brotp: fish fingers and custard


7 years ago today, the Eleventh Doctor crash landed into Amelia Pond’s garden shed, before feasting on fish fingers and custard! 🍮 😋

In today’s episode of How Dedicated am I to my Fandom™:

I ate fish with banana pudding because it slightly resembled Fish fingers and Custard.

In response someone I was eating with said, “One grows in a tree and one stays in the sea. They’re not meant to go together!”

I’m not even remotely sorry.

In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to: I will tell you. I’ve had a wonderfully crazy time with my girlfriend and we did some brilliant stuff together. ♥♥

Like that one time we had a romantic fish fingers and custard dinner.

And that other time we randomly painted this onto the street in front of her house. 

Or that time we were the only ones dressed up at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seriously, people are boring

Sadly, this was the last time I’ll be able to see her before I depart to study in England in September. I still can’t quite believe neither. Nevertheless, both are facts. @chocolate-and-fandoms, I miss you beyond words! :( 


“Doctor, are you kidding me?”

“What?” -11th

“I told you I want bacon, not fish fingers!”

“(y/n), it’s poison. Believe me, you don’t want to eat that. Bacon takes away 9 minutes of your life.” -11th


“Have a great life (y/n). Don’t waste it with bacon.” -11th