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AU where Beth and Ali meet because Beth kept kicking the back of Ali's chair at the theatre -sc


So basically the entire senior class is in the auditorium the day Alison meets Beth. The school play was supposed to be put on today, and because the english teacher is giving extra credit everyone is there. (Because everyone - and I mean everyone - needs it.) 

Alison isn’t in this play because it's Grease, and as much as she loves musicals - she can’t stand Grease. So instead she sits in the front row and frowns at the actors. She would be having a much better time silently being disgusted by the play if someone behind her would stop kicking her chair and sighing. The nerve of some people. By the time the play is nearly finished she’s just about had it, so she spins around to tell the person off for kicking her chair only to see that - wow. This person is beautiful.

“I… uh….”

“Oh, I’m sorry, have I been kicking your chair? I do that sometimes, it’s a habit.”

“You… uhm…..”

“I’m Beth.”

“Alison. I-is me.”

“Nice to meet you Alison.”

(For the rest of the play Alison’s face is redder than the boy she’s sitting next to’s hair.)