brotp: fighting spirit


True, the Attack on Titan opening gets me pretty hype, but nothing–and I mean NOTHING–will ever get me as hype as the second Hajime no Ippo opening.  It’s just so damn epic.

It took me two-three years to convince my college buddy to finally watch Hajime no Ippo tv series. He always gave me an excuse that he was really busy at work and traveling to China for work. After he got through other anime series: JJBA, SNK, Tiger and Bunny, etc., he finally watched the 70+ episodes of the first series… In less than two weeks. Then he jumped into the 26 episode of the New Challenger second series, THEN on the manga 1000+ volume manga… Within the span of 3-4 weeks. Yeah from around August to about October, my buddy got through Ippo and is more pumped then I to catch the next chapter. So those who said they will never catch up, I can wait, so can Ippo, show your Fighting Spirit and never give up!