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[fic] the essence of an adventure is exploration

Series: Beelzebub
Rating: T
Genre: Zestiria-AU. Humour/Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Oga Tatsumi, Baby Beel, Furuichi Takayuki, Hildegarde, Lamia.
Warnings: Language/swearing, terrible puns and fourth wall breaking #soreynotsorey?? lol
Summary: Darkness has awakened once more in the fair lands of Glenwood; destiny has sent forth its unlikeliest hero in the form of the young Shepherd Oga. Will he bear the burden of bringing salvation to humanity or plunge it further into chaos and calamity? Either way, at least he’s handsome, or so they say.
A gift for my friend @thebibi ♥ This doesn’t even cover all those unfilled prompts you’ve sent me eons ago, but I hope this makes up for it a little. Many thanks also to @digital-eon for helping me beta this; you are the best bro when it comes to inspiring/motivating me to finish my stuff! :p

Disclaimer: Bamco didn’t pay me to write any of this – I’ve just been roasting in Zestiria hell. [Wind Shrine theme plays dramatically in background]

You can also read it here on AO3

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