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supergirl season 2b meme → [2/7] relationships

There was a moment this year where I felt completely broken. When I regretted a choice that changed my life. And then you forced your way into my home, wrapped your arms around me, and you said ‘I’m proud of you’. Didn’t make me feel any better at the time, but it was something to hold on to. I am so proud of you.

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do you have any good wayhaught fic recs??

OH BOY DO I (these are in no particular order, also shamelessly gonna put my fics on the list):

“There’s this feeling, this weird déjà vu. It’s less like she’s seen the woman before and more like she’s always been there, lingering in the corner of Nicole’s eye at every party and dinner and walk home.”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind au -After a bad break up waverly chooses to wipe nicole from her memory. Nicole, distraught by this, decides to delete Waverly too. They meet again.

When Waverly Earp starts college at the university attended by her older sister and her friends, she assumes that the most confusing and complex thing in her life will be her courses. But when the group becomes known as the campus ghost-hunting nerds and decides to embrace the title, she’ll find out pretty quickly that going to class is sometimes the easiest part of a college experience. 

“Waverly Earp might be a little piece of heaven.” AKA Waverly shows up at Nicole’s doorstep in desperate need of a shower but that’s not all she gets.

Well, as far as Waverly Earp is concerned, spending every day looking at the woman she drunkenly made out with in the copy room during the department holiday party in said other woman’s first year of employment isn’t really what she would define a ‘good year’.

(It was such a great way to welcome a new professor, Waverly. Really. Great job.)

This isn’t a story about the infamous Wynonna and Willa Earp, who run around Purgatory as if they own the place and once managed to drink Ward Earps entire liquor cabinet in two hours, but rather the story of Waverly, who sneaks out just as much as her sisters but for completely different reasons.

A story of all the times where Waverly sneaks out to see Nicole, and Nicole sneaks in to see Waverly. And the Earp house shenanigans, in which Willa’s a dick and Wynonna’s a sweetie who doesn’t know what she wants.

“Seven hundred and thirty six days.

Nicole isn’t sure why the detail pops into her head first. There’s a noisy cadence of other thoughts crowding her brain, begging for acknowledgement, yet she’s stuck on a number.

Seven hundred and thirty six days since she last laid eyes on Waverly Earp. And now, one simple fact is staring her in the face in the form of wild brown eyes and ash smeared cheeks.

There won’t be a seven hundred and thirty seventh.”

Or, the one where Waverly gets sucked through a hell dimension portal weeks before Wynonna gives birth, and everyone struggles to figure out how to go on without her. When she returns unexpectedly to find everything has changed without her, things get even more difficult.

Despite the marks on her wrists, Waverly can think of all kinds of questions in all kinds of situations: while making out, in the middle of a movie, sometimes Nicole wakes up to a four am text.
Waverly likes knowing things, and Nicole does, too.

Nicole is spending the night in jail and runs into Waverly Earp. Things go from bad to worse to maybe better.

high school; no demons; fuck-up nicole; popular girl waverly

Waverly stammers for a moment, gaping at her. “I-I… You… I’ll have you know that I am not arrogant, Haught.”

“Just a prick, then?”

The smirk on Nicole’s face makes Waverly wish she had a bat. “You wonder why I don’t like you.”

“Hm.” Nicole leans off of the wall, breaking off a piece of the pretzel and tossing it into her mouth. As she finishes it, she pushes the last bit into Waverly’s hand. “You don’t like me because I’m a better hitter than you are a pitcher, and it pisses off your ego. Enjoy the pretzel.”

Hogwarts Nicole & Wynonna brotp, lots of wayhaught.

No demons AU

Waverly runs the O.K. Cleaning Service in Purgatory; Officer Haught spills a lot of coffee on her shirts. And sometimes blood.

  • Aladdin: so Killian
  • Aladdin: do you think she likes me
  • Killian: dammit I'm a pirate, not a matchmaker!
  • Killian: I mean she's obviously in love with you and you with her, but--
  • Aladdin: you think so??
  • Killian: yes yes, I talked to her earlier
  • Killian: a lady in denial if ever I saw one, and trust me, I know how to spot one of those
  • Killian: besides, Emma showed me the movie
  • Aladdin: omg you really think she likes me??
  • Killian: good grief will you please leave
  • Killian: preferably to that room down the hall where the crew don't really go so two people could go there and not be disturbed, which is an interesting fact that I am sharing with you for no reason whatsoever
  • Killian: also, I might have a book of love poetry in my pocket
  • Killian: I mention this knowing that you are an accomplished pickpocket and Jasmine mentioned that she enjoys love poetry
  • Killian:
  • Killian: now go away, I don't care about your relationship
Sharp and Toews: Better Together

The almost-kiss that never was:

It’s pretty obvious that these two have an illicit love affair going - just look at their guilty faces, caught in the act.

Need more evidence? Here:

The “I love you so much you little shit” smiles:

That time Sharpy Cam was three parts close-ups of Tazer and one part bedroom wrestling with Seabs

More of Sharpy’s horribly obvious pigtail pulling:

Tazer showing his affection like the weirdo he is:

The “let me flop onto you I am so in love” moment:

That time he put on a helmet and decided to headbutt Sharpy because, why not?

Tazer’s weird love of messing with Sharpy’s jersey:

When Tazer was precious and clung on to Sharpy:

So… the conclusion?

Toews and Sharp: better together

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Hey, would it be possible to update the stiles erica brotp tag? I think it's been a while, but I'm not sure and I am really feeling some platonic sterica right now! Even if you can't, thank you anyways, because your posts always make my day better, no matter what rec they're about! I love the blog to the moon and back :))

omg thank you so much!!

Artistic Expression by iKnightWriter (2/3 | 4,670 | R)

All Stiles needed was a reference to add the finishing touches to her painting. Erica felt otherwise.

Friendship by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 1,172 | PG13)

Once, Scott interrupted Stiles and Derek in the middle of sex. Stiles likes to tease him about it.

Salty Coffee by fairyfey (1/1 | 866 | G)

the one where Stiles thinks pranks are funny, Erica agrees and Derek becomes the target.


the i put salt in your coffee when you were in the bathroom and you drank it all and that was hardcore want to go out sometime au

Grown Up Hot by Inell (1/1 | 2,352 | PG13)

Derek’s college Dream Boy just happens to be the nerdy kid he bullied back in middle school. Karma sucks.

Eat, Drink, and be Scary by Marishna (1/1 | 2,287 | PG13)

The stockings part of his Little Red Riding Hood costume were going to be a bitch, it seemed.

“The road to hell,” Stiles muttered to himself.

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Loki 💚

  • Why I like them: Everything about him is perfect. Loki is a smart, misunderstood and complex character with a cheeky, graceful and arrogant attitude you just can’t get enough of.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): The one after he got smashed to the ground by the Hulk. Loki goes from evil and cunning villain to innocent little puppy in 0.3 seconds.
  • Favorite season/movie: The Avengers, definitely. He really did intimidate me at times. *kneels obediently*
  • Favorite line: “Are you ever not going to fall for that?”
  • Favorite outfit: The one from Thor: The Dark World. He just looks so GOOD in it.
  • OTP: He is my king, I am his queen! *evil glare*
  • Brotp: I would like to see Loki and Banner getting along better. I got the feeling that Loki would understand him well…
  • Head Canon: Hela is Loki’s birth mother. I love this theory for some reason. And another, pretty sad one: Loki secretly visiting Frigga’s grave every single day. He puts fresh flowers there and talks to her tombstone as he imagines her voice in his head replying to him, asking for advice he won’t ever hear again and spending hours standing or sitting by her memorial to grieve.
  • Unpopular opinion: I’m probably one of the few people who wouldn’t cheer if Loki and Thor became real best-friends-brothers-whatever again in the upcoming Thor movie, at least not so fast. Thor hasn’t exactly treated him nicely or tried to understand him.
  • A wish: Loki on the throne of Asgard. Forever. Rightfully. The way it should be.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: If they ever let Loki die, there will be violence. *whispers: I choose violence*
  • 5 words to best describe them: intelligent, broken, shrewd, misunderstood, arrogant
  • My nickname for them: Lok? Could that be a thing?

What’s that? Send me a character.

half-blood prince au
  • Harry: *sitting in common room complaining to hermione*
  • Hermione: *sitting in the chair next to him, trying very hard to be a good friend and continue listening*
  • Harry: Oh, man, what am I going to do? I'm in love with Ginny but she's with Dean! No one could ever understand how this feels--
  • Seamus: *walks in*
  • Hermione: *suddenly has idea*
  • Hermione: Hey, Seamus. You don't want Ginny and Dean together because you're totally in love with Dean, right?
  • Harry and his oblivious ass: What?
  • Seamus: Um... yes.
  • Hermione: *gets up and pats seat*
  • Hermione: Sit.
Haikyuu!! Quotes to describe Haikyuu!! Pairings:

Kagehina: “As long as I’m here, you’ll be invincible!” “BOKE!”

Daisuga: “Only Suga-san can lecture Daichi-san…”

Kuroken: “The unstable shorty you called, is our brains, backbone and heart.” “Am not.” “Are too.”

Iwaoi: “The team with the better 6 are stronger.” “Shut up Trashykawa.”        “Iwa-chann~ meannn~.”

Bokuaka: “AkAaAaAAAaaShi!” “Bokuto-san you failed your maths.”

Tsukkiyama: “What more do you need than pride?!” “Yamaguchi urusai..” “Gomen Tsukki.”

Yakulev: “Yaku-san aren’t you short too?” “REEEEVVVV!”

Brotp Bonus:

Bokuto and Kuroo: “OYA OYA OYA?”

Why You Should Read: You’re A Loaded Gun (But You Know Me Better Than Anyone)

i’ve just finished reading danny-lawrencesLawstein HSAU and i am here to give you many reasons to read it if you’re still doubting yourself

  • “Fucking Turkey Sandwiches.”
  • not your usual lawstein fic (meaning they aren’t at each others throats and want to kill each other)
  • really funny and relatable original characters
  • it has laferry i mean come on
  • adopted! danny
  • danny’s parents are the best ok
  • artist! Carmilla
  • danny is a huge nerd about space srsly
  • it deals with abuse and its written very realistically
  • half of the conversations of carmilla and danny are so sweet it made my chest ache
  • Scooby Gang is friendship goals af
  • danny is the captain of the hockey team and perry is the goalie yo
  • theres smut but its not really descriptive if graphic smut makes you uncomfortable
  • lawstein are so disgustingly adorable they are dORKS OK
  • its a high school au guys we all like high school aus

come on guys its really really good its one of the best hsau’s i’ve ever read i promise GO READ IT NOW

Someone To Care

Okay so I decided that since a lot of people loved Someone to Understand and have asked for a sequel, I’d write a mini follow up of it. For @gruvia-bish thanks for the prompt!

“Juvia!” Natsu bellowed, as he bounded into the guild.

Juvia’s head whipped up from where she was seated at an empty table across the guild hall and she broke into a grin at the sight of him. She rose from the bench and met him halfway.

Happy flew straight into her arms and she wrapped him in a warm hug, before beaming up at Natsu. “Good morning Natsu-san, Happy. Juvia is glad to see you both in high spirits!”

Natsu smiled back. “I got a great night sleep last night so I’m feeling good!” He let his eyes scan her face for any lingering signs of exhaustion. She still looked tired, but definitely more rested that the day before.

“So great he dragged me out of bed hours before I wanted to get up, so that we could come have breakfast with you,” Lucy grumbled from behind him.

Natsu offered her a sheepish grin. “I told you, you didn’t have to come.”

Lucy waved a dismissive hand at him. “Like I could sleep through the racket you made.”

“She’s jealous!” Happy teased, as he grinned up at Juvia.

“Am not!”

Juvia grinned at the two of them knowingly.

Natsu could feel his face heat at Happy’s words. “You look better today, less tired.”

Juvia hummed and nodded. “Juvia managed to sleep better last night.”

“Sooo, you wanna join us? It’ll be a while before ice dick shows up but we can keep you company in the meantime.”

Juvia glanced between him and Lucy, considering the offer. She broke into a smile and nodded. “Juvia would like that.”


otp: science bros | marvel cinematic universe

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling your puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

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Do the salty ask meme for GoT! Or The Office!!

Salty Ask List

  1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?* Sansa and Littlefinger. No offense to anyone that ships it but I think he’s icky and that after years of being used and manipulated by men Sansa deserves something better with someone whose motives are clear and uncomplicated, someone who actually loves her and doesn’t just see her as a useful perk on his mission for power. 

  2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?* Hmm idk about this one. I think that Brienne and Tormund is a popular ship now? If so, I only BroTP that one. I am hardcore Jaime/Brienne trash so I can’t see her with anyone else haha.

  3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? Yes, but it wasn’t spiteful. I simply didn’t realize that someone I followed for an awesome gifset was a hardcore shipper of something that I don’t like and posted about it all the time. I just didn’t want it on my dash is all. 

  4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?* Oh man. Yes. I do. my NoTP is Jon and Sansa. It used to not be. I used to like it and even understood it watching season 6. I also read some great fanfics by a couple of people I follow. But the fandom recently changed how I feel about it. And the more I think about it the more I think that it would be OOC for Jon. But that’s a personal opinion of course!

  5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?* See above. Jon and Sansa. Not everyone who ships it is like that. In fact I’ve made good mutual friends with some people who ship it. But the radical ones and/or anti-Dany people were abusive to me and it turned me off of the ship as a whole because I started associating it with those people. 

  6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?* Not really. I don’t hate most pairings. Like I have tried to say above, I am cool with people shipping with that want. If anything, fandoms are usually the problem, not the ships themselves haha. 

  7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?* Not really. I guess the closest thing is that I used to be really into Sansa and Sandor/The Hound but now I primarily ship her with Pod. I realize that this is a 100% crack ship that will never be canon but I have become obsessed with it overnight haha. 

  8. Have you received anon hate? What about?* I’ve received anon hate about shipping jonerys. People who claim that it’s gross for being incest, or anti-Dany people who claim that she will emasculate Jon or something. Basically nonsense. I also tried to make a meta about similarities between Sansa and Dany explaining why I love them both that really ruffled some feathers and I got some anon hate for that. 

  9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? My least favorite characters are obvious ones. Walder Frey (may he rot in hell), Robin Arryn, Joffrey. I actually loved Ramsay because he was a really intriguing and terrifying villain. Plus he was sexy af. Gotta love my confusion about being attracted to an evil sadist. I like Littlefinger as a character even if I don’t like him with Sansa. Like Ramsay, he’s a cool villain. Great scheming. 

  10. Most disliked arc? Why? Right now, Arya’s. I feel like her storyline with the Faceless Men was really disappointing and anti-climactic. I don’t know how I wanted it to end, but the way it ended was bad, to me. I think that there were lots of plot holes and that after all the buildup, it just should have felt more cathartic. I did like her murder of Walder Frey though.

    Second place goes to Jaime on the show. I don’t know why he is backsliding like this. I expected him to see through Cersei by now, and that speech he gave Edmure Tully was totally out of character and just really ugly. I feel like he’s back to season 1.

  11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Well apparently the fandom doesn’t like Dany. There are dedicated anti-Dany blogs, and I can’t understand that. I love her. Anyway, she is tied with Jon for my favorite character so I definitely love her despite the hate. I also, like I said above, really liked Ramsay haha. I am not sad he died or anything. I just think he was awesome. 

  12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Idk about this. I think some people in the fandom are mad that Sansa’s arc changed so drastically from the book. If I am right about that, I don’t agree. I love what D&D did with show Sansa. I am sad that she suffered under Ramsay, but she is stronger for it and I feel like for the first time she is really in charge of her own destiny. She is badass and the queen of the North as far as I’m concerned. Very big improvement over hanging out at the Vale if you ask me. 

  13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Oh god. This will be very unpopular. I want Jon to take a break from the manbun. I get that people love the manbun. Fuck, I love the manbun. But I miss his flowing locks hahaha. 

  14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Unpopular opinion? Idk with all the negativity going around, it’s probably unpopular to feel positive. So I’ll just say overall I love this fandom. I have met some people through loving Game of Thrones who I consider to be true friends even though we only know each other via tumblr. I love my mutuals, especially my jonerys family. 

  15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show? Idk if this unpopular, but I hate the Sand Snakes on the show. I think most people do? So I guess this isn’t unpopular. Idk I tend to agree with most people haha. 

  16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change? If I could change anything in the show, I would have Arya’s arc go better. Ask me again after season 7. If jonerys doesn’t happen, I’ll say I want to change that haha ;)

  17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen… Instead of Jaime continuing to follow Cersei, I would have him turn on her in the eleventh hour and reconcile with Tyrion. Cersei is an amazing woman, but she’s got to go. I think it is wildly out of character for Jaime to continue to support her after her political climbing has endangered the lives of their children to the point of their deaths. I just feel that as a character Jaime should have evolved beyond this. He should have wised up before now. He has a good heart. She doesn’t. Oops. Bet THAT is my unpopular opinion. 

  18. Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or biased? Absolutely not. Shipping something is entirely subjective and based on emotions. If you feel something about a non-canon or crack ship, that’s awesome. It means you think like an individual. It’s only a problem when you try to attack other people/ships out of anger that yours isn’t happening. 

  19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom? The ship war between J*nsa and jonerys.

  20. What is the purest ship in the fandom? Gendrya. Hands down. Haha.

  21. What are your thoughts on crack ships? They are so much fun! The more the better. I want to write about my secret one one day. It will get no reads but I’ll be happy haha.

  22. Popular character you hate? I don’t hate any characters, especially not popular ones. 

  23. Unpopular character you love? Like I said above, Dany, apparently. And Ramsay. Lol. 

  24. Would you recommend XXX to a friend? Why or why not? Of course. I force everyone in my life to watch Game of Thrones!

  25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX? My dream ending has Daenerys and Jon falling in love and successfully uniting the kingdoms against the White Walkers. They win the war at the cost of many lives. King’s Landing is destroyed in the process. It turns out that Dany isn’t barren and they have a child. But when King’s Landing is being rebuilt, Dany realizes that what she wanted all along wasn’t a throne, it was a family and a place to belong. She thought that meant carrying on her family’s dynastic tradition but knows now that she can be happy with Jon in the North. The Red Keep is rebuilt without an Iron Throne and Tryion establishes a senate with representatives from all seven kingdoms and Essos. I know this won’t happen. It’s my wish though haha. 

  26. Most shippable character? Jon Snow

  27. Least shippable character? Ser Pounce 

A/N: @inusmasha oi!!! I had this written up for you a while ago but I never had time enough to polish it up and it ended up sitting in my drafts. It was for when you were sick and tumblr got blasted with InuRin brotp feels. I’ve never written these two together before, so hey it was def some fun. Glad you’re doing better girl!!! 1100 words.

“Inuyasha, where do babies come from?”

Hell fucking no.

“Rin, you helped deliver one a few weeks ago, shouldn’t I be asking you?”

She stares curiously at a sleeping baby boy, who’s strapped to Sango’s chest in the distance as she folds the laundry. Miroku’s with the twins drying sheets out in the sun. Kaede is in the next house helping a family with a nasty cough. Hardworking people, all of them.

I, on the other hand, am lounging horizontal on the wooden porch, wondering how much longer I can stay doing nothing before Sango comes around to throw a chore at me. Or apparently- until Rin decides to ask me ridiculous questions. I bend an elbow to propel myself upwards, but a pair of honeycomb eye-daggers shoots me back down. I’m screwed.

“I know what they come out of-“

Oh God.

“I just want to know how they get there.”

Keep reading

No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da  pavor.

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

Chapter 3 | 2 |

When Luna told to Nina that she liked to skate Nina got way too excited and told her that they needed to go to a place after school, the Jam and Roller, a skate rink that Nina described as the best place ever.

-It’s great, now I can go to see you skate, see friends, and not stare at stragers while they skate like a creep -Nina was saying while they walked the three together to the Roller, they talked to meet before on the park and then she would walk them there 

-Sure, and you could skate with us too, right? -Simón said excited but then Nina’s face became pale

-Oh god, no, I can’t, I like to see it, but not do it at all, sport and any physical effort is a big no for me -Nina stated completely sure

-But why? Is fun, and is a great way to let your stress and worries out -Luna explained to Nina 

-I just, don’t, okay? Just skate you guys and have fun, I’ll have fun the way I like -Nina said looking at the floor as they walked, so Luna knew was the time to let the topic go, but just for some time 

-And what is the way you like? -Simon asked curios to Nina 

-Reading, I love reading, sci-fi books mainly, and taking pictures -She said smiling a little shy but Luna could saw a little spark of pride in her eyes 

-Oh that is great, I love to read -Luna said excited 

-She does, so much, she starts a book and change it for another one just before finish it, she has read like a million of unfinished books -Simón said smiling and Luna punched his arm softly and he caressed it like it really hurt him, but was like a tickle for him 

-It’s just that I get too excited with new books-Luna said lifting her shoulders in form of apologyze 

They just spent the rest of the way to the Roller sharing stories and laughing, and when they got to the place it blown their minds, Luna did imagine a cool rink, but Nina wasn’t exagerating when she said it was the best in the world. There were skaters all over it, and a lot of people just haging out. The place was crowed and the music was fantastic, it also had plenty colors that made Luna feel even better and with more energy. 

-Oh my god, this place is amazing -Luna said smiling in shock

-I know, you weren’t lying Nina, this is the best place I’ve ever seen -Simon stated roaming the place with his eyes wide open and a big smile as always 

-I am not much of a liar, look, you can go there and put your skates, and then the door next to it, that is the rink, I am going to wait for you in the benches there -Nina said and headed where she indicated them, they rushed to put on their skaters and go to find out how crazily amazing that rink would be.

Once they were on the rink they continue to stay shocked, amazing skaters doing great tricks and color in every inch of it, it radieted so much energy and happiness, they couldn’t help but rush in and start skating together. Simon and Luna have been skate partners since their parents bought them the first pair of skates, as bestfriends overall they had such a strong conection that didn’t imagine to have it with anybody else.

They started skating doing their regular steps, the ones they used to do back in Mexico, when they finished all people in there were looking them and clapping for their performance, Luna and Simon did a bow as a thank you and they skated their way back at the benches next to Nina.

-Guys, that was incredible, I imagined you were good, but that… that was another level, it was more than great -Nina said very impressed 

-Thanks, is just something we’ve been doing since little kids -Simón said smiling the brigthes to Nina

-It’s just practice, anyone can do that with practice, and I mean ANYONE -Luna said to Nina and she knew that she was finding a way to encouraging her 

-Still not interest -Nina said lifting a hand in sign of denial, they were talking when they realize another couple was entering in the rink and suddenly everyone that were there rushed out like it was on flames, then Luna could observe how the italian guy from school was entering with a blonde girl that looked like she could slap you and you’ll thank her. .

-Why did everyone leave? -Simón asked to Nina curious

-They are Ambar Smith and Matteo Balsano, they are the queen and the king of the rink, always winning competitions and doing great performances, so when they come to train, everybody just leave to don’t look like a fool skating next to them -Nina explained but none of the three looked away from the couple in the rink 

-Are… hmm. are they couple? you know, like in a romantic way? -Luna asked trying her best not to sound very interest in him, but Simon did looked at Nina for an answer very interested

-I don’t think so, they are always together, but I’ve heard about Matteo going out with a lot of girls, and a girl like Ambar wouldn’t let her boyfriend do that -Nina explained and then turned to see Luna’s face, concentrate in the couple on the rink -Why? Do you like him? -Nina said smiling teasingly

-What? Me? A guy like him? He is just a snob, so full of himself, and thinks that every girl would die for him, and… -Luna was rambling but got interrupted by Simón 

-Oh my god, you are so into him -He said laughing without taking his eyes out of the couple -They are really great skaters, look that spin, they make it look so easy, its incredible -Simon kept saying in shock, once they finished their performance Simon headed towards them -Hey guys, that was mind blowing, really 

-Thanks man -Matteo said offering his hand to shake it as a thank you -You are the new kid of our class, right? -Matteo asked 

-Ugh, don’t remind me -Ambar said under her breath rolling her eyes, but Simon only gave her a little giggle in response 

-Yes, Simon Alvarez, nice to meet you 

-Matteo Balsano, is nice to meet you too, and you already know my beautiful and moody friend Ambar, right? -Matteo pointed at her who just gave him the fakest smiled he has ever seen -You annoy her so much, I think we are going to get along very well -Matteo said patting his shoulder smiling big 

-Great, I have to go back with the girls -Simon said pointing out where Luna and Nina were sitting -But just wanted to say that you were awesome really, blown my mind away

-Thanks, but we already know we are great, so good bye -Ambar said taking Matteo’s arm and dragging him out of there

-Thanks man -Matteo said while being dragged by Ambar, and Simon just waved him as good bye 

-You know she is totally out of your league, right? -Luna said as Simon sat back next to them 

-Why so much violence towards me? -He said sarcastically -And for your information, I am an adorable guy, girls love adorable guys 

-Yes we do, as bestfriends, that is why you are the king of the friendzone -Luna said making fun of him and Nina couldn’t help but let a little giggle out

-Thanks for the support sis, and Nina, you too?, You know what is the worst about betrayal, that it comes from the person you expected the less -Simon said faking hurt and then all burst in laughs 

-I am not laughing at you, is from Luna’s comment, but being honest with you, Ambar is out of everyone’s league -Nina said lifting her shoulders a little bit 

-You are making a whole movie in your heads, I just like how easily she gets annoyed, that’s all -Simón explained laughing -But on the other hand, Luna does like Matteo so much

-Wha..whaaat? -Luna said in a very high note

-Sure, that demostrate how chilled you are -Simon said amused

-I am chill, I am the chillest, you know, and being so chilled makes me hungry, so I’ll go to the cafeteria to ask something, you can join me if you stop talking about that snob -Luna said and rushed towards the locker where she and Simon left their shoes. Luna was turning to enter when felt how her body bumpted into someone and this time couldn’t avoid the floor. 

-Oh my god, you are okay? -Was the first thing Luna heard, and reconigze the accent inmediatly

-Yes, I am -Luna answered caressing her head where she felt she hit the floor 

-You bumped your head, you need stay still, What is my name? Do you remember it? -Matteo asked her leaning to her and taking her head in his hands 

-Matteo, though snob fits you better -She said smiling teasingly 

-Okay, I’ll let you this one, Can you remember your name? -He said and Luna could saw real worry in his eyes

-I’m Luna, Luna Valente -She said and sat straight getting her face very close to Matteo’s, she couldn’t help but get lost on his eyes, they were brown, like a sea of chocolate that she would love to get drown in 

-Well, Luna Valente, you should start to look for other ways to call my attention because I don’t want you to get hurt for real -He said low with a raspy voice that made her feel like electricity going through her veins, and his face was just centimeters away, so she was feeling his breath in her cheeks 

-Luna are you okay? -Simon said approaching behind them, causing that Luna moved away from Matteo abruptly

-Yes I am fine, just a little bump -She said trying to stand up with help from both Matteo and Simon 

-Sorry I couldn’t rescue you like this morning, with you wearing skates were harder -Matteo said laughing 

-It is okay, I need to pay more attention where I am going -Luna said careless

-Okay, I need to go but I’ll see you guys around, bye Simón, bye Luna Valente-Matteo said heading to the exit, but before he leaned close to Luna’s ear and whisper -Even though, Piccolina fits you better -He said smirking and then left.

wintercrow  asked:

Do you have any fic recommendations for Bokuroo? I know I've seen some asks for it and I figure that some of you have a few favorites. I just don't really feel up to sifting through all the brotps and polyships right now but I really want to read it. Not that I don't love polyships, but sometimes I just want a better look at the interaction between two people. If you don't know any right off hand then don't worry about it, I'll get to it when I get to it :)

I understand, my dude, I really do. luckily for you I am an avid reader of Bokuro fics, monogamous and otherwise 

first of all i’m gonna rec everything by keptein  some of it’s poly, but they’ve written most of my favorite bokuro and you’ll see their fics repeatedly on this list 

admin maelle: I’ll add to that a bit! also I’ve read most of what admin amber recommended and I second it

you can also try looking through the bokurooweek tumblr, though you’ll need to scroll back a bit to get to the works for bokuroo week, or through the bokuroo week tumblr tag!