brotp: fish fingers and custard


7 years ago today, the Eleventh Doctor crash landed into Amelia Pond’s garden shed, before feasting on fish fingers and custard! 🍮 😋

In today’s episode of How Dedicated am I to my Fandom™:

I ate fish with banana pudding because it slightly resembled Fish fingers and Custard.

In response someone I was eating with said, “One grows in a tree and one stays in the sea. They’re not meant to go together!”

I’m not even remotely sorry.


“Doctor, are you kidding me?”

“What?” -11th

“I told you I want bacon, not fish fingers!”

“(y/n), it’s poison. Believe me, you don’t want to eat that. Bacon takes away 9 minutes of your life.” -11th


“Have a great life (y/n). Don’t waste it with bacon.” -11th