brotp: i wouldn't change a thing

We pride our ship on being realistic and genuine:

Well, first time sex(and I don’t mean virginal, I mean with a new partner) rarely all lit candles, sweet words, and perfect movements.  It’s rarely about being perfectly seduced in the back of a limo(don’t get me started).  It’s awkward and if you’re with the “right” person that first time isn’t a deal breaker.  Not even close.  I know we all wanted this beautiful, romantic scene, but I still think we could have it - but I’m going to so enjoy this episode because I think it just makes Dan and Blair more realistic to me.  Something Chuck and Blair have never been.

We got this.  Our ship even makes awkward sex hot.


My six selfies of 2014. It was such a huge year for me, I found out a lot about myself. I look back on the year and who I was when it began and I just can’t believe how much things have changed in my life. I fell in love with three amazing people, and got to meet two of them. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such happiness…
And god this has been the best year of my life.

I am actually crying.

I just read the newest chapter of Fairy Tail and I legit am so overwhelmed with the the feels that I am crying. I don’t know what set it off, but seeing everyone and how they grew in the one year they had been separated, how everyone was just talking as if they had only been on an extended job, and how every guild member truly does depends on their Lucy-glue to bring them back together… I just kinda lost it. I can get emotional sometimes, but holy cow… The Fairy Tail fandom and guild… You guys are a big part of me now. And even if it sounds crazy well maybe it actually is crazy to really cry over a chapter of a fictional story with fictional characters… I don’t feel crazy. I don’t feel like this is a bad thing. Hopefully I am not the only one who feels emotionally exhausted, relieved, and repaired now. OH and BTW… HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


Me, You, We’re face to face 
But we don’t see eye to eye :/ 

… aaaand exactly a year ago today, I met Jay.

He was in town after winning the CDR Never Not Funny auction and we both happened to be at UCB seeing ASSSSCAT that night. As I was leaving the show with some friends, he decided to be a weirdo and snap a picture of me, while saying “... how do YOU like it?

However, he had never introduced himself, so I smiled, flipped him off and walked away, figuring he was just some creeper.

He sent me a message to explain who he was and a couple days later, I properly met him at Comedy Death Ray. He turned out to be a gentleman who shook my hand at the end of the night, and I expected to never see him again.

Little did I know where I’d end up a year later…


Brynn O'Malley sings “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” from the unproduced musical The Last Resorts at If It Only Even Runs A Minute 11.

I just got a note from a girl on behance who is studying me and my art for a project and I could just die from the cute I don’t feel like I should be studied ever though other than to say ah, this is what you DON’T do.

Made a lot of mistakes, squandered opportunities, was depressed, but kept going and learning and working and now things are finally on the go and I feel really grateful to be allowed these opportunities which is why I better finish off this comic page so I can send out my freelance sketches tonight.