brotp: hard knock life

“So, the Autobots aren’t quite the indestructible war machines we’d hoped.”
“Don’t misunderstand. They can take serious punishment.”

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I make even more memes sometimes.

A little AMV I made in an hour just because I saw the one of Nichijou and I really wanted to do one, less long and less cool I know, but with my favorite TV show, Kaeloo.

I just did the montage, with PowerDirector on Android. Kaeloo and the song don’t belong to me

Kaeloo belongs to CubeCreative
Song: Hard knock life - Annie

Poor quality? Ha! It’s already a miracle that I found some episodes in HD!


This is what it means to be human, don'tcha know?


The Markiplier Fandom right now.

Fall 1979 | Hard Knock Life | Severus + Andromeda AU

The screaming could be heard for blocks. Inside the tiny house in one of the poorest areas of England, a man chased his wife up and down the stairs in hot pursuit. Their son, still living with his parents, yelled in terror as his father threw a glass at the wall and shattered it, the debris hitting the cowering woman who was doing her best to not get cornered.

Severus ran out of the kitchen, grabbing the phone off the wall as he passed by and crouching down in the corner when the cord had been pulled taut. Panting, he dialed 999 and spoke quickly into the receiver, “Hello this is an emergency, my name is Severus Snape and I live at 147 Spinner’s End in Cokeworth I need an ambulance and police my dad is throwing things and my mom is bleeding and I think he’s going to cut thephonecordpleasesendhelp - !”

The line went to static and the cord fell to the ground, and Severus knew he was in trouble. He dropped the phone and stood up, grabbing a lamp that was near him and heading toward the kitchen again to try to hold off his rampaging father until help arrived.


Jay-Z, starring on a flyer celebrating the success of his third studio album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life, photographed by Jonathan Mannion in 1998. 

Some of the details shown here would soon warrant an update: the album would be certified 5x Multi-Platinum for sales of over 5,000,000; and it would win the gramophone for “Best Rap Album.” Hov would boycott the ceremony though, as he felt The Recording Academy showed disrespect to the genre by still having the Hip-Hop awards pre-taped, not given out live, and not giving DMX a well-deserved nod.