brotp: i know you are but what am i

stop pretending that sirius black isn’t a food snob and that it Kills him that lily puts ketchup on practically everything

I don’t know where people get the idea that clary slutshamed izzy? I’m rereading rn and so far all she’s done/said is:

  • commented on how much she wants to draw izzy
  • said that izzy’s top didn’t fit her cause clary had no cleavage
  • she got jealous when izzy flirted with simon? It’s almost like she’s a teenager with a internalized almost crush on her only friend… but she never degraded izzy ffs
  • she did call izzy a bitch after simon turned into a rat (wow overreacting™) but tbh that’s just how clary acts when she doesn’t think her words through when she’s panicking
  • she noticed that meliron and izzy had a thing. she noticed. she wasn’t like wow she’s sleeping with a fae sluutt but it’s almost like that’s what readers made up with their internalized misogyny
  • she said that izzy wore low cut tops and high heels when describing what izzy was wearing just like she described alec’s holey sweaters again no shaming izzy’s clothing from clary hmmm (see bold text in example above)

And people think clary and izzy hated eachother in the beginning? (They were wary of eachother cause they’d each only ever been friends with guys and didn’t know how to act around other girls) so I raise you brotp clizzy in the early days (as of where I am in city of ashes):

  • the entire scene where izzy got clary ready for magnus’ party and the conversation they had
  • izzy literally gave clary her first proper runes but nooo they totally didn’t trust eachother and hated eachother
  • izzy updates clary on everything over text cause she feels like clary needs to know
  • she notified clary immediately after jace got locked up cause that’s what people who don’t like eachother do apparently
  • backed up clary when clary wanted to go to the silent city and alec said no
  • mutually protecting eachother

Anyways please properly analyze the books before saying that cc pitted them against eachother

  • Aladdin: so Killian
  • Aladdin: do you think she likes me
  • Killian: dammit I'm a pirate, not a matchmaker!
  • Killian: I mean she's obviously in love with you and you with her, but--
  • Aladdin: you think so??
  • Killian: yes yes, I talked to her earlier
  • Killian: a lady in denial if ever I saw one, and trust me, I know how to spot one of those
  • Killian: besides, Emma showed me the movie
  • Aladdin: omg you really think she likes me??
  • Killian: good grief will you please leave
  • Killian: preferably to that room down the hall where the crew don't really go so two people could go there and not be disturbed, which is an interesting fact that I am sharing with you for no reason whatsoever
  • Killian: also, I might have a book of love poetry in my pocket
  • Killian: I mention this knowing that you are an accomplished pickpocket and Jasmine mentioned that she enjoys love poetry
  • Killian:
  • Killian: now go away, I don't care about your relationship
The long list of my favorite platonic prompts

Physical touch is my own love language, okay, so there’s a lot of that. In no particular order: 

  • Living in the same home 
  • Going somewhere together 
  • “I missed you.” 
  • Really long hug 
  • Sharing a bed 
  • Massaging head/shoulders 
  • Massage to relieve headache 
  • Styling/playing with hair 
  • Holding hands unironically 
  • Sleeping on each other 
  • Lap pillow 
  • Sitting on to be annoying 
  • Getting sat on to be annoyed 
  • Dragging by their clothes 
  • “You’re my idiot.” 
  • Carrying each other 
  • Really complicated handshake 
  • High-five-butt-slap 
  • Punching/slapping when annoyed 
  • Sharing shower/bath/bathroom 
  • Putting arm over their shoulders 
  • Back rub 
  • Sitting together 
  • Tending wounds/sickness 
  • “You’re not a burden.” 
  • Foot massage 
  • Tickle fight 
  • Pillow fight 
  • Wrestling 
  • Making them laugh until it hurts 
  • Physically blocking them from harm 
  • Defending them in arguments 
  • Calling them out when they’re wrong 
  • (Un)officially adopting as family 
  • “I trust you with my life.” 
  • Cry in front of each other 
  • Share stuff without asking 
  • Snark/roasting contest 
  • Wearing their clothes 
  • Stealing their food 
  • Covering them in battle 
  • Public displays of affection
  • Private displays of affection
  • Emotional conversations 
  • Sharing secrets 
  • “I love you. Yeah, for real.”
  • Asking for something on this list 
  • Knowing what they need before they ask 
  • Making food for them 
  • Buying presents for no reason 
  • Asking each other’s opinions first 
  • Knowing what they’re thinking 
  • Talking at 2 AM when they can’t sleep 
  • “I’ll never give up on you.

Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?

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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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My Girl

3 Days later, Lily asks Sirius to walk her home…

Sirius: *Gives look*

Is there a reason why I’m walking you home today? James wasn’t here… so what gives?

Lily: What? Can’t a girl ask a gentleman to walk her home without there being an ulterior motive?

Sirius: A girl? Sure. You? Come on, Evans. Spill.

Lily: Fine. Why was I THE ONLY GIRL in the whole school you didn’t sweet talk? Not that I mind or anything, because ew, but it’s just a bit weird, ya know?

Sirius: …. Well, I mean you’re Jamie’s dame—

Lily: Watch it, Black.

Sirius: … and we’ve known each other since we were 11. Kinda weird don’t you think?


Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dorcas.

Sirius: OKAY! Okay. I get it.

Lily: Then why not me? Am I hideous or something?

Sirius: *deep sigh* You’re very pretty, Evans.


Is it…. *pause* something else?

Lily: *deep breath* You know…

If I happened to have a friend who… buttered his bread on the other side…

Sirius: *scoff*

Lily: …I wouldn’t have a problem it.

Lily: Sirius, it’s me.

Sirius: So… you’d… you’d be cool if I was….  you’d be cool with being my only girl?

Lily:Of course! Now I don’t have to cut a bitch.

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i have to ask do you think azriel and elain match.....?

I am not 100% sure what your question refers to, I know there is a part of the fandom passionate about shipping Azriel and Elain romantically. I am not part of that, sorry! I am too deep in the Moriel trash can. THE POLITE SHADOW BAT’S SHADOWS LIGHTEN WHEN MOR ENTERS A ROOM. C’MON <3


Everything that will follow now could end up being very inaccurate and you are allowed to come to my inbox after reading ACOWAR and laugh at my hopeful speculations. I just like the idea of these two being buddies, okay? <3 

Okay. So. Azriel and Elain will get along swimmingly. We have the dinner scene in ACOMAF where Azriel smiles when he sees Elain grab her fork as if she might wield it against Cassian.  

A faint smile bloomed upon Azriel’s mouth as he noticed Elain’s fingers white-knuckled on that fork, but he kept silent. 

Azriel. Smiles. I feel like the thought of Elain trying to stab Cassian with the fork makes him smile not because Cassian is stronger and she has no chance, but simply because she is ready to do it and he appreciates anyone who is willing to stab his brother a little in the leg with a fork. 

Elain and Azriel shares having a sister/brother who is very firey and the two of them very much being the opposite of that fire. They are both quiet, and deeply respected. Both are comfortable with letting their sister/brother grab the attention and by extension also protect/buffer them that way too, by taking attention away from Elain and Azriel.

We don’t know how being put in the Cauldron will have affected Elain, apart from being made into High Fae. It might add some darkness/fear/anger to her that wasn’t there before and that she doesn’t know how to handle? Azriel might help her deal with that? Nesta was already angry. Not saying she won’t struggle with it, haha. But she knows anger in a way that I think Elain doesn’t. 

I know that Elain is described as a dreamer and Azriel can be a gloomy little bat at times, but don’t forget that he is a part of the Court of Dreams. He is not without his dreams (not only dreams about killing Keir and Eris, even if we all share this particular dream lbh). I know there is Amren and Mor in this equation too, and yes they will absolutely be important but hear me out. Rhys is busy with Feyre and all the High Lords and we all know Cassian and Nesta will either be down each other throats or ignoring each other intensly (we just don’t know which gaaaaaaaaah acowar can’t come soon enough). Or Nesta will be busy supporting Rhys and Cass with strategizing and being brilliant (the girl had already calculated how many ships would be needed to get all humans off the continent, don’t tell me she won’t be a brilliant strategist). ANYWAYS. That leaves Elain and Azriel. I think each bat will have their equivalent/partner in crime/war buddy in an Archeron sister. And since we got Rhys/Feyre and Cassian/Nesta that leaves Elain/Azriel.

It would be so cool if Elain, this gentle and low key, flower loving woman becomes bff with the feared Shadowsinger of the Night Court. I think Azriel will see Elain’s potential. Everyone likes Elain. She is charming, kind, beautiful, gentle and she can wrap anyone around her finger. She means no one harm (except the mortal queens who, as we all know, Elain hopes burn in hell - yaaaaaas) and no one sees her as a threat. I think Azriel will realise these are all brilliant qualities to have as a spy/sneaky secret gatherer. If people don’t see you as a threat, and if people like you and trust you – they will share information and let things slip in your presence. 

I hope our polite shadow bat and our gentle grower of things will find each other and that Azriel takes her under his wing (figuratively, these bats and their wings smh) and teaches her everything he knows. And show the haters that having a gentle heart does not mean you are weak. 

Or they end up just liking and respecting each other from a distance. In which case I will be a little sad. 

THIS GOT LONG, as usual. If I can say something with 50 words I will use 500. But yes, I think Elain and Azriel match. I am already braiding them matching BFFs bracelets. 

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I feel like the brotp Analogical was also stressed in the new video along with platonic moxiety. From Logan and Virgil switching necktie and shirt on the end card, to a couple other heart felt moments and compliments exchanged between the two sides. I know you like the brotp Analogical, so I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this.

Oh yeah. I noticed. The asshole best friends shall live on. My brotp I shall cherish forever.

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Since you have your thinky thoughts hat on, why don't you tackle this one. What after school programs / clubs / athletics would the superfriends and Lena be in during their high school years?

Firstly, Chance, thank you for your patience. The Houses of Westeros just took over the last 2 hours of my life so now I am here!

Let’s think about this.

Kara: So many people have a headcanon about Kara being a soccer player. I am right there with them. I absolutely love that. I always pictured volleyball as well. I mean, not putting those arms to work would be a crime against humanity! She would also work for the school newspaper. Also, I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I blame Marley Rose. Kara would be in the Glee Club. Sidenote - I can’t wait to hear her sing on the 20th. Lastly, I don’t know about any of you guys, but my high school had a Gaming Club. Not video games, but board games. Literally just a group of people getting together weekly and playing board games. Oh and Astronomy Club!! Kara would be all over that.

Alex: I can see Alex running track. Or maybe playing rugby? She’s got to get some of that physical aggression out. However, my school also had a Martial Arts Club that I totally was not in. I can definitely see Alex going to Martial Arts Club and sparring with her friends. Sigh, memories. Alex would also be in the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society. Science Club of course. Ooh and the Science Bowl. I can see her being very competitive there. Gotta appeal to those STEM roots. Lastly, I have a tiny headcanon of Alex coming out to Kara and Maggie and the two of them attending meetings with her in LGBT+ Support clubs/groups and all of them being involved with the Gay/Straight Alliance.

Maggie: She and Alex meet on the track or rugby team. Whichever you prefer. Again, LGBT+ and Gay/Straight Alliance – especially after what she went through with her parents. Outside of that, I can’t imagine Maggie taking part in too many clubs. I see her focusing more on athletics. So perhaps she would also play soccer - which definitely adds to my Kara and Maggie brotp needs. And maybe softball!?

Lena: CHESS CLUB!!! PRESIDENT OF THE CHESS CLUB FIGHT MEEE!! Anyway, chess club. No need to fight because anyone that knows Lena would agree riiiiight? Future Business Leaders of America, the Debate Team (which Katie was on so let me have that please), Science Club (give me a slight Lena and Alex rivalry there). Maybe the Robotics Team?? Lena likes to keep busy, see. Any excuse that she has to spend time outside of the cold halls of the Luthor Estate will help our girl. National Honor Society of course. Part of me ignores the whole “20 years ago” thing for Lena and headcanons her and Alex being the same age. You know what? May not even be necessary. Lena skipped a grade or two, people. She’s a genius, after all. So now her and Alex compete for valedictorian. Boom. Sticking to it. I also imagine Lena being an excellent fencer. So I am going to say the Fencing Team. Student Council. Okay… that’s enough. She does need time to study if she doesn’t want Alex to pass up her GPA!

Winn: lol what are sports?? Give me my Lena and Winn brotp and throw him on the Robotics Team. He’s team captain and the two of them have made some crazy contraptions. Undefeated, of course. Can’t mess with the Luthor-Schott double team! Winn also loves game night, so he and Kara never miss a meeting with the Gaming Club (unless a robotics tournament conflicts of course, and Kara will be there to cheer her bff and gf on). Why can I also see him in a League of Legends Club? They exist okay!? And of course Science Club and Math Club. He definitely gives Lena and Alex a run for their money… but Alex scares him.

James: YEARBOOK CLUB PHOTOGRAPHER! Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. Debate Team. Not a huge fan of Lena and the two of them get into some pretty heated debates over various topics. Lena appreciates his gumption but knows he has nothing on her. Student Council. I can’t escape the thought of him being a member of the Model United Nations??? There’s an idea. He’s also with Alex in the Martial Arts Club. He’s had his black belt for quite some time, but likes to keep his training in check. Alex is his favorite sparring partner.

Bonus: Mon-Ew? What clubs are you in?

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Oops sorry. He’s busy washing his hair. We’ll get back to you on that.


otp: science bros | marvel cinematic universe

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling your puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

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Kylo, can,,,, can you tell me,,, why am I getting hooked with friendship/ sibling-like relationship (more for Bing) between Google and Bing,,, like,,, why is this a thing, what had Mark done to me, I've done comics of these two, both dramatic and funny (just the way I roll) but just,,, why

listEN you, it’s because of your beautiful comics that i know headcanon that bing and google were good friends before google got corrupted. also i brotp bing and oliver now too.

please tell me you’ll make more because i love them okay thanks bye. 💙

yeah, okay, so wolfstar stuff makes me want to sob, and the marauders in general get my tear ducts a flowin’, but like, what always catches me off guard is how much james and sirius’ relationship affects me


  • sirius not being sure how to cope with the fact that he’s in gryffindor instead of slytherin, until this young boy with messy hair and dorky glasses claps him on the back and is like, “hey, we’re in the same dorm, mate, i’m james potter!”
  • james and sirius immediately taking a liking to each other (not unlike ron and harry, hello parallels), and staying up together the whole first night in the castle just talking about anything and everything
  • james instigating their very first prank, and sirius being like, “that’s brilliant, but you know what would make it ten times better?” and them just bouncing ideas off each other (their first prank was on the other boys in their dorm, which is how remus and peter really got to know james and sirius at first)
  • sirius and james checking each others’ pureblood privilege, like, “sirius, come one now, don’t use that sort of language, you sound like your mum,” or, “james, you know not everyone grew up in nice little family like yours, right? you gotta think of where other people are coming from”
  • both sirius and james unabashedly agreeing, without even having to say anything, that they’ll protect remus lupin with their lives
  • the two of them teasing the shit out of each other about their crushes, like, “how many times can you write lily’s initials all over your notes, you lovesick bastard?” “oh yeah, like i didn’t see you doodling the lunar cycle on your transfiguration essay parchment” 
  • at the same time, being completely supportive of one another, though, like, “lily doesn’t know what she’s missing, mate, she’ll come ‘round,” or, “you know, if you just told moony you had feelings for him he’d be all over you, right? how could he not, you’re perfect”
  • james referring to sirius as his brother even before he’s disowned from his family
  • sirius actually feeling like his brother the first time he spends christmas holidays at the potter’s
  • james being there for sirius when he leaves grimmauld place for good, even if it’s just by sitting in silence with him while sirius cries
  • james coming to sirius for advice when he’s thinking he wants to propose to lily
  • sirius’ best man speech being surprisingly heartfelt, because everyone expected it to be ridiculous and dramatic, but even sirius can’t hide how happy he is for his best friend
  • sirius absolutely losing his shit when he finds out lily is pregnant
  • sirius tearing up when james asks him to be the godfather (though he would deny it if you ever asked)
  • sirius risking everything to try to keep james, lily, and harry safe
  • sirius going to jail and not even trying to defend himself because his best friend is dead, and he blames himself for it
  • sirius seeing harry for the first time in 13 years and being taken aback by how much he looks like james, and how could this poor boy not know how amazing his dad was, how would he even begin to explain what james meant to him?
  • sirius loving harry not just because he’s an extension of james, but because he promised his best friend he would keep harry safe, and damnit, he’s the closest thing he’s ever going to have to a son
  • james being the first one sirius sees the moment he falls through the veil
  • just
  • james and sirius you guys
  • i am cry

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ok ok meme-y playlist for brotp jeggy and please include at least ONE (1) song by snoop

Okay I am FINALLY getting to this ask and I just want to let you know that while it may seem like I had forgotten (and I had) I still had Gin & Juice stuck in my head for like two weeks because of you. Also icymi here’s a legit(er) Jeggy playlist!

1. Gin & Juice - Snoop Dogg

2. What Does the Fox Say - Ylvis

3. All Star - Smash Mouth

4. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

5. Crank That - Soulja Boy Tell ‘em

6. The Next Episode - Dr. Dre

7. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

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bruh you are very brave if you were able to send that i am too afraid to send Weisster anything, like i told them I THINK YOU WOULD MAKE THE AWESOMEST DUO, THE BEST BROS YOU ARE LIKE MY BROTP

dont judge me but idgi

pls enlighten me but what did I send to Weisster?

Am I stupid? I am I know but I still don’t get it, dont hate me pls

Im sorry

I love you<3

dont judge/hate me please