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The Defenders
  • Just incredible, loved every moment of this series.
  • Started off very nicely introducing us to what everyone’s been doing since we last saw them and took their time to bring them together which I liked because they were each working their own case and it felt like you’d earnt the team up.
  • It just went from strength to strength when we did get the team up as well.
  • That episode 3 fight sequence was one of the best fight sequences I can remember ever seeing (and their previous series had some damn good ones!) although the finale also brought the goods.
  • They really utilised the fight sequences well, using everyone’s specific abilities and they were shot incredibly well, beautiful stuff.
  • Character wise I already loved everyone so there’s no big revelations but my love for Jessica Jones has grown exponentially every episode- what a woman- kicking ass, talking shit to her team mates, getting drunk, what more do you need from a superhero.
  • Jess/Matt the brotp I didn’t know I needed in my life.
  • You just knew Matt couldn’t live very long without putting on the Daredevil suit, his moment with Foggy at the police station had me emotional though and then when he didn’t come back to him and Karen (⊙﹏⊙✿)
  • Danny and Luke are also well on their way to becoming bro’s and I’m thrilled about that.
  • Danny himself had a rough ride through these 8 episodes but I’m excited about where he goes from here.
  • Luke is just the sweetest for the toughest and (maybe) strongest of the team he’s always the last to turn to violence and always just want to help the little guy.
  • The secondary characters of all the series are incredible though and that doesn’t stop with The Defenders; Colleen was kicking ass any chance she got and really shone in the last episode, Claire didn’t have the big role I thought she would in bringing everyone together but she was there the whole time and joined the fight when it mattered and I can’t get enough of that woman, Misty also brought her A-game working the cop side throughout and I’m weirdly thrilled she’s lost her arm now and that she’s gonna be in Iron Fist Season 2 #DaughtersOfTheDragonFeelsIntensify
  • So many incredible character interactions as well, obviously the main four coming together was a big deal but equally important was when they set up the protection service for secondary characters (friends and family/loved ones/whatever they called it) leading to some great cross over moments.
  • I know people love to moan about Marvel villains but I don’t see how they can with The Defenders?!?!?!?!?!
  • Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra was perfection, a wonderful big bad to set up the series although I did kind of love it when Elektra murdered her.
  • Elektra herself is of course always a boss and was putting everyone on their ass from the very first episode.
  • I’m sorry but my MVP always has been and always will be Madame Gao, I don’t know what it is but I love that woman and I’m so glad that after all these years she’s come into the forefront and got to kick some ass herself.
  • The Hand made a lot more sense this time as well, it wasn’t just ninja in the darkness hurting everyone, we got the inner circle, they had a clear history and clear goals to accomplish.
  • Colleen and Danny continue to melt my heart, I love them.
  • Matt and Elektra are also a guilty pleasure of mine and that ending did nothing to extinguish that, a perfect ending for the pair, although I doubt it is and ending for either of them.
  • Whilst I love Claire/Luke so much and their relationship seeing Luke and Jessica together again and exchanging little comments about their time together has me torn.
  • So it had everything, a great plot, great action sequences, great main characters, incredible secondary characters, great villains and was generally done amazingly well all round!

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Thoughts on Elucien ?? Do you think it'll happen - I swear to god if Lucien and Vaasa become a thing I will riot... I just really want Elain and Lucien to be together okay ! And Elriel would be such an amazing brotp, like Az is slowly falling out of love with someone he has been madly in love with for 500 years, I just think it's so unrealistic and frankly unhealthy for him to be diving straight into a relationship with another - especially someone who's already mated to someone else!

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LUCIEN IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THIS SERIES. That wasn’t necessarily true before but it is now because SJM did not love him enough. He was ABUSED and he deserves to be HAPPY and yes he’s out of the Spring Court but I am not AT ALL satisfied with how he was treated in this book.

I can accept that Elucien would take time to happen. I get it. But just … kicking him out of half the book? *whimpers* And I do not give a shit about Vassa. I highly doubt that’s going to be a ship. And I love Elriel as a BroTP but you’re totally right that Azriel does not need this. And neither does Elain based on ACOWAR (again, I can understand Elucien not totally happening but I would have liked to see some kind of progress?).

I have lot of feels about this.

And okay before I actually get off, let me talk some more about something I loved: the all-kinds-of-awkward (in all the best ways) Hook/Belle brotp. It takes Emma a single “okay hubby” glance for Hook to know exactly what she wants. Emma informs Belle that Hook will protect her, Hook is like WAIT I WILL??…. oh yes… er…. wifey said so so…. eehehehe…. that was one time… okay twice… BUT WE’RE FRANS NOW RIGHT???? /look at me how charming i am i’m really charming like charming who’s my mate crap she isn’t buying this dammit

I loved that he announced he was good at research (we DO know he’s a reader and has a huge vocabulary). I loved that Belle informed him to be careful with her books and he was all, well I do have a hook. I loved that when there was something that might actually be a threat, he wasted no time drawing his sword and running at her side to protect her, no second thoughts, no snark, just ready to do his job. I loved that the entire scene was included for the sole purpose of showing how much he has changed. I loved that he, Mr. I-Never-Apologize, said “sorry” within two seconds of a glance from Emma instructing him he was doing so.

Basically, it was the highlight of the episode.