brotp: i'm here for you

I’ll be here for you, every day, every minute. Every time you feel lost and lonely, remember that I’m always ready to help you get through everything. I want to comfort you every time you feel you’re all alone and there’s nobody who can understand you. Let me help you feel safe. Let me hold you in my arms.

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can you or someone you know explain me why are Clint and Natasha soulmates? i've seen on Tumblr many people saying this. but i'm not really familiar with the comics. i'm currently reading captain america vol 5 so i don't know much about comic Clint but Bucky seems more - at least so far - like a soulmate to Nat for me because of their backstory

Oh, my friend, you have come to the right place.

First, let me be clear that my ship to end all ships is ClintBarton/Phil Coulson, and that my number one Natasha Romanoff ship is NatashaRomanoff/Bucky Barnes. Despite these ships Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff will always be soulmates to me. Why? Why are these two dorks soulmates?

Black Widow #6 (2014)

*brushes off old comic books and lots of feels*

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If nothing else, I hope you know that I love you with every ounce of my being. I hope you realise your importance not only to me but to everyone who has been lucky enough to know you. I hope you know that when you’re feeling down, I only ever strive for your happiness. I hope you remember that no matter what, I’m here for you and I fully intend on staying in your life for quite some time. I hope you recognise the fact that I appreciate and adore you without restraints, and that this will never change.
This is for Queer girls

More specifically, this is for bi girls because we are so often over looked.

Our straight friends oversexualize us.
Our queer friends exclude us for never being queer enough.

This is for bi girls who come out to their families only to hear, “make a choice.”

This is for bi girls who’ve never dated girls and hear, “well how do you even know?” 3000 times a day.

This is for bi girls.
Non conforming.

This is for YOU.
For ME.
For us.

You are valid.
Your feelings and emotions are valid.
You are misrepresented, but you are here.

I am so here for you.


“I CAN’T take this any longer!”
He sat on the side of his bed, water was still running on his back from his wet hair. He was looking at the aurin standing in the front of him, infuriated from anger. He tried to offer a drink and a seat to calm down a little, but this time it just wouldn’t do. Everything she listed would be a tough call to solve by itself, but all together was frustrating enough to make him struggle just by the thought. He never heard her crying out like this before, which made him a bit worried.
As he was trying to solve each puzzle in mind, she rose her head and looked at him in the eye. She was blushing from anger, her eyes were wet; however what made the whole scene dangerous was the fact that he could feel her mental energy materializing around her. She was lost deep in the darkness, with nothing hold on to.
He silently released the air from his lungs, and leaned his implanted hand towards her. She followed the path of his fingers by her vision, but didn’t move otherwise. She was cold and stiff to the touch; so much pressure built up inside her that he could only imagine. He stroke the side of her hand, and enclosed her palm with his fingers. She did not react at all, her hand was limp, her neck and lower jaw was flexing from swallowing her screams. Her eyes begun to shine up, and this was the cue for him to act before she looses control over her power completely: he strengthened the grip on her palm and pulled her towards himself, until her body clashed into his chest. It happened so fast that she didn’t had a chance to protest. He held her hand close with his augmented one, and leaned his head towards her chest. His hair quickly wet her shirt; the contrast of his warm skin and the cold water somewhat shook her out from tension. She blinked a few times as she began to regain control over her powers, and took a deep breath. He felt as she slowly laid her face on the top of his head, releasing the pressure with a long sigh. He raised his left hand, enclosing her back with it. They held each other like this for a while, when she fiddled with her fingers, trying to free them from his grasp. He loosened his grip, and rested his hand on his lap. She raised her palm to his neck and began to stroke his skin gently, up to his jaw, followed by his cheek, towards his forehead, and trough his hair, to the back of his head. She pulled him close, her other hand locking on his neck, her head pressing against his.
Staxyn nuzzled into her chest, he grabbed her bottom firmly, and he tumbled back on the bed. She suppressed a yelp in surprise, and looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled faintly, and began to stroke her hair with his left, close to her ears where the skin was sensitive. As he massaged on these soft spots, her face began to relax, and her lids closed to embrace the delightful sensation.
“I’m here for you.” - he murmured quietly; she opened her eyes to look into his face. “You are safe now.” - he continued, and gave a soft kiss on her forehead, then laid his arms around her, holding her gently. Her cheeks blushed as she buried her face into his chest; her tenderness slowly faded as he caressed her, he could feel her breathing stabilizing into a steady rhythm.

I had an unbelievably long day, so no drawing for today. Have some cuddles with some story instead.

hi precious.

has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? you’re so beautiful. and you know what the main beauty in you is? your flaws. doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect, nobody ever really is. but I guess to me, in my eyes, you’re fucking perfect.

has anyone ever told you that you matter? you matter in this world. don’t let anyone tell you that you’re worthless, because you’re not. you are living, you occupy space and you have mass. do you know what that means? you matter.

has anyone told you why you exist? you’re needed in this world. life is shit, I do admit that, but it’s not worth ending your life. you have a life for a reason, and you need to seek that reason.

has anyone told you they loved you? heck, I love you. I may not even know you, but I promise I’d do everything in my power to get to know you and make sure you keep breathing. Jesus, I’d rob a bank just to have money to fly over to you just to make sure you’re safe and healthy and smiling.

has anyone ever told you that you look amazing with a smile on your face? because you do. you’re so beautiful. you’d make any person weak in the knees, and I’m sure you’ll make me weak if you keep smiling so big, baby, to the point your eyes crinkle. that’s beauty.

has anyone ever told you not to harm yourself? you shouldn’t. tearing your skin open isn’t going to rid the demons and prevent the pain, it causes more pain and the demons grow strength out of your weakness. I love you, fuck. this is coming from someone who is nearly a year clean of self harm - please stop. it’s not worth it. you’re too beautiful to destroy yourself. don’t let them get to you. I’m here for you. if I can do it, you can too. don’t leave me like that. don’t leave me ever.

has anyone ever told you not to end your life right now? don’t kill yourself tonight. don’t kill yourself ever. not tomorrow, not on Sunday, not next week, not next month, not next year, not ever in your lifetime. you are alive for a reason. sometimes you’re in hell before you get to heaven. and you will make it there without having suicide as an option. keep breathing, because I need you here. so many people need you here.

I’m here for you, precious. message me. I’ll give you my number if you want me to. we’ll have long chats about life itself and our problems, and I fucking promise you I’ll do everything to help you. I don’t want to lose you. people don’t want to lose you. you matter to me and to many others. don’t let life bring you down. stand right back up and keep running, babe, I’m right beside you along the way. so are many others.

I’m just a inbox away, baby. I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there. heck, I’m still fighting. but I’m here for you. I want to help you. you don’t belong underground, you belong above it.

I love you so fucking much.❤️

Hey. I don’t know if you’re sleeping or awake. I don’t know if you’re letting your illnesses get to you or if you’re letting your family tickle your woes away. I don’t know if you’re looking in the sky and seeing the beauty in light and dark. Or if you’re looking away from those you love with your eyes on the ground. I don’t know if you’re in pain from the night before, when you cried alone. I don’t know if you’re safe. And it scares the fuck out of me. I don’t know you, but you need to stand as tall as those buildings in Dubai. It’s never really goodbye, okay? I don’t know if you’re laughing or if you’re crying about a small scene in a favorite show. I don’t know if you’re scared out of your mind because he’s leaving you. Or if you’re happy because he told you that he loved your smile today. I don’t know if you’ll read this or if you think you’re completely alone. No matter how many poems I write, it’ll just be empty sketches if your loneliness hugs you skin-tight on the bedroom floor. If you’re shivering and these frail and fragile words… no longer provide you with comfort. I’d be nothing and just as cold. I don’t know if your hand is on the stove or if you feel your feet in the Arctic Waters. Let my words be your cool aloe vera soothing your burned fingertips. Let these images wrap you from head to toe. It’ll be your mittens for this Winter. I know it still hurts when you think about him. I don’t know if you’ll ever heal. Though… I do know. If you ever need someone to talk to, you’ve got hot cocoa and a blanket worded friend, right here. Don’t stress too much, the morning is only bright because the darkness is make-up for the sky. If the morning sky cried, the bright make-up fades away. But if the morning stops crying, the make-up covers the bruised dark clouds, once again. You’re hidden again. Behind all of your bright and blithe giggles. The fake smiles keep people closer, you’d think. Hey. You’re not alone, just a sky that cries. You’ve got this. We all need a mountain to lean on, sometimes. We all need a starry night blanket to wrap us from the dead space temperature. Here’s a smile from my poems to you. I’ll be a ninny with you.
—  Infinity is made from broken clocks, @blitheandblot.
This is to everyone on here who has sucky parents!

I’m your mum now! And I’m your dad also! Nobody deserves to live life unhappy surrounded by people who don’t respect who you are and/or what you do! I’m here for you and I’ll talk to you anytime! Please feel free to drop me a message anytime