku has forgiven Sinbad for what he’s done to her, that doesn’t mean she’ll forget it or give it a chance.

2.  Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*

JuHaku/JuRyuu, SinJa, and AliMor

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

I… actually don’t like Sinbad very much //shot

I mean, I don’t hate him? He’s just not my type of character. He’s too “perfect.” Even his mistakes are shown in a light that serves to add to his perfection. The way he’s put up on a pedestal and his actions, both good and bad, easily dismissed as “just Sinbad being Sinbad” rubs me the wrong way. It’s like one of those… *cough* Nevermind. I don’t wanna start any kind of discourse or anything.

But yeah.

Otherwise, I guess another would be Alibaba? After re-reading the Kou trading company mini arc, I got to appreciate him and the progress he made. Now with his fighting against Sinbad? He’s becoming another Sinbad and yeah, I don’t like characters who make themselves out to be “perfect.”

So, there is a headcanon that Evie taught Carlos how to sew. I wanna elaborate on that a bit by using a back story type thing.

One day Carlos had noticed and rip in one of Cruella’s fur coats and he knows he has to fix it as soon as possible, he also knows that Evie can sew. So he rushes to get her and of course she fixes it right up, then gets an idea. She offers to teach him in case anything like that happened again, to which Carlos agrees.

Send me your headcanons!

alannastara  asked:

Salty ask: 2, 7, 14

2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*

Hmmm… I was never a big fan of Sashà and Abrahàm. I didn’t like how he ended things so harshly with Rosita, and I still wasn’t over the sweetness that was Bob and Sashà. I liked Abè and Sashà better as friends. Their relationship felt a little contrived to me considering how soon it happened before Abrahàm died. Like Sashà hadn’t suffered enough…

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*

Mick Mimes? I found him more redeemable and relatable in the earlier seasons. He really struggled with his choices and seemed to sacrifice a lot personally to protect others. Now every time I see him on screen I grumble (although he is much more palatable when he’s with Michonnē). I just find him very bullheaded and selfish these days.

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

All the wackadoo fans are driving away the kind and positive fans and that makes me sad. The behaviour of some fans in this fandom toward REAL people (the actors, the writers, other fans…) is baffling. NR fans are particularly bad for this (and it’s definitely not just TDers or ABCers, but Cãrylers too).

For example, I really don’t give two shits about who NR dates in his private life, or what GN says on a cruise ship about Bêth, or what a cast member tweets about their breakfast choices because none of that info has any bearing on the show. However, some peeps want to read into everything as a SIGN and feel the need to incessantly and inappropriately blast their opinions all over the Internet and often in the inboxes of the actors they claim to love.

I like analysis and parallels as much as the next person, but conspiracy theories and/or emotional breakdowns over insignificant information are the things that keep me out of the tags and safely in my own fandom bubble.

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Jacin and Thorne please~~~

  • Okay, but this one brotp that really didn’t start off smoothly. I mean there was that little incident where Thorne punched Jacin and out and that probably wasn’t the last time, given how vastly different they are personality-wise.
    • They’ve come to blows on multiple occasions, usually over really stupid things. 
      • Cress is usually the one to break it up, because those two are her boys and they’ll both listen to her.
      • Just because they aren’t technically fighting, that doesn’t mean they aren’t bugging each other. Headlocks, elbows in the ribs, noogies—all those fun brotherly traditions that Thorne isn’t tall enough stupid enough to try on Wolf.
  • If they aren’t physically fighting, then they’re sassing each other over comms.
    • (”If you don’t stop harassing each other, I’m shutting down the group chat again.” “Cressss—” “Shortcake—” “YOU BOTH HEARD ME!”)
  • Jacin absolutely revels in calling Thorne “Cadet,” a nickname that for once was not coined by him, but that he likes a thousand times better than anything he could concoct.
  • Thorne has made it his personal mission in life to get Jacin to loosen up. Thus far, he has been successful in coaxing a few smiles out of him and dragging him to a party or two, but nothing more. Jacin is still Jacin.
  • Thorne’s taken Jacin aside to ask him about Sybil and the satellite and what happened over those seven years so he can better understand what happened to Cress.

Rex really knew very little of family in the traditional sense, but as he and Cody walked close together down these quiet hallways, Rex just couldn't find it in himself to believe that anyone felt more strongly about their family than he did for his.

I have to say something about these two for BroTP week, since finishing my one shots is taking longer than I want (it always does lol, I’m impatient). But I don’t even know where to begin.

I have so many headcanons about their training days (that’s what the one shots are about). Most are extrapolated from evidence in canon as far as their personalities go… Anakin was not the only one who pulled Rex out of his shell from being like Dogma “back in the day”… that was also Cody’s fault. Cody is simultaneously more expressive and more even keel than Rex originally was… he was just a little bit inconsistent as a cadet, so Cody comes to admire Rex’s stick-to-it-iveness, his loyalty, his sense of honor. And Cody just kind of… chose him as a friend. He eventually sees Rex as a constant in his life that goes deeper than almost anything else. The most reassuring, strengthening thing for Cody is to see Rex alive and well again after a stretch of battles. Rex, for his part… learned, through Cody, how to turn his independence away from shutting others out and now instead tries to take care of everyone and take it all on himself… he finds in Cody someone he can loosen up around, can be himself around without worrying about letting anyone down… a true peer, so… he doesn’t feel irresponsible for being vulnerable around him. 

Think about how Rex behaved on Umbara. He tried to take responsibility for everyone else’s actions, even after telling Fives and Jesse and Hardcase that he couldn’t help them if they got caught. I think he realized when Krell ordered Jesse and Fives’ execution that Krell would continue to severely punish anyone who disobeyed him, and that was part of why Rex didn’t encourage the men to disobey until he knew they were already willing… he is keenly aware that their lives are in his hands at all times, that his orders to them could be the difference between life or death, that even in subtly CONDONING of their disobedience he is implicitly responsible for whatever happens to them next. And with Cody he doesn’t really have to worry about that. He can be honest. And that means so much to him. 

They share stories of their Jedi Generals. They share casualty numbers and victories and drinks and memories of the last years of anything resembling a childhood. They are family, they belong together, and I’m going to stop rambling now even though I’ve barely scratched the surface and stare off into space clutching my heart thinking about Chapter 12 of LTFAD.

“We don’t usually "patch” each over up afterwards because an assassin of our rank never get caught. If it happens, we usually do that in our little corner not bothering the entire world about our little scratches. And Talon is not the extrovert kind.

I prefer avoiding asking him anything concerning bandaging and other medication stuff. He never loses an opportunity to remind me the elementary rules I know by heart. And the quite famous “I told you so….” “

MikaYuu ~ you are the end to me...

I know it’s not healthy to be so emotionally invested into something but yet, I have come to love them so much now T.T. I don’t regret getting into this pairing, but I don’t want them to separate and be on different sides if something were to happen T.T 

Honestly, I got to hand it to Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End, because I seriously don’t think I am that into an anime/manga for such a long time that is completely new (i.e. from the get go). I don’t remember when the last one was. 

And now, I can’t get my mind off this pairing, seriously, not joking. I wish I am joking so it saves me the heart-break later on if there is any (I hope not). I hope the author will give me more of their moments because they are precious to me and I want them together/happy (always).

Mikaela is my favourite character in this series, he holds a lot of qualities in which I love. His character is complicated in which you need to really understand his character to really love him. I do really love him because he’s an interesting character that holds so many layers where I find interesting and loveable. A lot of these does remind me of some of the characters I adore/love also. Like, part of him actually reminds me of Jellal (Fairy Tail). How are they similar? Well, the human side to him (Mika) that is kind and upbeat in spite of the harsh events in his childhood, he always tries to look positive and cheerful for his ‘family’. He’s like the leader and guidance to his ‘family’ in which they look up to in escaping that place. The setting/his persona is very similar imo. To add on top of that, the self-punishment there!!!! We all know it was tragic and inevitable that his surrogate family was killed by Ferid, it is to push the plot along….but none of this is directly his (Mika’s) fault, and it’s not something he would have wanted if there is a choice. It would also be much easier if he doesn’t hold all the blame/guilt on himself for being powerless to protect his family back then. Yet, we (readers as well as viewers) understand this, he still didn’t blame Ferid for killing his family, but himself instead :( See another similarity?  

Personally, Vampires have a way of appealing to me (if done right). Mika was turned to a vampire against his will; but he is also a Vampire who doesn’t want to be a monster (i.e. with a heart), he refuses to drink human blood because he still has a heart/doesn’t want to be a monster, how can I not love him?

And the fact that he is loyal to (only) Yuu where he doesn’t mind sacrificing himself to save his best friend (/someone he regards as ‘family’) to such extent i.e. he would go borderline yandere on anyone who tries to hurt Yuu, this is a massive appeal in his character/this pairing for me. I love his loyalty and protectiveness of Yuu, because it shows me despite he is cold and looks apathetic, but when it comes to Yuu, he will not have that barrier because he regards Yuu as his family, which I see as his light because Yuu can bring out that smile in him that no one can (sweet <3), as well as he could also be the one to hurt him the most, maybe unintentionally but still… (my angst….. T_T).  

The way how Mika treats Yuu, I have to say it also reminds me of Killua on Gon (KilluGon in Hunter x Hunter), I won’t go into the details here, but if you know about both pairings, you might see what I mean. For me though, I love both Mikayuu and KilluGon. Just like I do for KilluGon, I never wanted KilluGon to go their separate ways so I am sad and disappointed in the author for doing that on my BROTP (in HxH)… I only hope this won’t happen to Mikayuu because I want them to always be together!! Together so much that I want this pairing to be the ‘only one’, no one else

Yuu, please don’t do anything to make Mika sad, you gave him hope so please don’t be the one to hurt him, I don’t want to see Mika sad, I want to see him smile and happy. He deserves this much because he suffered so much. I don’t know how I will cope if anything bad were to happen. I sure hope it won’t since I’m so into Mika / this pairing right now that it really scares me!

Am I the only one that doesn’t actually ship Nux/Capable?

Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable and I feel like they’d do the friends thing, but… I dunno, the relationship on screen just seemed almost more like imprinting to me. Capable was the first person to treat him with anything even remotely resembling kindness, so he just latched on. I feel like the same thing would have happened if, say, Max walked up and was just like “You done good kid” or something along those lines.

Basically, Nux is like a little baby duckling looking for a mama, and Capable happened to be there. I personally don’t romanticize it, though I looooove the thought of them going back and Capable teaching Nux stuff and them being friends~ So it’s BroTP status for me!

(Plus both of them acting like children and pulling pranks on everyone else! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ )

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regular sized rudy for the ask game

for the ask meme

Why I like them: oh man – definitely the combination of his wheezing asthmatic nature and his uncontainable appetite for adventure and adrenaline (and he befriended a bean bag chair? I mean?? so precious???)
Why I don’t: oh come on, this isn’t possible
Favorite episode (scene if movie): carpe museum
Favorite season/movie: season 5
Favorite line: “Hey, what’s that noise?” “My cymbals you never know when somebody’s gonna want to jam!”
Favorite outfit: his hall monitor uniform
OTP: huh – I don’t think I actively ship him with anybody
Brotp: him and louise
Head Canon: (sort of building off the brotp question) him and louise remain best friends throughout high school and perfectly temper each other – she continues to push him and he brings out the best in her
Unpopular opinion: I don’t ship him and louise as anything other than friends (is that an unpopular opinion? man I don’t know)
A wish: more regular-sized rudy in general!
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: him ending up disconnected from the belchers
5 words to best describe them: incredibly important wonderfully wheezing child
My nickname for them: n/a

Hormones, crushes and connecting with WiFi rambling

I suppose we’ve all been a bit disappointed with Adrien in Animan - after all the Adrienette?!

But that is understandable considering Nino is his bff and he loves Ladybug while Mari is just a nice girl he’s friends with (on whom he may or may not start  having a liiiiittle crush), I guess he considers her worthy of his precious friend but I also entertain the thought that he sees her the same way Ladybug sees Chat Noir - I could give it a shot if only there wasn’t someone else in my heart, I want you to be happy tho.

That being said I’m kinda more bumped by Nino’s “sudden-not-so-sudden” interest in Marinette bc 1) my BROTP and 2) the look he gave Alya in Horrificator :|

But even with all that I take into consideration few things and one of them being they are teenagers and crushes. just. happen. Bigger or smaller, with or without the “big L word” at the tip of the tongue, short or long-termed etc. It feels like Nino knew Alya too long/ too well to think of her as anything else than someone who just always is there, with him. Much like Alya regarding him as someone of a brother-caliber. And just like Nino said he “thought he had a thing for Marinette untill he had some time alone with Alya” (that girl is a dating goddess btw) - depending on the time you spend with a person you can fall in or out of L-L-Liking them a lot.

Confusing as it may be, I’m really excited that DJWifi bacame canon (and in such a funny way!) - I simply hope they will remain as such in next episodes…!!

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Bellarke au prompt where Bellamy is on his third tour when he gets injured and Clarke happens to be the army medic that patches him up

Army AU is now definitely on my list of favorite genres, so thank you for this prompt :) Also I tweaked this a little bit, but not by much, and added some Bellamy & Raven brotp in as well, so I hope you enjoy!

Clarke was a professional, really she was. Two years serving as a doctor in the army in Afghanistan had prepared her for practically anything, so working at the rehabilitation center back in the States should’ve been a breeze. What she hadn’t counted on, however, was having as feisty patients as Private Reyes and Sergeant Blake.

“I said the cup’s on your left, Cornflake. Your left.”

“Fuck off, Reyes, I’m blind if you haven’t noticed. And stop calling me Cornflake.”

“I have noticed, you uncoordinated idiot. That’s why I’m trying to help you, but maybe your deaf as well as blind, because you can’t seem to understand simple directions like left and right.”

Clarke smothered a laugh at the conversation behind her, not wanting to encourage either of her patients. Reyes was a handful all on her own, in rehab for a spinal injury after not getting clear of an IED in time. She was a combat engineer, because she liked to make things go boom, you know, just not usually when I’m in the way, or so she had informed Clarke with a broad, confident smile at their first meeting. Sergeant Blake, however, had been less forthcoming with personal details. All Clarke knew about him was what was in his medical file (one broken arm during childhood, a sprained ankle during basic, vaccinations all up to par) and that he had been on his third tour when a bomb had gone off and sent shrapnel into his eyes, leaving him temporarily blind.

“Reyes, just hand me the goddamn cup.”

“Sure thing,” Reyes relented. “Cornflake.”

Keeping her hands busy gathering new bandages was the best Clarke could do to distract herself from the mildly hilarious way Blake started swearing at Reyes, grumbling even as he presumably accepted the glass of water she was offering. She wasn’t quite sure how the nickname had come about, but Blake was from the Midwest, and Raven liked to rhyme, so, yeah, probably something like that.

Not that it was any of her business, though; they were just her patients, nothing more. Clarke was supposed to care about their physical and mental wellbeing, but they weren’t her friends, weren’t hers to get to know beyond basic pleasantries. It was odd, because she knew their bodies extremely well, but beyond that, they should be strangers.

It was harder to maintain that distance with these two however, because despite their hardships, they were brimming with life. Sure, they were cranky and argumentative most of the time, but Clarke much preferred that to seeing them dip into depression and defeat. They were fighters, and would keep on fighting. She admired that about them.

“Dr. Griffin, Blake’s wet himself again.”

“I swear to fucking god, Reyes.”

When Clarke turned around, she bit back a smile at the way Blake was scowling at Reyes, who was grinning back at him in return. The cup was on the floor—he must have dropped it—and much of Blake’s shirt was wet from the spilled water. Walking over, Clarke picked up the cup, tossing a towel at Sergeant Blake so he could clean up. While he wiped himself off, she rooted in his nightstand for a dry shirt. She finally found one of his favorites—okay, so, maybe she knew him better than she should—and stood up only to be greeted by the sight of him shirtless less than foot away from her.

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